Stupidity caught on celluloid: The Beautiful Truth

Is it possible to pack a DVD with idiocy so dense that light bends around it? I don't know, but I found someone who gave it a damn good try. The Beautiful Truth is a 2008 documentary about Gerson Therapy, the supposed diet-based cure for cancer. It produced by earth NOW! a small indie label from the Cinema Libre Studio. There are numerous excerpts from the movie on YouTube, which give a fascinating insight into the nonsensical, incomprehensible world that the filmmakers live in.

(weirdly, YouTube links all of them to a video entitled 'How masturbation damages the body'. It's not clear why, but it's an appropriate signpost to the bizarre territory we're entering). Let's start off with the trailer:

First we're asked to accept that every medical expert on the face of the earth is bound up in a global conspiracy orchestrated by drugs companies. With these conspiracies, I always wonder at what point every doctor, nurse, surgeon and other medical expert is indoctrinated into the shadowy cabal. Are they steadily brainwashed over several years of medical school? Or is there some small print in the Hippocratic Oath that no-one notices until it's too late?

Regardless, pay attention, because this is the closest to reality we'll ever get during this article. To prove the existence of this conspiracy, we're shown antique film clips of 'doctors' endorsing Camel cigarettes. Well what do you know, doctors smoked cigarettes at a time when their carcinogenic effects weren't well known (shock, some doctors still do!). Never mind the fact that collectively, doctors were one of the first professions to stop smoking once the dangers became apparent. All doctors are untrustworthy, got it?

Before your mind has managed to digest that cockamamie argument, you're asked why it was that Dr Albert Schweitzer declared Gerson 'the most eminent genius in medical history'. But wait - we've just been told that we can't trust medical experts. Now the film-makers are invoking a doctor endorse Max Gerson. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I've seen less than three minutes of this film and already my brain hurts. Anyway, the trailer ends by encouraging us to find out more, and that's exactly what we're going to do. When you first arrive at the website, you'll see this image:

You might recall also that the trailer started off with some satellite-eye shots of a cloudy Earth. Well you can forget both those slices of imagery now because they have absolutely nothing to do with the film. This is a film about cancer and nutrition. The only reason they're included is that the folks at Cinema Libre are hoping some of the glow from Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth will wash off on them, or that people in the video store might pick up a copy of The Beautiful Truth thinking it was his film. So the people behind this movie are already trying to trick us. Not a good start. So what is this film about anyway?

After the unexpected and tragic death of his mother, 15-year old Garrett, who is an animal-loving teenager, was spiraling downward and fast... Growing up on an Alaskan animal reserve, Garrett's father recognized his son's interest in the dietary habits of their animals. That prompted him to assign a book written by Dr. Max Gerson, which maintains that there is a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer. Fascinated and curious, Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to investigate the merits of The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how the multi-billion dollar medical industry has made it their mission to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.

Wow! Pretty exciting stuff. Let's see what kind of evildoers and machinations young Garrett uncovers during his quest.

The opening salvo is on Harold Hodge, a toxicologist who, we are told, approved the use of fluoride. Garrett tells us that the doctor oversaw injecting people with plutonium and uranium like this is a bad thing. It is, of course, but Hodge didn't know how bad - he was working to ascertain the elements' safety limits. The reason his reputation was so battered by this episode was because he didn't give informed consent to his patients, which is pretty unforgivable. This important difference whooshes like a cruise missile past Garrett, who is already preparing to drop his own bombshell, telling us: "Harold Hodge, along with a group of scientists, helped develop the atom bomb.".

Are you f*****g kidding me? That is your argument?! That Hodge palled around with a group that happened to include some of the greatest minds this planet ever saw, and developed a whole new branch of science? So, Hodge, you know, he's just a guy who happens to have Albert-goddamn-Einstein on speed-dial, and you're expecting me to take the word of a fifteen-year-old over his?! Are you serious? OK, let's take a moment to calm ourselves and proceed onto the second clip. It's not going to get any more coherent from here on in, so prepare yourselves.

Garrett is still laying it down like it is on fluoride, and he's got an ace up his sleeve. Because, you know who else wanted to put fluoride in water, don't you? Yeah, you know who.

AMIRITE? Adolf Hitler, that's who! The filmmakers tell us that the Nazis planned to mass-medicate water with sodium fluoride because they wanted to sterilise people and force them into submission.

This argument literally makes no sense. Hitler was going to conquer people by sterilising them? Was he planning to wait until his enemies died of old age, and wanted to make sure they didn't have kids who might grow up and fight him in the meantime? How was he going to put this into the water supply without sterilising the rest of the population? Of course, there isn't any stock footage of Nazis adding fluoride to water supplies (we must presume, because it never happened) so instead we're shown canisters of Zyklon B. Cyanide, fluoride, same difference, right?

Now that Garrett has invoked Godwin's Law, I really don't feel the need to spend any longer on his fluoride takedown. No-one associated with this film could even spell fluoride. No, really, they can't. Take a look at the film clips and you'll see it spelled as 'flouride'. Every. Single. Time. Deadly, dangerous flouride. If you can bear it, we'll jump ahead to Clip 12:

The mind-boggling stupidity continues! We're being shown two slices of carrot, analysed with Kirlian Photography. "What's that", I hear you ask, "some kind of scientific measurement?" No, it's an outdated parlour trick used to create 'auras' from any object you attach the electrodes to. Carrot, crystal or coin, it makes no difference what the object is, or if it was ever alive. And what are Garrett and co. claiming to measure with this 'photograph'? Energy. That's all we're told. Just energy. Mystical, unquantifiable energy. You may as well say the Force is strong with the uncooked carrot. Anyway, the arbitrary differences between the two images leads the narrator to utter the following earth-shattering revelation:

Pasteurised food... is dead

OF COURSE IT IS you slack-jawed idiot, that's what pasteurisation is supposed to do! What the hell would the point of pasteurisation be if you swilled down gobfulls of E. coli and liver flukes every time you ate? I mean, why the hell do you think we cook food in the first place? Or do you think cooking is just a conspiracy maintained by the oven manufacturers of the world?

There are many other clips available to watch online, if you can stomach Garrett and his crew crashing from misconception to missed point, blathering about Terminator genes and 'revealing' that agricultural multinationals also make chemicals, and other rot. I can't, so I swung back to the Beautiful Truth homepage to see if there was some kind of sense to be found there. After all, you can watch all 12 clips and still not know what the Gerson diet is or how it's supposed to cure cancer, or any evidence that it does. There's just a calendar-worth of feeble-minded hysteria, with each month represented by a different flavour of stupid.

Unfortunately back on the website, we discover that nothing coming out of earth NOW! makes any sense. Just check out the cover for another one of the videos, 'Healing Cancer':

Do you see? One half is all healthy and colourful, while the dead 'allopathic' half covered in pills is represented by ... err ...a Joshua Tree? A plant that can thrive in deserts and lives for up to a thousand years?? Even these peoples' metaphors make no goddamn sense!

The worst part of all is that there are very real worries about the treatment of cancer to be aired, including the influence of drug companies, but this label manages to miss all of them. It would be easier if earth NOW! was completely barmy, the kind of batshit insane that claims cancer can be cured with aliens and orgone and morphogenic rays. But instead we're presented with a group of people who have the complete inability to form a coherent argument or construct a meaningful debate. These people aren't mad, they're stupid. And that's the saddest part.

In my heart, I wonder whether this is really some form of subtle rebellion by the young Garrett. Perhaps he resented being taken out of school and send on a wild goose chase around the country. I think maybe he's getting back at his hippy dad by compiling the most absurd, poorly-conceived documentary in film history and presenting to the old man like it was a cinema vérité version of Gandhi. That definitely seems like the more plausible scenario to me.

Or perhaps this is some kind of titanic deception? Maybe earth NOW! is really a false-flag sock puppet for Big Pharma, trying to debunk alternative treatments by compiling two hours of mindless tongue-flapping and sticking it in a box with Gerson's name on the front.

I've watched these clips over and over again, and every time I do it looks less like a beautiful truth and more like a flabby hooker with stretch marks and liver spots who insists she's just nineteen. That is to say: there is no beautiful truth, just an ugly, unconvincing lie.


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You know, it is a bit unfair to leave out the fact that Dr. Gerson led a study with 450 terminally ill cancer patients and that 446 of the patients were *completely* cured of any traces of cancer in their bodies. That alone has more science in it than most of your poor remarks. You may have a slick tongue for insults, but Dr. Gerson lets the science speak for itself. His treatment has saved many more people than your article could ever hope to. Let's just ignore all that and go back to bashing people who mean only good, eh?

Great post! And welcome to SciBlogs.


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I've watched these clips over and over again, and every time I do it looks less like a beautiful truth and more like a flabby hooker with stretch marks and liver spots who insists she's just nineteen.

This is the most awesome sentence I've read on scienceblogs. Well done, sir!

Is it possible to pack a DVD with idiocy so dense that light bends around it?

Looks like Expelled has company!

But I'm sure Garrett adheres strictly to Gerson's diet and he's been cancer free for 15 years. Proof!!

Oh my. Are these the same people who ran a 'cancer cure' clinic in Mexico 10± years ago? There was an expose on Dateline NBC, or 48 Hours, or some other similar program. I forget which show, as it has been some time.

All these poor terrified dying people - stage 4 cancers of various types - were convinced by a quack doctor to give up their radiation therapy, rip out their IVs and head to Mexico where they were put on the 'cancer cure diet' and given 'oxygen enemas' for a few weeks. Then they were sent home 'cured.' As people left, they told the investigators that they were indeed cured (although only the quack doctor claimed them cured) and were going home to enjoy their life. (Of course they felt wonderful. They had come off the chemotherapy and stopped radiation!)

During the follow up at the end of the show, the TV producers tried to track them all down six months later to see how they were feeling, and all of them were dead. The only people the producers could locate were grieving family members, furious that their deceased loved ones had been duped into spending their life savings on fruit smoothies and oxygen enemas. One or two of them might have even lived had they finished their prior traditional treatments.

There is always a vague emotional thread to this kind of BS. A lost loved one followed by a determined quest for a cure; lots of "studying" or "investigating" and POOF!, they've figured it ALL out. Sadly, this crap comes a dime a dozen on the internet.
This guy's site even has a page warning his followers against other hucksters that are "plagiarizing" his BS.

Also, I looked up Gerson on Wiki. Apparently his grandson wrote most of the entry. The talk page is pretty hilarious.

You know, if you keep spelling your profanities with asterisks, the readers are going to think we've started using censorship.

This post actually made my side hurt. I think it was the Joshua Tree that really sent me over the edge.

There are many other clips available to watch online, if you can stomach Garrett and his crew crashing from misconception to missed point, blathering...

I've been able to, for awhile, stomach Ray Comfort claiming that a banana was an atheist's worst nightmare. I've managed to repress my gag reflex long enough to read part of Deepak Chopra's claims that the whole model for our science of mind and brain is fundamentally wrong. Saying "Music points to a truth that science isn't set up to accept: music is a function of the mind" -- but not brain because the "mind" is some sort of free floating consciousness that doesn't need anything physical for it to work. And I've even watched Derren Brown convert atheists with a touch.

So, I've paid my skeptical dues and I leave Gerson Therapy to you.

*watches maybe a minute of the trailer*
The money argument? That's where they go? What idiots.

Hey, how about an example where drug companies actually lost money because of a discovery to treat a disease. For a long time peptic ulcers were thought to be caused by stress and an excess of stomach acid. Treatment was typically very expensive drugs that had to be taken for the rest of the patient's life. Then it was discovered that they were actually caused by a bacteria. Helicobacter pylori to be specific. Easily treated with an antibiotic, the ulcer can be completely healed within weeks. Not only that, but the antibiotic is cheap, it cost pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars. Dr. Marshall and Dr. Warren were awarded a Nobel Prize for their work.

It's because of examples like this that I cannot believe that doctors are the bad guys just after your money.

No, No, Eric! It's a conspiracy of EVERYONE WITH A MEDICAL PHD + ALL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES! Those bastards are clearly out to get us. They are obviously all in it together, because it would only take one to ruin the conspiracy and leak the secret and get filthy stinking rich + Nobel Prize for curing cancer.

no comic sans? =(

This article simply uses the mention of Hitler as a means to skirt around the real issue of whether fluoride is truly good or bad for your health.

"The Beautiful Truth" brings up a valid point with Mercury amalgam. It is a well known fact that that Mercury is unhealthy. So all that needs to be established to show Mercury amalgam as a risk is whether the amalgam allows Mercury vapor to escape under normal conditions of the mouth. It clearly shows visual proof of the Mercury vapor with a phosphorescent screen.

I will agree with the article the documentary did miss the true punch line. That is Harold Hodge didn't give informed consent to his patients that they were receiving experimental radiation testing. That mention would have gone even further to discredit his work on fluoridation's so called benefits.

If this is truly a scientific article I would expect some discussion around fact rather than an argument focused on insult and mockery.

I love science it supposed to be the pursuit of truth. Unfortunately today science is very political and the search for truth has sadly taken a back seat.

"I love science it supposed to be the pursuit of truth. Unfortunately today science is very political and the search for truth has sadly taken a back seat."

How much experience do you have with scientific research? What professional scientific organizations (ones that produce pier reviewed work) are you part of?

I bet none, and none.

It's just too easy to make fun of stupid people with insult and mockery - and here's a clue: THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE. If you had scientific background you would realize that this is social commentary much more than a scientific critique. There is this idea out there that someone with a computer and internet connection can spend several thousand hours of "research" and arrive at "truth" which contradicts (or discovers some conspiracy) concerning established scientific principles. I really find it humurous when they emphasize the "several thousand hours", as if it gives their argument more weight. I recently watched a video from another quack website where this guy equates the scientific method with "mind control"... the site also preaches alternative medicine and the evils of Big Pharma.

The type of social commentary contained in this article is refreshing, and the mockery and namecalling is well deserved.

I didn't say I was a scientist. I said "I love science".

"this is social commentary"

Agreed, but even as social commentary it would be useful to provide fact to backup the position stated in the article.

"several thousand hours"

Scientists are people that studied for "several thousand hours." It is nonsensical to disqualify anyone on that term.

The pursuit of knowledge and truth require a mind that is open, inquisitive and curious. A mind that questions everything and looks at all theories and hypothesis despite whether they are popular or unpopular. These traits are not reserved for scientists only. Unfortunately they are becoming more and more rare.

according to this beautiful truth there diet is this


The Gerson diet is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micro-nutrients, extremely low in sodium and fats, and rich in fluids.

The following is a typical daily diet for a Gerson patient on the full therapy regimen:

Thirteen glasses of fresh, raw carrot/apple and green-leaf juices prepared hourly from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.
Three full vegetarian meals, freshly prepared from organically grown fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A typical meal will include salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, vegetable soup and juice.
Fresh fruit and fresh fruit dessert available at all hours for snacking, in addition to the regular diet.


what kind of bullshit diet is this? VEGETARIAN!? this diet will get you killed thats for sure

here is the counter to this crappy beautiful truth diet

i belive the diet stated on biblelife is very good alot better than that of beautiful truth and may cure cancer,type 2 dieabetes, heart diesease and obesty

however i dont 100% agree with everything they have unlike with the Atkins Diet where i agree 100% with everything so the Atkins diet is still my fav diet and also i know 100% cures obesty and type 2 dieabetes and also most likely prevents and or cures cancer and heart diesease but havent tested the cacner and heart diesease parts out yet

"The pursuit of knowledge and truth require a mind that is open, inquisitive and curious." - Mark's reply to my reply.

I only came back today to check on my earlier comment - thinking someone would bite. This statement is simplistic and misleading. Scientists require something much more than this. The life of a "student of science" is not all that illuminating. There are sleepless nights working out seemingly absurd (to everyone else) proofs for things that many people find to be common sense (like the concept of Zero in Mathematics), or setting up experiments in a lab to replicate experiments that have already been done thousands of times before - which can be meticulously frustrating even when it's all just academic. They do this because they must learn how to achieve knowledge through scientific inquiry. Every scientific discipline has some form of hypothesis testing, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. Most people give it up as undergraduates - seeking more satisfying lifestyles.

It takes more then just an open, inquisitive, and curious mind. There is an enormous amount of scrutiny, discipline, and rigor that goes into scientific research and scientists have thousands of hours doing this before they even begin to choose the topic for their PhD thesis - long before they even get a crack at real scientific research.

The truth is that science is a very slow march toward progress, with countless scholars putting in lifetimes of work - most of them never getting formal recognition or awards. Finding original work which results in new science is very rare, and most Scientists (speaking of people I have known) quietly pass away without ever experiencing that Science shaking "Aha!" moment they dreamt about their whole lives. Their reward is to be ostracized by society for being "boring", "nerdy", and "kill-joy" in this culture where sci-fi goes to absurd lengths to entertain while real science takes a back seat.

All this, the scientist does gladly because their vision isn't one of a global conspiracy, power over people, or even the narcissism displayed by those (like you Mark) who think they must uncover these so called âexpertsâ through thousands of hours of internet research. Scientists would happily be proven wrong about something. Their vision is to contribute toward knowledge in some small way... regardless of the size or magnitude of the fruits from their own personal labor. This does involve an open, inquisitive, and curious mind, but it REQUIRES something that most people in our society do not have. Above all, the pursuit of knowledge requires great discipline of the mind.

I know from experience that the majority of the people, who consider themselves smart, do NOT even have the basic reasoning skills, or mental discipline required to understand the knowledge we already have. I know it because I taught Algebra (basic stuff here) at the University when I was a graduate student, and I failed 1 out of every 3 of my students - all earned their grade.

There is, however, the occasional office clerk who stuns the scientific world (speaking of Enstein). Nobody making this film, or taking this film seriously, will EVER be that person Mark.

Escalation and money causes many of the problems pointed out in this film. Getting rediculously cynical or throwing every criticism of status quo into the conspiracy pile doesn't aid progress. Get Real.

You guys are right. I mean COME ON!!! If it were up to people like this guy, they'd pull EVERY toy off the shelf because it might "contain lead". Obviously small amounts of lead are okay to put in your mouth from time to time. Its not like people take it by the spoonful. It must be a conspiracy from EVERY SINGLE TOY MANUFACTURER ON THE PLANET!!! Lets keep making fun of a young kids research project.

some of your comments are so ignorant. Really? the Atkins diet?

All I can say is 'don't knock it till you try it'. If everyone would consider just for a minute that some major corporation will be in control of our food possibly in a few short years... what , when and how much food we are able to buy, it will be a scary fact and too late for you to do anything at that point. It will be too late. Fortunately, a lot of people DO see what's happening quietly in the tall glass-walled boardrooms of companies like Monsanto and are getting busy fighting through their congresspeople to put the brakes on GMOs, overuse of pesticides, etc. EDUCATE YOURSELVES, BUY ORGANIC, instead of ranting on about how stupid you think something is. JEEZ, if you put as much energy into researching as concept-bashing, you'd be as asset to your communities.

By health101 (not verified) on 07 Apr 2009 #permalink

As I was reading all of this I was reminded of a wonderful quote by Albert Einstein:

" Great spirits often encounter violent opposition from weak minds. "

I was also reminded of how those same weak minds often resort to using insults and mockery against people they disagree with in order to make themselves feel smarter than they really are.
Just curious...all you people bashing Gerson's diet, what have you done to find a cure for cancer? Nothing? I thought so. I guess it's so much easier to mock and insult those people who are actually trying to do something about it.

Critics are a dime a dozen.

By i weep for humanity (not verified) on 11 Apr 2009 #permalink

I haven't seen the movie but I did attend a lecture by a retired doctor who has found nutrition to be a great healer. He explained that when he went to medical school their training on nutrition existed of about 20 minutes of laughing at it. A recent medical school grad told him that it has improved. They now laugh at it for an hour.

I have seen nutrition bring people from death's door and give them their life back. I don't know about Gerson's method, but I know that nutrition can keep one healthy and restore lost health.

I also know that some doctors are rewarded for "pushing" certain drugs. A friend was in a doctor's office when a drug company rep was talking to the receptionist. The rep explained that if the doctor wrote a few more prescriptions for a certain drug he would be eligible for a trip to Hawaii. A month later the doc went on a vacation to Hawaii. You do the math.

Drugs normally address symptoms and have side effects. Some even have side effects that can cause death. I know the FDA has declared that only drugs can cure disease, but I don't believe it. I have seen alternatives work where drugs have failed.

Despite the FDA's propaganda, nutrition is a powerful tool for restoring and maintaining good health. It may even help with your "Severe Anal Contraction About The Cerebral Cavity."

Negative ignorance! Keep following the wide path to no where; see where you'll end up. Back where you started.

Patrick Swayze is a perfect example. He was a meat lover, and consumed it regularly, so he said. He also smoked, and drank most of his life, and continues to smoke. Interestly, he also refuses to try any alternate methods to try and fight his disease, because he doesn't want to be a slave to it. Well, guess what genius.. You are right back where you started, no where. At this point, it is probably too late, though, if he continues this path, it will most likely kill, not cure him. Using radiation is toxic, and destroys, not strengthen.

Our bodies are extremely efficient and strong, when we are healthy. If we cut out the toxicity, we can stay strong and heal ourselves. Western medicine will not teach you this, at least probably not in our lifetime. Doctors, and the medical industry would be a wash. Is it a big business, is it not? Hmm.. I think you know the answer. Wake up people! Don't believe the naysayers, especially the cynic who wrote the review on this page. It only makes sense that through proper diet, education, which includes organic farming, and eating right that will strengthen our bodies, immune systems, and allow us to be strong enough to ward off disease and illness. Sounds utopian, maybe, but it's true. Illness is a product of diet and lifestyle. Our bodies were never meant to handle all the junk most people consume.

Donât knock this way of thinking until you actually try it. It will change your life for the better, as it has mine. I am grateful I learned of the Gerson clinic and diet. I now have energy and stamina I did when I was 20. I have overcome a disease, which I attribute to this understanding, lifestyle and diet change. Had I continued living blindlessly, and not finding an alternative, I would not be here to so proudly reference my take on this lifestyle, including this beautiful film. It is beautiful, because it's so simple.

My advice to anyone questioning the power of a good diet, is to make the change, at least for three weeks. Don't give into bad habits. You will be astonished with the benefits!

Ignorance is en masse in this locale. I have often wondered what would drive one to be so deluded to the lies pervasive in the "science" realm that they would destroy lives in the process of holding to the lie but then I found that "the heart is deceitfully wicked and who can know it"? Even my own to the point that were I to be let go I too would follow the insanity of this original post and try to marry a factual, revelational, and very comprehensive exposition of the cancer industry and their battle against truth and against mankind in their battle against the Gerson Therapy in particular, the Beautiful Truth with some video on self gratification? Come on you sick nut that is absolutely ridiculous and shows how desperate you are to grasp at anything to distract someone from watching and learning that in 1928 cancer was cured and has been being cured by multiple methods since in spite of the efforts of the "cancer research industry".

The stupidity most pervasive Frank is that shown by you and your cohorts who call themselves scientists. You don't even seem to know the meaning of the word science - knowledge - that which is KNOWN, provable and reliable to consistently repeat its results.

Watch the DVD and judge for yourself - don't let some utterly despicable sloth prevent you from knowing the truth about the corrupt greed that has killed millions upon millions in the effort to control the profit streams. I mean really Frank, in an age of "advanced medicine" is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation really the best available option to remedy cancer? Are we really to believe that the archaic "chop and burn" methods are "the best"? Now that is stupidity.

I love how you fucktards witter on for hundreds of words without addressing any of the arguments I've made in my article.

You think Gerson Therapy works? Show us some scientific evidence.

YOU'RE CRITIQUE OF THIS FILM IS HORRIBLY FLAWED, BIASED AND EXAGGERATED, and addresses issues that are not present in th film. I wish i could run a blog where i just fabricated an opposing point of view into a straw man and just cut it down with ease. At no point do the film-makers accuse all medical practitioners of being part of a global conspiracy. In fact the film argues very clearly that most people in the medical field have no clue about the influence wielded by the trade association in favor of large corporate interests, and they do not argue for a conspiracy at all. They argue that a very small group of people with a large amount of power are able to control the medical establishment by subversive means, and that the suppression of information is what has allowed their influence to have this control. They also argue that science should be allowed to pursue further mainstream research to verify the truth either way, which is not allowed by the AMA and other trade associations who serve the special interests. The point of the film is that these are ideas that have never been addressed scientifically by mainstream science, which does not disprove them. In fact if the trade associations had any real interest in the truth instead the special interests, they would push for research to debunk false ideas, but just like many legitamite ideas to pursue that are a threat to people with money they are ignored and buried because to even address them as fale would give them more legitamacy. as you rant about fucktards wittering about nonsense, why can't you see that instead of addressing the ideas presented in the film, you have replaced them with those that your narrow mind can tear down that were never there. Skepticism would research these ideas, where as cynicism would have them buried. you are a fool and a the promoter of bullshit my friend. I myself am not arguing that everything in this film is true by calling you out on your errors, by all means i am arguing that you missed the big picture and that only rigorous testing, not blogging and misrepresentation of the facts will wield answers. Since when has science writing become so retarded? The truth lies in the middle of everything, and picking a side and playing favorites is no better than lying, and you have done no different than what you argue the film does.

Notice how all the Gerson nuts flocked in within the same period of time. They must have arrived here through google after the entry had been indexed rather than the earlier commenters who probably frequent this site.

Despite some unanswered questions this movie brings up, hopefully it gets the population thinking. I, for one, agree with Mark that a scientific mind needs to be "open, inquisitive and curious" otherwise you only see one side of the coin.
I do see a correlation between, food additives like MSG, making unhealthy food taste great and leaving one wanting more, and the current obesity issue. I'll throw in a stab at corporations for wanting to increase the "bottom line", by keeping us coming back for more. And eating healthy food in the first place helping to keep us healthy (go figure).
However, I believe if a person asks a nutritionist about juicing versus eating the whole food, the nutritionist would vote on eating the whole food hands down. You get very little fibre out of juice, fibre being an important componant of cleaning out your system.
Unless this movie was actually covertly sponsored by the Gerson Institute, I think it was a good little wake up call to just plain eat healthier, especially before cancer ever enters the picture!

Yes, the movie has an undeniable conspiracy theory, propaganda, "the whole world is out to get us" quality. However, much of information is not factually inaccurate.

It is interesting that you viciously attack all of the theories presented in the movie and criticize them as having no functional and rational basis in argument. Yet, the only thing I get from your post is someone who is offended by the presentation of a variety of points, but someone who offers nothing to show why the information is incorrect or invalid.

I have no doubt that certain aspects of the movie are misleading, or even potentially incorrect. But you yourself - attacking their inability to make a "good argument" - have made no arguments yourself. Nothing which contradicts their points except to say that "this is unreasonable" or "this is stupid."

If it is so profoundly unreasonable to you, then I think the most effective use of your time in making a post would be to take the specific factual and scientific theories proposed - not just what they use to illustrate those theories (e.g. your Hitler example, or the Camel cigarette commercials) - and scientifically explain why they are inaccurate.

Not just "this is ridiculous because doctors would have to have to been aware that they were operating under false pretenses or to have taken an oath making them complicit in a global scheme to conquer the world."

For instance, you admittedly and openly acknowledged that doctors smoked cigarettes before they knew it was unhealthy. That they even promoted cigarettes. But. Then they learned it was very bad for your health. So they stopped.

How on earth is it that you believe the same thing might not happen in a few years with certain prescription drugs, with dental fillings, with processed foods? There was a time when people were laughed at for thinking cigarettes were bad for you. Do you honestly believe that the same could not be true for chemically processed foods, molding foreign elements to your teeth and body, and regularly ingesting manmade chemical treatments?

There's a reason why every single medication comes with a list of side effects and potential hazards. The medicines we have cannot cure one thing without the risk of incurring another health malady. There is an ever increasing truckload of lawsuits over prescription drugs that have already been shown to have very negative side effects despite being widely endorsed, prescribed, and promoted by doctors the world over.

It's not like this would be the first time we've been wrong.

It's fine that you don't like the movie. But I suggest you don't debunk the entire thing as a giant farce unless and until you can provide some informational proof or argument as to why it is a waste of time to listen to.

Wow! What a tragedy to see an attack on a sensible picture of what we should question as human beings in this world. I don't have the time or will to go through about the crooked thinking of this critique.

The critic, just like many others, does not have the direct experience or the understanding of nutrition. Unfortunately the writing expresses offense with those that question the status quo and is enslaved by the modern scientific model. Instead of BEING his own scientist, the critic decides to be an arm-chair academic looking to debunk a film based on the presentation of the material-- what a shame. I am however, entertained as an observer of behavioral/cognitive processes to marvel at the nature of this review! Poorly done!! Good luck Frank!!!

Well I come to this blog seeing as it calls itself a science blog to be filled with bigots.

The point of this documentary was to bring up the high amount of corruption within the existing medical industry. Certainly not all that modern medicine is doing is unhealthy, nor is this documentary purporting that all of modern medicine is one conspiracy. However the funding of "research" by private corporations, the quieting of any alternatives that might damage in industry, and the entire "He is a fear monger with this information because there is no solid-100-proof" is all too common when dealing with many of the world's science related problems, from evolution, vaccination, Global Warming, Pollution, Energy, and medicine. Like ALL media intended to convey a message, it has bias. it is an unreachable ideal for such a medium to lack bias. It has bias because the point of the film is to shake you out of your complacency and ignorance regarding the administrations controlling our food water and drugs. but i think that the people above have talked enough about the scientific or rational merit of the film.

I for one recalled thinking how absurd the world has become while watching the film. that our food is stuffed with chemicals left and right, that many people, including myself have suffered from so many illnesses ranging from schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, diabetes. Then think about how reliant we've become on the drug and food industry. Indeed it is true that small amounts of mercury, lead, etc are harmless to the body, but consider what happens when you have some lead, mercury, msg, this-that-and-the-other and it becomes a very valid thought that all this might be causing many of the problems in the world that we just might do without.

Not all evidence presented in an argument must be peer reviewed by hundreds of scientist. Experiental evidence is just as valid. and everyday we meet people who are thin, healthy, with strong immune systems, and unfailingly many state that they try to eat as healthy as possible, consuming organic foods, avoiding processed food, and very few of them seem to take a lot of drugs. infact the most people who seem to take drugs are the people with the most problems, many of whom never seem to get any better.

We need to free science from industry and personal or corporate interest, so that it can be used to the advantage of everyone, not the few that can manipulate the system. Alternative medicine deserves greater research and verification not silencing, ignoring, and shunning. It said alternative medicine is unhealthy, it must be stopped. if it works on the otherhand and without the damage, costs, and sideeffects of pharmaceutical drugs, then it must be promoted. It is the beauty of the self correcting system of science and its applications. however as long as there are forces who wants to undermine this, there will always be questions of veracity towards those who are responsible

By dissappointedhuman (not verified) on 26 Jun 2009 #permalink

I feel sorry for those that truly cannot see the truth. Raw foods are alive and if you spend even one day on a raw foods diet then you should feel the amazing transformation that happens inside your body. That is, if you aren't too disconnected from it. I have one question for you. Do animals living in the deep wild get cancer? No. And the reason they don't get cancer, is because they live off the earth as God intended, eating what nature provides for them. I deeply suggest that you look for the Essene Gospel of Peace and read it, and there you will be futher astonished, and find the most beautiful truth you have never stumbled upon. How brainwashed are you that you would completely write off the fact that those living in complete harmony with nature, eating raw and living foods, would surely not attain true health. You are misguided, my friend, and it sounds like the pharmaceutical companies dwell deeper in your heart than any other. I pray that you can someday accept the truth, but first you must seek it.

@35 Lauren
If wild animals don't get cancer, what do you call this?

"Researchers are working toward an understanding a unique transmissible and rapidly spreading cancer that threatens the very existence of Tasmanian devils. To combat this particularly aggressive disease, a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory research team in collaboration with 454 Lifesciences is committing resources to sequence parts of the devil's genome in an effort to increase the odds of saving them from extinction." Link to Science Daily article

This isn't a unique example. Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour is spreading through dog populations. Endogenous caners in wild animals also exist - we don't hear about them much because
1) the animals weakened by tumours are eaten by predators
2) the animals killed by cancer are eaten by scavengers
3) wild animals are really bad at turning up for their screening appointments.

The rest of your nonsense isn't worth commenting on, save to say any food you eat, alive or dead, is absorbed through the gut wall at a molecular level after being bathed in acid, washed with caustic enzymes, and broken down by microbes. Digestion finishes what cooking starts.

This article is obviously written by a "scientist" who has never tried any of the suggestions offered by Dr.Gerson. Frank, can't you articulate your thought's without profanity. You fit in perfectly in the world of drug companies and the balance of liars for hire that our greedy world seems to produce, one after another. If you tried juicing for just one month, that's actually doing it on yourself with organic fruits and vegatables for one month I am convinced that your sanity would return and then you could print a retraction to the pure garbage that you've written here.

By Mike Palmer (not verified) on 30 Jun 2009 #permalink

The author of this article ought to be ashamed of himself, but he most certainly wont be.

His rage and frothing at the mouth anger are obvious to anyone reading his tripe.

But hey, nobody is stopping you. You are free to be as ignorant, uneducated and as angry as you want to be. It wont affect me and my life.

The only problem is when you try and get other people on board with your warped and shallow views and attempt to shame them for doing the right thing. That will lead to you creating bad karma for yourself.

Go ahead and slam anyone and everything that you dont understand and dont believe in, I just hope other people reading your ignorant filth dont take a single word of it as any kind of truth, beautiful or not.

Do your own research people. Don't be led astray by popular opinion and let the rage of an angry "science man" dictate how you live your lives.

The author is clearly an educated person, but what he is saying is harmful and nothing he said has any wiff of credibility or truth, just rage and anger.

Let him poison himself and go to his grave screaming his tirades to the masses of "stupid people." But I emplore you not to let a single word of his hollow, heartless diatribe ring true.

By Edward Livingston (not verified) on 30 Jun 2009 #permalink

Once again, you Gerson fans launch into personal attacks without addressing any of the errors and misinformation contained in the film.

Stop being cowards, engage in debate and tell me where I've gone wrong. Show us hard evidence that this therapy works. All we see at the moment is a flock of dogmatic vultures selling false cures to vulnerable ill people. Shame on me? Shame on you!

Just wondering if anyone with cancer has actually tried the diets suggested?

I personally am free of any diseases mentioned; in fact I donât get colds or flu. Well ok, maybe a sniffle every 5 or 6 yrs but thatâs about it and I'm 65.

I do remember about 25 yrs ago an aunt was admitted to a hospice with terminal cancer so she could "die with dignity", which sadly she did.

We visited her daily and in the same ward was another lady also with terminal cancer.

Her family refused to give up and put her on a macrobiotic diet which was the "in diet" at that time. The instructed the nurses not to feed her anything "normal", they came in on shifts and fed her their macro diet mixes.

We of course thought it sad that they would try in vain to save their mother.

In fact they did. She made a recovery and went home to live many more years.

So I do tend to keep an open mind and definitely don't believe everything that is published - more so the corporations who only serve their balance sheets.

By Scatterling (not verified) on 18 Jul 2009 #permalink

keep an open (although skeptical) mind.... but do not hate on something because it is a bit different from what you have already determined to be truth. there is so much more to reality than what so many have determined to be etched in stone (or close to it). the closer we are to nature and living in harmony with it (both internally and externally, physically and mentally) the healthier we will be. that just seems like common sense to me. anyways... hope you haters can sit back and listen for a change. you may learn something.

Quote: "Stop being cowards, engage in debate and tell me where I've gone wrong. Show us hard evidence that this therapy works. All we see at the moment is a flock of dogmatic vultures selling false cures to vulnerable ill people. Shame on me? Shame on you!"

Posted by: Frank the SciencePunk | July 2, 2009 7:07 PM

On the other hand I have seen no hard evidence that any other medical treatment works 100%. seems all treatments are prety much hit or miss..

By Scatterling (not verified) on 23 Jul 2009 #permalink

Read the China Study! Its the most comprehensive nutrition study ever conducted. (its related to his post/movie- and very enlightening!)

By winter cantagallo (not verified) on 25 Jul 2009 #permalink

@43 Lubo

The description for the video you linked says firstly that the film-maker uncovered no hard evidence that the treatment worked - just testimony. There's plenty of testimony that Elvis lives with aliens, but that doesn't make it true. Secondly, the description states:

I am a nurse who is exposing the Illuminati's use of modern medicine to, poison and control millions in their pursuit of a New World Order.

That sounds like class A nutjob stuff to me. A YouTube video is NOT hard evidence. Try starting at PubMed.

@44 Scatterling
I think most doctors would disagree that all treatments are "pretty much hit or miss". All treatments have varying degrees of evidence to support them, yes, and it's the job of those working in healthcare (from doctors to regulators) to study this evidence and decide which treatments are suitable for which complaints. Gerson Therapy has zero evidence to support its use in curing cancer, so no responsible doctor or regulator promotes Gerson Therapy.

Science punk,

I asked you to explain the results that are being achieved in Japan. In a classic âletâs change the subject moveâ, you talk about hard evidence vs. testimony, Elvis and aliens and then you try to discredit the author by calling him a nutjob for trying to expose the illuminati. Thatâs all very hilarious, but you still have not answered my question which is âwhy donât you explain what is happening in Japanâ? Regardless of what you think of the author and the King of Rock & Roll or the Bilderberg Group, there are certain results being achieved by doctors in Japan as it relates to cancer and the Gerson Therapy. EXPLAIN IT! The doctors meticulously document everything and Iâm sure if you wanted to put in the effort, you could verify everything for yourself. Get on a plane and go to Japan and see what is going on. Follow one of their patients from the start until the end of their treatment and witness the results. Would that not be âhard evidenceâ? Are the Japanese doctors perpetrating a fraud onto the world by falsifying the record of all of their âfake patientsâ? Are these âfake patientsâ so bored that they will spend two years at a time visiting a doctor to help him perpetrate a fraud? And for what gain? What exactly are you saying when you ask for âhard evidenceâ? Nobody is going to do a 5 year multi-phase clinical trial for you with control groups my friend because I doubt the organic food growers of this world will fund that study, and Iâm pretty sure that the pharmaceutical industry will not fund a study involving food as a treatment. Until you verify for yourself (to prove of disprove), you are just a guy sitting at a keyboard spouting off.

Explain what is happening in Japan? Is it just the worldâs most incredible coincidence? Do Godâs miracles happen to repeat themselves only in this doctors office and are in no way connected with the therapy that he is administering?

Explain it and quit trying to distract people with your rants.

@ 47 Lubo
Just for you, I sat through 10 minutes of c-rate film making. So to explain what is "happening" in Japan, as you put it: not very much.

In one town, in one clinical practice, there is one doctor, who is positive toward Gerson Therapy. However, he has yet to publish a single paper on any of his 500 patients that the film maker believes were cured by Gerson Therapy. Note that the doctor never claims to cure anyone - he says patients are on Gerson Therapy, and some of those patients survive. There's no discussion of what other treatment these people are on, if any. His research is still in progress. There are no studies on Pubmed that I can find by a Hoshima Y on cancer and nutrition.

So: what do we have? Nothing. Someone who is convinced of Gerson Therapy and is supposedly investigating it. We have no clue about his methods, types of cancer, survival rates, follow up rates, statistics, treatment, etc.

Here's how the real world works: you have some evidence, and that leads you to form a hypothesis. You test the hypothesis, and adjust your ideas accordingly. Then after much more testing you can call it a theory. And so forth.

This is the opposite: insisting Gerson Therapy works, then telling people that you're busy working on some research that might be able to prove it some day.

If you think Gerson Therapy works, it's up to YOU to prove it. Not the other way round.

Like I said before: YouTube videos are not evidence. Come back with something meaningful.

Frank, just out of curiosity, how would YOU test the Gerson therapy against traditional forms of cancer therapies? What kind of experimental design would you come up with that would test the validity of the Gerson therapy vs chemo/radiation? It's not like you could have a control group... Also, have you watched the entire film or just clips of it?

@ 49 Adnash
Why, is there something in the film, not shown in these clips, that balances all the stupidity? Some magical saving grace of an argument? If there is, I'm all ears.

How would I test Gerson Therapy: I wouldn't. Because Gerson Therapy doesn't have any basis in reality - no plausible method of action. Gerson believed that nutritional deficiencies were the cause of most chronic diseases, and if that was true, all medicine as we know it would be wrong. So there's no way to ethically test it in humans. You could do it in rats, but I suspect the Gerson crowd would complain it wasn't a suitable model or some such bilge.

The sickening thing is there are people like Lubo out there who think that we should give unproven, implausible treatments to dying cancer victims, presumably because the idea of a 'natural organic food diet' panders to their pre-conceived notions of Western Medicine = bad, natural Mother Earth remedies = good.

All treatments, whether Western or organic or hippy or Chinese or whatever, should be tested thoroughly to the highest possible standards before (and during) their use.

I feel that if you are writing a blog about this film you should watch it entirely. It's easy to take things out of context when it's not understood in it's entirety. People do this all the time with quote mining. Just as a film critic (and you are critiquing the film) has to watch the entire film, not just clips to give a full review, I think you should as well. How can you be an expert on something if you haven't completely studied it.

I completely agree with you about any treatments being thoroughly tested. How would you test chemo or radiation? How have they/ do they test that? How do they know it works? How is it proven? What is the survival rate of those undergoing such therapies? No way causality can be determined by todays standards of ethics of testing. I am genuinely curious about the studies done and the results.
So instead of you filling up more space with logical fallacies and ranting, how would you test the Gerson therapy? EVERYTHING in our natural world can be tested with science. Even things such as dark matter, so I am sure something as simple as the Gerson Therapy can be tested. You say, "All treatments, whether Western or organic or hippy or Chinese or whatever, should be tested thoroughly to the highest possible standards before (and during) their use." So how should it be tested? Offer a solution and backing to your argument instead of just skating around what TRUE science does, seeking to find answers to difficult questions.

This is entertaining!

@51. adnash
I don't know how different cancer remedies are tested - I'm not a oncologist. At a guess, I would say the treatment is tested first in vitro in a lab against cancer cells, then in animals, before being trialled for safety in humans and finally recommended tentatively for cancer patients and carefully studied for any signs of efficacy.

But you're missing my point (intentionally?) by demanding I set up a test for Gerson Therapy. The point is these tests haven't been done - and yet, there are people out there promoting Gerson Therapy. How do they know it works without testing it? How can they sleep at night recommending an unproven, improbable treatment?

Similarly, demanding I watch the whole film is a straw man. Firstly, it's just a canard to avoid addressing the criticisms I've already made. E.g. How can anything in the film mitigate the fact that they can't spell fluoride? Secondly, I didn't choose the clips - the film makers did. So I can hardly be accused of taking things out of context.

Critical discussion is indeed fun - isn't science great?

There's only one way to solve whether or not Gerson Therapy works....MYTH BUSTERS!

Just wanted to join in (although a few days late). Radiation and chemo obviously don't work for everyone. And even if they do provide a patient with a few extra months or even years of life, it all comes down to the issue of "quality of life." My mother beat breast cancer with chemotherapy. She had a relapse three years later. Some may say, "Well, at least she had those extra three years she might not have had otherwise." Yes, but her quality of life was poor. She was exhausted, nauseous, and irritable on a daily basis. She could not perform normal daily tasks that she was able to perform prior to the chemo. Even simple trips to the grocery store were too much for her. For three entire years.

We're always trying to find the best way to live as long as we can, but what's life if it's of poor quality? My mother suffered a great deal during those three years. I'm sure the issue of length of life vs. quality of life will always be widely debated. If simple nutrition provides a person with better quality of life rather than merely keeping them alive but in a miserable state (as chemo tends to do to patients), then why is that a bad thing?

In terms of what physicians support, most physicians will tell patients to exercise and eat healthy foods. That's just common sense. The "moral of the story" that I took away from "A Beautiful Truth" was just that - eat healthily. Maybe once you weed through the blah blah blahs of all these grassroots documentaries, and once you speak with "trusted" physicians, you'll find that one common piece of advice...

@55 Julian
Thanks for commenting. You make a good point on the importance of quality of life (and I believe physicians do take account of this in their recommendations for treatment).

However, the videos above are claiming that Gerson Therapy is a CURE for cancer. That is evil.

I didn't read all the comments, but "beautiful truth" is another obvious effort to embarrass the plain truth - that fluoride, aspartame and unbound glutamates are seriously harming the population. Countless opposition/awareness movements are being run into the dirt via false representation of this very sort. Watch the film again with the right question in mind. Remember - we are in the internet age, and it's incredibly easy to embarras and disinform when infultration isn't even necessary. Surprised?
At any rate, there's no need for a huge conspircy, at least not outside the politically appointed 'LEaDeRShIp' of the FDA and EPA - private & public sector media is deliberately ignore-ant and career-dependent ADA and AMA stooges innocently defer to corrupted heirarchies of their own. Yes, it's real - an entire population is being dumbed with most people still testing 'normal.' To really understand the problem you need to think your way through a few things, firstly, that many are only marginally affected while some are much more sensitive than others. I happen to be one of the more sensitive types. Again there's no need for a huge conspiracy when the debilitating effects of glutamates from hidden sources (mostly unknown to the public,) and other ubiquitous chemicals, will prevent people from recognizing the full disparity of where they would be vs. where they are.
Most of you are feeling like crap and don't know it.
Remember, the person who wrote the above review watched this film in exactly the way the fimlmakers intended.
It really is a very very sad situation.

My best friend's mother chose the Gerson therapy instead of chemo for her advanced breast cancer. She gave up all processed foods, ate only organic local fruits and vegetables, juiced, did coffee enemas and wheatgrass and her tumors shrank and went away within a years times. She saw cancer specialists from around the country and every single one of them told her if she doesn't get chemo and surgery she would die. Well...4 years later, she's still doing fine and no cancer at all. She continues the diet and makes sure her fruits and vegetables have not been genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides, growing much of what she eats herself.

Nuff said.

Oh...and since I personally know of 1 person who had terminal breast cancer who was cured from the Gerson therapy, I think it would be in the best interest of cancer patients to keep an open mind.

Eating genetically modified, irriadiated, pesticide sprayed fruits and vegetables grown in depleted soils is not something I choose to do but to each their own. I have been raw vegan for 8 years now and am in my forties, look great, feel great, never diet and have more energy than most teens. Before that, I was on the SAD (Standard American Diet) and drank pasteurized juices, ate fast food and hormone, antiobiotic filled meat and I suffered from depression, weight struggles, headaches, irritability and frequently got sick.

I've tried both diets for many years and I'll never go back to the SAD because I have seen and felt how different I look and feel.

To each, their own.

So, to boil everything down; you believe that chemotherapy is better than any alternate treatment option?

That's extremely ignorant.

I don't know if you have seen a person go through chemotherapy, but I sure have and it's a very disturbing process. The abuse that the body takes through chemo is absurd.

And the main thing that makes sense is that with good nutrition the body can self heal.

@60. Ivan
Ah yes, let's organise medicine according to what we feel makes sense. Never mind objective evidence, yawn, who wants FACTS and shit messing up their preconceived notions, right?

I can't believe a ppiece of Euro-Trash like yourself would be the one to write an article like this. I thought it would've been an American, especially since I see the problem all to frequently in this U.S.A., which I love dearly, a so called "science writer" whose only skill is putting the same kind of skewed editorial panace into bashing something "Scientifically" despite the fact that you don't cite any facts or reasearch data to support your theory, just sort of a blanket "you fool your wrong." If you call yourself a scince writer lets see some reasearch not some verbose way of saying "Nuh Uh, Ur Dumb :}" Come on you don't even watch the dvd and you cite it as being bad because of 15 min of you-tube clips? And here I though know nothing, yet everything jerks were a predominately American problem. Next time, at least act like a contributing member of society, and try to do a little more reasearch. Your supposed to inform people not just bs your way through your work, lazy slob.

By Andrew 147 IQ … (not verified) on 08 Sep 2009 #permalink

What is it about the self referncing of a persons IQ that screams idiot? Especially when delivered with an insulting rant notable only for the total absence of supporting evedence. Perhaps andrew would like to cite any facts or reasearch data to support his theory?

Well Ramel the refrence to IQ was stated in an area designated for a short name/self descrition, and given the nature of the discussion I figured it would give you all a little more perspective about me, allowing you all to judge my statements accordingly. Especially since were dealing with 2nd grade concepts here. And you want some facts too? Kudos. Any Biology Teacher in any grade will tell you that in order for any biological system to funtion correctly the system needs to achieve a point of equilibrium or homeostasis, not just within itself but with its surrounding environment. Homeostasis is necessary at levels ranging from cellular to entire ecosystems.So basically as we have evolved we have turned into creatures that have specific needs of nutrient intake and that we have already adapted the means of best getting these nutrients from our natural environment, something that, acordding to laws of basic biology, IS NECESSARY FOR US TO DO. The move provides some compelling agruements to that FACT. The Gerson Theory states that aciving homestasis within the organism is the most logical first step to fixing a problem where due to cancer, and most likely other contributing factors due to non natural foods (meening we aren't genetically adapted to it properly), has been thrown out of homeostasis. And I apologize for being obtuse about the subject initally, but this is survival to me. For me, my kids, you, for Christ's sake our whole planet. I realize this is any issue of drastic import to all of us and when something important to me, and those around me, is ostracized due to what appears to be a poor work ethic and gigantic EGO, I, being the imperfect individual I am, get a little upset. Fair enough?

By Andrew 147 IQ … (not verified) on 09 Sep 2009 #permalink

figured it would give you all a little more perspective about me, allowing you all to judge my statements accordingly.

Yes, yes it did. Especially if you think biology at 2nd grade level is adaquate for understanding cancer and cancer treatment. Gerson therapy is quackery, I mean coffee enemas and raw vegan food to cure cancer? Are you honestley taking this crap seriously? If your kids get cat cancer will you really subject them to this bollocks instead of actual medicne the stands an actual chance of saving their lives?

Cancer is cauased by damage to the mechanisms that govern cell lifespan and replication, yes environmental influences can cause this damage, lung cancer from smoking is the obvious example, and changing how we live can lower the odds of getting cancer. However, once the cancer exists it will not be cured by the removal of whatever caused it, you need to actually remove the cancer cells either by surgically removing them or killing them in situ with radiation or chemotharapy. Gerson therapy rants about 'toxins' while never really defining what they mean or the mechanisms involved, jabbers on about 'detoxing' again failing to explain what their talking about, and makes claims that increased nurtrients will somehow magicaly breakdown diseased tissue. This is what we call bullshit.

Try this post from Orac, an oncologist who specialises in breast cancer, for more a more detailed look at "The Beautiful Truth":

I'm 53 and in reasonably good health. I believe that smoking and drinking are vastly underrated components of an enjoyable life.

A dimwit relative of mine asked me to watch this movie. I got through about 20 minutes of it (all the idiocy I could bear), then lit up a smoke and threw back a few rum and cokes.



Congratulations on wasting your time writing this nonsense and being completely oblivious to reality. Have you ever heard the word CAPITALISM? Do you understand that EVERYTHING in this world is motivated by money? Maybe you should spend some time researching the truth next time, and good luck with cancer dumb ass.

By Ross Heidebrecht (not verified) on 23 Sep 2009 #permalink

I always like to read someone elses opinion on something, but when all I am reading are a bunch of cynical minded insults, I am not moved.

I watched this little flick. It was great! What's wrong with what they're saying? Do you think chemicals in our water supply aren't harmful to us? Are you saying that Mercury is fine & dandy? Are you of the opinion that the FDA is protecting us from the harmful effects of all this? Do you think there is no truth to how diet is linked to disease? Do you think all of that is bullshit but you can sure trust the drug companies? Fine then, man. I think if that's what you think...then perhaps you're the one who isn't very smart. C'mon! The government and drug companies get rich off us being sick! It couldn't be any more clear! I see your problem with the conspiracy idea of things, but the fact is, conspiracy or not, as long we people keep getting sick and taking drugs and getting chemo and getting sicker, the drug companies and government will remain rich, rich, rich. This is not a myth, dude. It's a fact.

This was just a small budget film attempting to offer to us a peek behind the scenes and you're jumping all over it like a rooster going cock-a-doodle-do...

When's the last time you had a good coffee enema? Maybe you could use one...

I have just, very recently been diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Follicular B cell lymphoma. At almost 55 years of age, I have practiced a healthy and vigorous lifestyle and always kept a healthy, mostly vegetarian diet, that could only be better, if it were easier! I've always kept my weight low and been a non smoker, who prefers organic and unprocessed food, as fresh as possible. I won't go the opposite way now. If anything, I'm going to be even more careful and serious about optimum nutrition.
I wish I didn't find so much vicious contention to search through. I'm suspicious of all extremes and that includes extreme cynicism. There is an old spanish proverb about the folly of a traveler saying they will never drink from a particular well, that my MIL likes to quote.
I'm not likely to ever buy into 5 coffee enemas a day, since I don't even drink it, although most aspects of the Gerson diet sound like wonderfully nutritious, common sense.
I'm considering a customized blending of alternative recommendations from multiple sources, in combination with and following an intitial blast of chemo and Rituximab.

Thanks for commenting Heather, and I wish you the best for your health. I don't think anyone is arguing against the merits of a healthy diet and frequent exercise; rather, Gerson fanatics believe they can CURE cancer, any cancer, just by diet changes alone. This is obviously:
1) incredibly untrue
2) incredibly damngerous
3) morally reprehensible

I think you have your head screwed on, Heather, and if I was in your position I'd certainly be open to consider anything that might help. But sadly in this world there are evil people who know this fact only too well, and will exploit it for their own gain. Watch out for them!

From firsthand experience: I tried a lifestyle of high stress, high caffeine and aspartame, little sleep, fast food and heat-and-eat meals. At that time, daily life involved headaches, little or no short term memory, and chronic sinusitis that would linger for months even after five different antibiotic prescriptions.

I then took 3 days to eat only organic vegetables, nuts, brown rice and organic juices. I kept a blog during that time to record the experience.

After three days, my mind was remarkably clear, my energy shot up, and my moods stabilized. The following two years were entirely free of respiratory allergies or sinus infections.

Conclusion: Standard food and water sources do have a negative impact upon health. Dietary choices can make pronounced change in immunity and brain function.

The tone of your review is so reactive and inflammatory, it makes me wonder why. It could be

1) You've been paid to put down this film.
2) You're stirring controversy to bring more page views and, therefore, more revenue.
3) The film caused some cognitive dissonance, and it scared you.

An objective overview of the film with a thoughtful, insightful critique would have gained respect from the reader. Instead, this submission sounds like a teenager who feels powerful through name-calling. Surely there must be more for you to offer your readers.

I tried a lifestyle of high stress, high caffeine and aspartame, little sleep, fast food and heat-and-eat meals.

The person writing this article is a small minded biased idiot. The Joshua tree being taking down by pills signifies the strength of these toxins, I'm sure they know how long they live, and I'm sure your stuck believing sixty, seventy years is enough for you. Yet you don't know how long we can live.

Believing what they have said would destroy the whole basis of your reality and threaten you. In fact you may be paid to discredit the documentary. With immature and inside the box thinking.

By Mitchell Umbdenstock (not verified) on 18 Oct 2009 #permalink

Evan, at first I was really interested in what you had to say. Now I think you're just an angry dick and you've lost your chance.

By erin kelly (not verified) on 18 Oct 2009 #permalink

Maybe this documentary is hokie - but one thing it did make me do is think. There is a lot of information given that does make sense. The people that made this film are trying to do something to help others in general, not make money, they have good intention. I think that anger and sarcasm don't do anything to help you in your blog. You sound like an unhappy angry person.

Our bodies will take care of us as long as we take care of it. So unless we grow our own food, stop consuming animal flesh, stop taking ALL prescribed meds and OTCs we will continuosly fall I'll, be unhealthy and die young! I have been in the medical research field for over 30 yes until I was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma. Uncurable without radiation. I cured myself competely using Gerson's method. SO THERE!!!!!

I just finished reading every single comment - whew! I also watched the entire film, unlike Frank.

I get that Frank's main point here is the claim that the Gerson diet can cure cancer, and he says saying that without scientific evidence to back it up is "evil."

Within the film, there is mention of hundreds of documented cases of recovery of, and interviews with patients who were sent home to die or offered chemo by their traditional doctors, who instead regained their health on the Gerson diet. This is evidence enough that if the intent of modern medicine is truly to heal rather than merely manage disease, scientifically based studies would begin immediately. Scientists may want to be proved wrong, but multi-millionaire businessmen (and women) do not.

What I personally think, as a non-scientist mind-you, is that it is evil to profit from expensive, invasive and chemically-based approaches that are scientifically proven to kill more people than they help.

Another reason outside of proper funding that I think alternative treatment is not yet anywhere near mainstream is because people are not willing to give up their habits like smoking, drinking, junk food and the like. They want a pill or treatment that will fix them (or suppress the symptoms) so that they can just pick up where they left off. Alas, you can't save people from themselves...

It amazes me that people can listen to information that doesn't fit in with their understanding of the world and then dismiss it, and make fun of it, without looking at actual data. Sure, there's a LOT of crazy stuff out there. But how do you know what to believe? I know of two people that were cured of cancer using the Gerson method, and another two that are in-process.

Among other topics discussed in the movie:

I personally had negative health affects for years and wondered whether my mouthful of amalgam fillings (which have mercury content) had any part in that. Had my fillings replaced with gold and non-toxic composites, and those effects went away (headaches, bizarre metallic tastes in my mouth, etc.). Mercury is a poison. We're told to be wary of fish. But if a dentist tries to go up against the American Dental Association to do something about that then he's in for trouble (I've had two dentists describe this to me).

It's worth your time to do some REAL research regarding fluoride.

Is the world still flat?

I have a degree in Physics, I know a little about science. I wonder about people...


Dear Science Punk,

Your irrational rationality is amusing. Good rationale must be independent of emotions, personal feelings or any kind of instincts. Dramatic Chipmunks and fear mongering do not fit this methodology. You may consider a career as a republican Senator if that is the road you wish to follow.

Please present a rational argument with evidence of research and thought before going on a emotional tirade. Your lack of understanding and use of fallacies to tear down the movie are not helpful for understanding what the movie is about.

I agree there are parts to this film that are lacking comprehensive arguments, but responding to them with your own incomprehensive arguments only raises emotions and adds to people's confusion.

By Science Straig… (not verified) on 26 Nov 2009 #permalink

The beautiful thing about the beautiful truth is that it brings up valid question that need to be asked, and demand answers. Watch the movie, not clips and then your opinion will have more validity to me. Our history here in the U.S. is one of deceit from the men in power. The wool has been pulled over our eyes throughout our history. Everyone in power has an agenda, there agenda serves them, not the people they represent. There all actors, big business contributes monies to a campaign for a candidate or senator and they fight for less regulations for a certain industry or company. There is money to be made, why would a natural cure be endorsed by our politicians.

I know your argument will ask, so those people in power don't get sick, nor does their family? My answer is, they get better treatment. Hmm, what treatment do rich men get that us poor men don't? Magic Johnson has lived with full blown aids for how long now? I guess he's getting the same pills that an average Joe gets. I don't know... I would like to know what MJ has done to keep his bad cell count down.

Why hasn't the FDA put Gerson therapy to the test? We can inject people with Uranium though? Ohh yeah they don't test food to be safe for consumption unless it has a drug in it.

Admittedly, I did not get past the first paragraph of this rant...Really, do you think you would ever get a dominant left brained thinker to agree with a right brained thinker? Obsessive skeptic proof bound vs open minded intuition and inner knowing? Highly unlikely. Fortunately, some people have found a balance and have integrated both sides of their melon. These people do exist say for example, Dr Albert Schweitzer? Here's a Doctor that testified his condition was cured via personal experience by Dr. Gerson's therapy and gave him an accolade as well. This movie is full of individuals who have been through traditional treatments and were told to go home and die and have been cured. What more do you want? Even with human clinical trials, some people still won't believe.
What is more mind boggling is that these skeptics won't even Try the treatment to test themselves. It is too easy just to say - there is no satisfactory evidence. Because they have their mind made up already! And get this...these limited thinkers of the medical profession would rather prescribe costly Pharmaceuticals. Have you ever known a drug not to have side effects? Some even more serious than the condition they're treating. Thousands of deaths are related to prescriptions every year! How many deaths are attributed to organic diets or natural health products? Say Hello to Natural Selection. Here's some new biology for you... our sensors pick up external signals we get from our environment. How we perceive these signals form our beliefs. Our beliefs direct our Cellular Function. You know how powerful our minds are. If you, at a subconscious level truly believe you will get better, you will. If you don't, you won't. Ever hear of the Placebo effect.
Comment on the coffee enema... Update! Finally there is a combination of nutrients that substantually raise intracellular glutathione levels. Go to
Lastly, Do not let the left brained individuals of influence and the cash grab Drug companies control government bodies and limit your access to natural health products (specifically multi ingredient)or alternative health practitioners. Balance the left brained opinions you get with what feels right for you and make your decision accordinly.

He said: "I felt I'd test my hypothesis and I did that by getting my cat certified by a number of the most prominent lay hypnosis organisations in the United States. It was a frighteningly simple process.

I think u seriously need to do more research on the subjects you have touched here. You obviously think all science is right when really it only scratches the surface of what is 'real'. Anyone who needs to slag something off in this much detail obviously has problems with negativity.I just think you have viewed the film with a very closed mind. Maybe one day you will re-evaluate. Didn't you know that an Inconvenient Truth is full of bullshit facts and even scenes from hollywood movies.

The overall underlying purpose of this film is to help its viewers understand the dangers of simply eating food. In a time when a majority of Americans die due to chronic diseases strongly linked to obesity, providing commentary on the ways to get back to nature and use food for the purpose of nourishing the body, is absolutely 100% necessary. I challenge anyone above who dismissed this film based on it's historic references or misleading DVD artwork to attempt (and likely not succeed, bc truly investing in oneself for the purpose of health is more difficult than you think) even a few of the suggestions presented in the film and you will realize simply in your energy level and mood that it is all based in truth. This country has been poisoned by government policy, greed and laziness, and without documentaries such as this, so many would still be in the dark. If you'd like to disregard the horrifying results that the current trends in agriculture and food processing continue to create, then that is of course, your own prerogative. However, survival of this fittest is real, and the fit aren't fat, and the fit eat their vegetables without a side of pesticides. So, while it may be true that the film's rhetorical strategies weren't the most groundbreaking to prove that the Gerson method cures Cancer, please for your own sake try to take away something that will improve your life and the lives of your children... lighten up!

By SEAfoodie (not verified) on 19 Dec 2009 #permalink


Reads more like shillforthepharmaceuticalindustryblog.

So continue to consume mass quantities of processed and irradiated foods. Get your kids the recommended 36 vaccines and pump them full of ritalin and prozac. Don't forget your yearly preventive flu shots and definitely don't miss out on the swine flu jab. Remember to keep telling yourself that it's all good for you, the media doesn't lie, everything is ok.

But just in case I'm wrong and you unfortunately get sick, don't worry there is always the option of chemotherapy. That wonderful "treatment" that is nothing more than euphemism for a slow painful death.

Good show my friend, very entertaining.

But hey, whatever helps you sleep better at night keep your pockets full.…

If it was just "The Beautiful Truth", I'd be skeptical. But, there are too many to ignore, and they're all about murder and greed.

King Korn, , Supersize Me, Food, Inc., Sicko, Flow: for the Love of Water, Bad Seed, Walmart: the High cost of Low Prices, Killer at Large, The Future of Food, The Corporation, Life and Debt, Power and Terror, Iraq for Sale . . . too many to ignore.

By palehorse (not verified) on 31 Dec 2009 #permalink

So, you think this is nonsense? Do you have studies that proves the findings in this film to be false?
I think that you probable thought that G.W. Bush was America's greatest president as well.

You stupid pontificator of self-righteous ignorance. Eat your poison, don't spew it.

By it_figures (not verified) on 08 Jan 2010 #permalink

It makes me sad that someone would be so quick to dismiss the testimonies of people who have been healed through this methodology. If someone was healed utilizing this method, which they have repeatedly, what would be your statement to them? This is a great documentary regarding a wide range of things that contribute legitimately to a persons ill health. It shows the trust of the public has been repeatedly misplaced in alopathic medicine exclusively, without respect to a wider range of treatments. It is meant to be simple, people friendly, and presented in a way that is non threatening while not negotiating the importance of the point. Clearly if a kid's book report is being used as the vehicle, it's not meant to be an abstract. If you seek this type of information, please read a study of 50 cases, and you'll find it to be much more to your liking. To dismiss people who have had their lives saved through this methodology just because you personally find it unusual or not something that you had encountered before, and try to disguise it as science, when it's clearly rejection based on nothing but apprehension, and prejudice is a real diservice to your credibility. Hyperbaric treatments, early work of linus pauling, and many other very valid integrative medical approaches don't receive the same fat insurance fueled paycheck alopathic medicine does, but is practiced with successful results every day. This DVD is a God send and should be given the respect it's due. What would fuel such knee jerk hatred, voiced on your site, is pretty ridiculous. More spock, less bones.

I just watched part of this movie and am hoping to finish it after I type this. I had not previously heard of the Gerson Therapy. However, I worked for many years at Inner Traditions International which published books on alternative healing, including one entitled "When Healing Becomes A Crime" about the Hoxey Cancer Clinics that were brought up in the comments to this blog. The book is an account of Harry Hoxey's attempts to create a scientifically-proven method of using alternative therapies (namely a natural internal tonic and herbal salve) in order to cure cancer. He worked with doctors and had public sessions where cancer-sufferers (often with advanced stages of the disease that were evident to the audience) would be given the tonic & salve and asked to follow the regiment prescribed with these alternative therapies, then return in a month or so to be evaluated in public. People were coming back cancer-free and others started paying attention. Then the American Medical Association bore down against him, saying he was making false claims with no evidence. (Sound familiar?) He was persecuted and basically run out of the country, as little by little, the doctors who worked with him, chose to stop in order to protect their own credentials with the AMA. All this time, the AMA never offered to fund any research to prove or disprove his claims. They just chose to see him as a "threat" to the established medical system. It's quite strange when you consider the fact that much of the Western Medicine used today is based on studies of what plants/herbs/techniques had been used in (often ancient) history to heal/cure/prevent disease. (Which should be obvious, and if not, I will gladly site examples) The book is quite compelling evidence that proven, natural cures do exist and yet face such adversity in the established medical community to become scientifically recognized, that to discredit them altogether is ludicrous.

I strongly agree that Western Medicine, as I know it, is a business which gives preference to the study of treatments/cures that can be produced, distributed, and marketed on a mass-scale. I also have learned (and am sure you could find out for yourself as well) that most of our modern medicine has a basis in nature. So why would a company, who's business is medicine, want to prove that natural, whole and organic foods and/or herbs/plants in your own backyard are all that you need to stay in good health? I think you had come to the point of realizing that there would be no need for modern medicine if this was the case Frank, and that is something to consider. If everyone chose that path, we wouldn't have such a great need for the big business of Medicine. I do acknowledge that there is value in the advancements that we have seen in Western Medicine when it comes to things like broken bones, trauma, and major surgeries. However, if it weren't for the nature-based health remedies and particular diets that kept our ancestors alive, we wouldn't be here today.

These two methods of approaching health and disease can co-exist. It just happens that one has a giant financial backing and establishment that allows and supports things like research and scientific studies, while the other, does not have that advantage. It would be unjust to demand evidence on cures and treatments based on alternative therapies that would offer the same credentials as well-funded, university studies that are FDA/AMA-approved. The commentators to this post who've survived cancer and used the Gerson Therapy or know someone who has, should not be discredited as supporting evidence.

I do find it interesting that the volume of the "go green" boom that swept the nation in recent years is providing much-needed support for natural/organic/alternative therapies and companies, and wonder if it too will not become corrupted by the almighty dollar, as more people will reach for the convenience of a bottled remedy vs. growing/concocting their own. (Not to mention the question of the quality of ingredients as demand increases).

I agree that some extreme examples were used in the film to get their point across, but I also believe the same could be said about those who oppose the views therein, using extremes to their advantage. Frank elaborated on the mention of Hilter planning to sterilize Jews. This did seem quite off-point from the film's focus on curing cancer and pointed toward corrupt governments, but the idea is not all that far-fetched to me. Genocide is a reality in many parts of the world, and mass-sterilization of women was put into effect in Puerto Rico post-WW1. It would be interesting if anyone could find footage of the Nazis contaminating water, although to pick on that example, which was not talked about in great length in the film, really deters from valid points that were brought up.

It seems that your disgust for this film extends to the production company's use of a Joshua Tree on another film's dvd case. As a graphic artist, I can say that this may have been a choice strictly made by a designer who may or may not have seen the film. I know in designing book covers, it is a very rare case that the artist has read the entire book and often the author is not the one who approves the cover design. Moot point. This shouldn't detract from the message of the film.

The spelling of fluoride is disappointing, but hey, he is a 15-year old kid, right? Cut him a little slack.

I haven't seen the part in the film that shows the carrot with the aura. Do they specifically say that Kirlian Photography was used? That makes me curious and slightly discredit whatever "energy" they're trying to convey as being absent in cooked foods. However, without having seen this, I am already aware that there is a much higher nutrient/vitamin content in raw vegetables vs. cooked/frozen. Yes, cooking wasn't as prevalent in earlier times as it is in the modern day, and we had no refrigerators! I don't think the point would be that cooking is a conspiracy, especially for those who eat meat - it's practically a pre-requisite! It's more likely that this is shown as a dramatization (in true TV commercial style) to promote eating a balance of cooked and raw foods in order to give your body a higher level of nutrients/vitamins to be absorbed.

To believe in the validity of diet as being a contributing factor toward your continuing health (including treatment of disease) does not require you to believe any "conspiracies". I'd say if this film hadn't leaned toward those grander ideologies, Frank may have not felt that such a strong reaction was necessary. Am I right?

I haven't heard a part in the film that has blatantly called out every doctor as being "in" on some secret conspiracy against true healing, (as I said, I have yet to finish the film) though I agree that if such a thing were to be said, it would taint the validity of citing a doctor as a credible source of proving the Gerson Therapy right.

What I will say about the film is that it proves that budget is a large factor in offering a convincing presentation... and this revelation should be applied to medical research and the scientific community as well.

I'm sure, just as one sets out to be a good carpenter, lawyer, farmer, or what-have-you, when one sets out to be a good scientist, he or she still has to bear in mind their own survival and ability to provide for themselves and possibly their family. It would take a special kind of person to choose to dedicate their time and energy to researching therapies on alternative cancer treatments, with little hope of funding, acclaim in the medical community, or job stability. It would please me greatly if such a person were to come across this blog and be able to silence the criticism that this short, yet thought-provoking film has invoked.

It is so sad that most of you people fall into the trap of the drug companies. Of course, something that sounds so simple must be false. There is no money involved if people eat correctly and keep themselves healthy. Most of you morons have never studied the body and have absolutely no basis for your comments. When all of you are doctors, then you can put your dim two cents into the conversation, but unless you have any background in anatomy or more importantly, physiology, this all makes perfect sense. I fell sorry for all of you who would rather put toxic chemicals or toxic radiation into your body to try to cure cancer and tell people who have stage 3 or 4 cancer that there is no hope and that they are going to die. I see these people everyday and I have never doubted how strong not only the mind is, but how strong natural food are for healthiness. I feel so sorry for all of you who are so skeptical and know nothing about the body....I hope that you get cancer someday and that some other ignorant medical doctor or oncologist tells you, "Sorry, there is no hope for have 6 months to live." Maybe then you will think a little outside of the modern thinking of drugs, toxic chemicals, and see that the answer lies so much more simply than you could comprehend before.

By Mary, M.D. (not verified) on 23 Jan 2010 #permalink

It is a shame that some people choose to sit back and be cynical instead of opening their eyes to not only the 'beautiful truth' but to the obvious fact that YES, most everyone who is trained and operating under large billion dollar corporations and entities are operating under deliberate misinformation and/or selfish, shortsighted greed. Organizations that have been living fat off the people of this country becoming and remaining sick until they die is sadly the status quo in America. Not the world as the first post misquoted. It isn't limited to the health industry either. all the richest most powerful companies have infiltrated and taken over or influenced the government safeguards that were supposed to protect us. The people high up in these positions are addicted to the sickening amount of money they're making, and as with most addicts, will stop at nothing to attain their fix. Even if it means a whole nation of people will suffer until they die. An addict will do what they can get away with to continue to get more and more of there precious drug [money] and it usually takes more and more to satisfy their 'need'. they won't stop until someone or something makes them hit bottom.
What will their rock bottom mean to us? What will it take? Genocide? I'd rather twist their arms behind their backs and have them incarcerated, or at least removed from their powerful positions before that happens. That can only happen if people ban together and make it happen. This film is a start.
Those of you who mock this film and others like it probably operate under the false pretense that the environment isn't in trouble either.
Please, open your eyes before it's too late for you, your son, daughter, sister, brother, the ocean....
We all need everyone to wake up and join together to dethrone the money addicts that are the root cause of ALL these related problems that are ravaging us and our only planet. Corporations and the few who own and run them should NEVER take presidence over the mass majority of people. But that is exactly where America now stands. It is up to the majority to put our foot down.

You poor pathetic blind fool. You're SO blinded by your own pride and pretend knowledge that you look right past truth and then try to destroy it and corrupt others. Hopefully one day you'll have an experience that will cause you to stop and think about reality and the decisions you make. You need to pay closer attention to both sides of every story, and start to examine the things you are learning and believe to be "scientific" truth. If not, the title of your blog is very fitting for you indeed.

By Sad for you (not verified) on 27 Jan 2010 #permalink

Regardless of how novice the video is, The Gerson Therapy is great...Proof, Loma Linda clinic in Japan..over 50% success rate with all cancer (most terminal). Wrap your heads around this: Drugs and surgery work, hahahaha. Wake up folks, the system is so broken it is not even funny. Anyway, we spend twice as much per capita on health care, yet rank 37th according to the World Health Organization in overall Health Performance. Bash this father son project all you want, however, you obviously are not up on the Scientific Literature...JAMA, Lancet, BJM, SPINE, Journal of Neurophysiology etc etc etc....
Drugs and surgery save lives and buy time, however, they don't cause health, heal, or reverse disease. I hope you have fun touting that you are an expert on SCIENCE when you probably can't even find what I am talking about here. What are Agouti mice?

I just posted a link to your awesome review at Swallowing the Camel. I just heard about the film today, from a guy who's very taken with Gerson's "cure for cancer". I don't see what's beautiful about squirting coffee up your butt...

Is there a conspiracy? All of the doctors? Quacks who tell people to stop eating garbage and start eating veggies?! Hmm, well, if everybody got their nutrients from fresh, chemical free produce... I'm sure they'd be a lot healthier. Agreed? So, what's wrong with that? Or do scientists believe that Macdonald's is a better source? I doubt that Gerson did. Why can't Gerson's hospital hold court in the states? Since when is it illegal to treat cancer patients with fruit? I mean, if that's what they want? Huh. Weird.

Why should anybody give a crap if a dying man spends his life's savings on veggies?
He's going to die, stupid. Let him do what he wants. But, oh no! Not in America.

What about the conspiracy... well, I live in the same world that you do... where's our universal health care? Oh, I forgot, Americans prefer to pay $300.00 every month vs. $0.00. Right? That must be the truth. After all, our govt wants what's best for us and listens to our requests because this is a democracy. And nobody would ever let us suffer unnecessarily, right?

So, what's the conspiracy? The question is: what isn't? Just think, somebody's being tortured in South Africa right now and nobody's helping them. So, the reality is... nobody gives a fuck about you or the quality of your life. You're not scientists... you're postal workers and ditch diggers who keep the lines moving while the rich 1% use your heads as stepping stones.

Gerson probably cured cancer. You wouldn't know. Nikola Tesla was a genius. When was his work examined in history class? I must have missed that day. Edison is a name not easily forgotten. You know, the guy who publicly electrocuted an elephant. They don't tell you that story. Not because Mrs. Crabtree (my 3rd grade teacher) is working, covertly for the govt. but because she didn't know either. You guys meet any PHDs? You know how stupid those people are? Doctors are actually morons. Yes. They're dysfunctional human beings. Maybe it's all the blood and guts they numb themselves to. I don't know. They don't mean to deceive you, it's just that they can't think beyond the latest medical journal report. They're all dogs eyeing the frisbee.

Speaking of:
A Russian scientist sewed an extra head on a dog... yeah... and kept a 2 headed dog alive. You heard about that? What else haven't you heard of?

Guess what else is going on behind your backs... everything. It really doesn't take much time to start researching info that will cause you to shudder is disbelief. It's there, in plain view, you won't look, they know you don't care and that's good for them. If you cared then you wouldn't make their breakfast while your family went hungry, or build their factory that will give your son lung cancer, or kill a 19 year old boy in a war that you don't even understand. Your spirits are crushed and you're just waiting to die. Trust me on this. I can smell it through the computer.

You should eat vegetables. You shouldn't eat animals. You know that. You shouldn't fuck children either... still, some do. They know that they shouldn't, but they do.

Why would you drink from the tits of a cow?! Are you mad? Are you that thirsty?

This is just common sense. But, whatever. Fluoride?? What for? You're not supposed to swallow it. Why do they put it in our mouths then? Oh yeah, and in our drinking water?

Oh well. Life goes on.

All of you goofballs should jam a whole pot of coffee up your assholes. I think that would be funny. May be your new, favorite thing to do.

Adios, gentlemen!


Here's to you, Joe!

Everyone else, all I can say is go eat your cheeseburgers and whatever you want, eat all the bull that the tube tells you and don't think for yourself.

The world is a better place without you in it anyway.

Lol. You guys keep believing the bullshit mainstream media feeds you. Everyone has been indoctrinated so well not to question what we now, that it doesn't even matter what anybody else says, if it's against what we know, they're wrong and stupid.

Hey guys, wasn't there a time where the brightest minds in the world thought the world was flat? Obv those saying it was round were ridiculed and killed. Has much changed in the centuries that have passed? Not really.

Regarding the pasteurization part of the article:

IMO that was the clearest hint that the author doesn't really know much. Sir, before pasteurization how come people would drink milk and eat other foods and they still survived? How come there weren't huge massive break-outs of diseases? Didn't the break-outs arrive just before the "solution" of pasteurization? Or perhaps a little after it, to make it more popular.

And erm, it's very well known that generally when cooking food above certain (not high at all) temperatures, they lose a lot of their vitamins/nutritional value.

So, I guess the choice is: eat foods with no nutritional value and barely any vitamins that are "safe", or natural foods, raw vegetables and all that are "disease infected". Wait, who says they're disease infected? Riiight, the people doing the pasturizing, and the government that they're paying off (excuse me, lobbying is the correct term I think)

You also may want to ask yourselves, if there is no "conspiracy", why do doctors keep prescribing birth control pills to women and then denying that the problems they start having are caused by the pills? There are literally millions of women out there that have gotten from migraines to deep vein thrombosis or consistent panic attacks that make living life a nightmare. But when they go to their OBGYN, he'll listen for 20 seconds then deny any and all possibility of a link between BCP and symptoms. Then they stop taking it and they get better. Shocker!

I have to leave a comment here. Although some of the science is dubious in the film, some of it is not. To dismiss it all out of hand is arrogant and uninformed.
1st, Mass sterilization plans were part of the Final Solution. I learned about this in a low level history class in college.
2nd Doctors and nurses do not need to be conscience participants in conspiracy or just bad judgment. I was reading a nursing journal recently that discussed the Western idea of medicine and that the US medical systems were very dismissive of natural or other cultures ideas about health. Not necessarily a conspiracy per se, but it is a true assessment of our attitudes.
3rd. Cancer treatment is not that great in overall outcomes in this country. We have not had great breakthroughs in new medicines or treatments in nearly 20 years. Also know that placebo can in many cases work as well if not better than actual treatments. Cancer is mysterious. Some of the newest research is exploring the previously dismissed notion that trauma (injuries) can become cancerous.
Even the most Western American oncologist knows that good nutrition needs to be a factor in fighting the disease.

By Frustrated (not verified) on 09 Feb 2010 #permalink

I just wonder, how do all these proponents of natural diets, organic food and alternative medicine account for the vast improvement in health and life expectancy in advanced countries? Or is that part of the conspiracy, too?

BTW, thanks for the excellent post, Frank.

By Kornelius (not verified) on 10 Feb 2010 #permalink

I can not elieve that you are so blind to not believe anything this video is trying to tell you.
Your are ignorant if you think that the government has our best interest and health in mind.
I dont see how making fun of metaphors proves that your point is right.
Yes Hitler use fluoride do your research, "By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women"
Hitler used it for mass control and you now want to put that in your body?!
I'm not even going to continue to read your garbage on your post because it is a waste of time.

No, Jamie, Hitler used fear and violence to control the masses. Most ordinary Germans like me were really scared of the Nazis and just wanted to stay out of their way. And I can assure you, they did not want to make people sterile. Quite the opposite.

And I would still like to hear from "natural" food and alternative medicine proponents how they account for advances in health. I am a bit disappointed that no one has taken this up.

By Kornelius (not verified) on 16 Feb 2010 #permalink

Lets do that. Lets take a look at PubMed. Lets look at success rates. Lets look at what the body and the immune system require for optimum functionality. Lets look at the time it took for the cure for scurvy to be written about by a Navel MD for that cure to be implemented. Lets ask why there is no cancer in wild animals. Why those same animals will develop cancer when we cage them and change their diets. Lets ask the question, "Is Fluoridation bad for people". Is it? Who say's it is and who says it isn't? Who do they work for? We could go on and on looking at data and find out that the most important thing a person can do for their health is pay attention to their diet. If anyone thinks that Drug Companies don't influence everything we see, hear and read, it's no ones fault but their own. All we have to do is watch, listen and add up the evidence.

Hello world. I have just been watching "The Beautiful Truth," and I have some things to say.
First, I should say that I am a scientist. I am going into a PhD program with the hopes of working in pharmaceutical or medical research.
Secondly, I should say that I have been helped by alternative medicine when traditional medicine failed.
So, where does this put my views?
Of course, a healthy diet and lifestyle is GOOD FOR YOU. You will get sick less and avoid many diseases that can be brought on by environmental and dietary factors.
I also believe that NOT ALL DRUGS ARE BAD. Many come from natural products in the first place. There are a lot of crappy diseases out there, and food and natural therapies are not always successful. Perhaps people should just try to be HEALTHIER and treat drugs as a last resort instead of an easy cure. Perhaps society's views on health should change. But I'm quite sick of getting criticized by "health nuts" for wanting to go into that horrible, soul-eating pharmaceutical business. Drugs do a lot of good for a lot of people. I've been training for years and have a lot of knowledge that not too many people have, and I want to use it to help people.
I think it's important to realize that this documentary only interviews people on one side of an issue. That's the problem with documentaries--they are usually one extreme or the other. Did Garrett research the benefits of GMO foods, or just the risks? What about exploring the scientific basis of those Kirlian photos? He's spending all of his time with Gerson's family--of course they're going to be proponents of his therapy. Whether Gerson therapy actually works or not isn't my issue with the movie--my issue is biased research.

By intraining (not verified) on 20 Feb 2010 #permalink

Yes this film is underfunded and lacks opposing perspective but use it as a catalyst for your own research. Some of the arguements against the points of the film are similarly nieve.

You might want to take a look at the oath of Hippocrates who said, "Let food by thy medicine, and thy medicine food". And while you are are it the following information. Some versions of the Hippocratic Oath on Wikipedia. Even in their CLASSIC version it says "I will apply dietic (dietic has not been in the dictionary since 1935 so most use dietetic or dietary these days) measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice". In the MODERN VERSION, from 1964 the lobbyists, AMA, and others were successful in removing all references to diet or nutrition. On the other hand, the MODERN VERSION says "I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug". This, to me, emphasizes UNDERSTANDING OVER the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug. The MODERN VERSION also states: "I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure." PREVENTION is preferable! Why? It treats the cause of a disorder, not the symptoms. Much of modern medicine treats symptoms/signs, not causes of ailments. It is very clear in modern research what the real causes of vascular diseases are, and they are primarily dietetic factors and life style. This has been published and researched by Boston University Hospital (Martha C. Cottrell, MD & Michio Kushi) that cured Aides in the early 1980's. In addition, what you put in the body (i.e., food and fluids) has cured the causes (not symptoms like surgery and medicine do) of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in many prominent hospitals/clinics in the world during the last decade (e.g., Dean Ornish, Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. M.D. Neal Barnard, M.D., Max Gerson, MD etc. And also look up the autopsy finding os Dr. Atkins - he dies of cardiovascular failure due to the atherslerotic plaque in his arteries. How many has he killed/is killing with that diet? This movie reviewer of The Beautiful Truth is an example of supreme idiocy and ignorance and no wonder such a small brain hurts after thee minutes. What is next? Dispelling the all the diet based curse at the following very reputable hospitals? E.g., complete reversal of heart disease at the Ohio Clinic is fake? Complete reversal of diabetes at George Washington University is fake? Curing of Aides at Boston University Hospital is fake? Dean Ornish is a physician, who has been given countless numbers of awards for his work at the very prestigious "Preventive Medicine Research Institute". However, I have seen no awards from the American Medical Association that has largely recognized primarily only surgery, medications, but rarely, if ever lifestyle, diet, meditation, counseling, or other such factors. Recently, Medicare agreed to provide coverage for Dr. Ornish's programs, the first time that Medicare has covered a program of comprehensive lifestyle changes. It is documented that Dr. Ornish has saved medicare about $30,000 per patient with his programs combating chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. with marked success using dietary factors, life style and meditation, and increased life span for the patients. He recently directed the first randomized controlled trial demonstrating that comprehensive lifestyle changes may stop or reverse the progression of prostate cancer. Interesting to look at the PET scan results. Laugh and call more names as you drink your soda and eat your big burger until you get a stroke, heart attack, or diabetes (1 in 3 children now get diabetes with the sugar and chemically polluted food sold these days). Or maybe you will gain some intelligence in time to go to the Ohio Clinic, Boston University Hospital, or the Gerson Institute for treatment to save your life.

Look at the book Fateful Harvest and you will see that that big chemical manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies have been spreading toxic waste over our food. To me that points to the fact that they are trying to make us sick. They do this so they can come up with all sorts of ways to "cure us." They are trying to create a culture of sickness so that they may define and develop the methods to cure us. It is evident that the companies controling what is spread on our food also have direct ties to the organization that determine the methods of treating patients. I would also suggest that you look into the filmmakers other documentary,Dying to Know, related to the same topic. In Dying to Know there are numerous specialists interviewed. They are from allover the world and discover that if they support Gerson's methods they and their claims will be shunned and refuted by the majority of the medical community. The reason being the control of medicine by chemical/pharmaceutical companies. Its not that individual doctors are trying to do harm to people. There are just too many of them that don't fully understand how chemical/pharmaceutical companies have taken over their highly respected industry.

The truth is scarce for sure.
It is Posts like this as well as fuzzy movies that encourage the lack of it, and the mob mentality acting behind the naive CERTAINTY of the layman's intellect.

We to easily take a stance behind things we have no real idea about and then bicker with one another.

kudos to the boy who was encouraged by his dad to do this experiment.
It got him thinking.....which is more than I can say for some of you.

This review is completely biased and attacks the presentation of the movie rather than the facts. Science blog? This writer is an idiot.

[comment deleted -- I draw a line at people handing out dangerous advice]

To confront the truth is not always easy. Many prefer to remain ignorant and suffer the consequences later, never making a connection to the real reasons behind their suffering. To deny conspiracy and mock those who call to its attention the obvious backwards and malevolent systems dominating society does not make the conspiracies in place any less detrimental to society. Go ahead, laugh, point, mock. True healing alludes you. I have seen many die unjustly due to the existing medical system. I have seen doctors behave like Stepford wives in complete denial of any holistic approach. Never questioning the malevolent policies governing their profession. Yes, they are brainwashed. Many systems are corrupted on many levels. But don't take my word for it, ignore the epidemics plaguing us left and right and especially ignore the FDA approved toxic chemicals inundating every aspect of our lives. Keep your eyes closed and suffer the consequences later. Ignorance and denial are our worst enemies.

Gerson proponents are saying wild animals don't get cancer.
Opponents are pointing at the tasmanian devil cancer as counter evidence.

Any student that paid attention in their lower division sociology classes should understand that changes in environment can have an enormous impact on the inhabitants. Most humans will avoid confrontation, violence, and situations that could produce either. Make those same people of a low socioeconomic status and their behavior changes. It diverts from the natural course of events.

I don't think anyone can deny that potential impact humans impose on the environment. According to the article on the Tasmanian Devil cancer, the source is a single devil that lived about 20 years ago. Unless we know everything about that original devil (and we probably never will), you can't use it as evidence that wild animals *do* get cancer.

I believe the human footprint on Earth is so large that at this point in time we may never accurately prove or disprove the statement "wild animals don't get cancer."

I've been watching more and more documentaries lately and almost all of them have one common theme:

Large corporations are gaining more and more control over every aspect of our lives. The government agencies put in place to protect us are often administered by previous employees of the corporations. At the end of their government positions they often return to the industry they originated from. The people that hold high, influential positions in government and corporations are old frat buddies. They have the same beliefs and common interests and they have more wealth in their little toe then you'll earn in your lifetime.

I'd be curious if the author of this review would have the same violent reaction to "The Money Masters."

That's a very clever arguement. Call thm "Gerson nuts". Crazy hippies who will be killed by a vegetarian diet. If the "arguement" is simply meant to be funny and an opportunity for conventional people to support their own viewpoint, then you've all done a GREAT job. If however, there's supposed to be some forum for intelligent conversation, dismissing the "other side" as crazy is neither intelligent nor conversation. If you're position is so solid, why do you need to attack the alternate viewpoint? Doesn't your research speak for itself?

Wow, after reading your input on The Beautiful Truth I understand why there are wars and crime in the world. Can't we all have opinions and our own truths? As I'm reading, I'm thinking, no that's not quite what they said, or, boy is that a different way to look at what they said. I respect your right to see things the way you do and hope you respect mine and all our bothers and sisters of the world. I also hope you and yours stay healthy and happy. Open your mind and be kind. Thank you, Sam Lakey

@Samlakey: No. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

And secondly, being open-minded is not the same as being credulous. Believing any damn foolish possibility without evidence is as close-minded as rejecting it off hand.

you seem to have a lot of anger towards someone who is trying to make a positive difference in the world. Perhaps they don't have the answer, perhaps they do. While that may still be up for debate, one thing is certain: those who have good intentions and are trying to make this world a better and healthier place should be applauded not spat on. What are your positive contributions to society? Bashing someone?

Perhaps its the word "positive" that you overlooked. You should channel your anger in a positive way.

@jouser see comment 5.
If you think convincing seriously ill people to abandon proven, regulated medication and hand over their life savings in exchange for a magic cure in a Mexico clinic is "making the world a better place" then you are an idiot.

At best these people are dangerously deluded. At worst they are murderers.

Science Punk

I get the feeling that ou are a frequent poster on JREF Forums. Fluoride-good....GM Foods-Excellent....Mercury in Vaccines-Sure, why not? Chemo, excellent cure right. Your hair falls out, your teeth get loose and it makes you feel like shit until it finally kills you. Sounds good to me!!

The murderers are the ones you are shilling for sport. AMA, FDA, IMF, WHO, Merk, Bayer, Eli Lily, Monsanto, DuPont, and the rest of the scumbags. You are not fooling anyone here anymore that all your cohorts at JREF are, over there.

You DO seem to know an awful lot about hookers with stretch marks, maybe you should stick to your area of expertise, you limey douchebag....Punk, you betcha...

By jack wood (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Don't pay any attention to this smarmy ignorant self proclaimed "Punk". Do your own research. Start by looking into the origins of the AMA. Thanks

"By Bob Wallace,

Dr. Morris Fishbein (1889-1976) originally studied to be a clown. Realizing he could make more money as a doctor, he entered medical school (where he failed anatomy), then barely graduated. He never treated a patient in his life.

Why is he so important? Because he became head of the AMA, a position that he used to enrich himself and crush legitimate therapies out of existence. He appeared to be motivated solely by money and power.

As head of the AMA (and editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association from 1924-1949), he decided which drugs could be sold to the public based only how much advertising money he could extort from drug manufacturers, whom he required to place expensive ads in the JAMA. (Along with ads from Camel, Chesterfield and Lucky Strike cigerettes) There were no drug-testing agencies, only Fishbein. It was irrelevant if the drugs worked.

Fishbein was a shakedown artist. Yet, today, there is a Morris Fishbein Center for the History of Science and Medicine at the University of Chicago.

The AMA, a State-backed guild which today has a near-stranglehold on the medical profession, was founded in 1847 merely as a social and scientific organization. Its original purpose was totally appropriate. It was in their private (and the public's) interest for practitioners to get together to trade knowledge, and, for all the outward seriousness of the organization, to have some fun. The original purpose always seems to get lost, though. Some members always want to use the State to reduce the supply of practitioners (which increases income) and eliminate competition (which also increases income, and, much more seriously, reduces innovation). This happened with he AMA, which is why it is now a danger to the health of the American people."

By Lew Rockwell (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Dee-DEE-dee-dee, dee-DEE-dee-dee...

Boy, this post has been bringing out the loonies, Frank. Throw something shiny off to the right, maybe they'll chase it.

I had troubles reading Frank Swains debunk of "The beautiful Truth" It reminds me of someone who is Terribly Afraid of discovering the truth...because you may feel overwhelmed and hopeless.....exactly what narrow minded brainwashed members of our society would a lie and believing so much in the status quot that any deviation from this would require an intelligent person who is able to question everything and research the truth for themselves. Many people in our society are a lot sicker then they realize...sick people cannot make intelligent and intellectual responses to things they don't understand. You are what you eat Frank.....I suggest that you ask yourself exactly what I am putting in my body....guaranteed I bet it is a whole LOT OF SHIT!!!!!!!....literally

By rodney lewis (not verified) on 01 Apr 2010 #permalink

Living in a westerm medical paradigm creates many blind spots... it is not unusual that the system doesnt see its limitations - it is just human.

the paradigm becomes the limitation.

I am confused at your inability to understand the consequences of the profit motives of big pharma?

*Is it possible to pack a DVD with idiocy so dense that light bends around it?*
Since this is a science blog, Iâll explain. Idiocy is not a tangible material, and therefore cannot increase density. So no, itâs not possible.

*(weirdly, YouTube links all of them to a video entitled 'How masturbation damages the body'. It's not clear why, but it's an appropriate signpost to the bizarre territory we're entering).*
Actually, Frank â Youtube links videos based on your unique profile and other videos that interest you, or similar videos you have watched in the past. Someone must be sneaking onto your computer at night and watching naughty movies about petting the monkey.

*We're shown antique film clips of 'doctors' endorsing Camel cigarettes. Well what do you know, doctors smoked cigarettes at a time when their carcinogenic effects weren't well known (shock, some doctors still do!). All doctors are untrustworthy, got it?*
Frank, had you actually watched the film that you are reviewing, you would realize that the aim of airing this antique film clip was to point out that the tobacco industry was one of the top funders of the AMA at the time, not to point out that all doctors are untrustworthy.

*But wait - we've just been told that we can't trust medical experts. Now the film-makers are invoking a doctor endorse Max Gerson. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I've seen less than three minutes of this film and already my brain hurts.*
As well it should. Youâre totally on the wrong track! Please see above.

*You might recall also that the trailer started off with some satellite-eye shots of a cloudy Earth. Well you can forget both those slices of imagery now because they have absolutely nothing to do with the film.*
Google the term âpoetic licenseâ. Itâs all the rage in filmmaking these days.

*The only reason they're included is that the folks at Cinema Libre are hoping some of the glow from Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth will wash off on them, or that people in the video store might pick up a copy of The Beautiful Truth thinking it was his film.*
I know, right! Because I always get the terms âan inconvenientâ and âthe beautifulâ mixed up. The two terms are basically synonyms! Sometimes when Iâm singing the National Anthem, I get so embarrassed when I accidentally sing âAaaaa-merica, an inconvenient..â â MORTIFIED!

*Of course, there isn't any stock footage of Nazis adding fluoride to water supplies (we must presume, because it never happened)*
-â Think about what you just said. Iâll give you a minute. By deduction, Iâm presuming that for you, everything must be documented on film before you will believe that it happened? Come now, Frank. Letâs be serious.

*There are many other clips available to watch online, if you can stomach Garrett and his crew crashing from misconception to missed point, blathering about Terminator genes and 'revealing' that agricultural multinationals also make chemicals, and other rot. I can't*
Apparently not. You would prefer to take about 15 minutes of selected clips that likely have no relevance to one another in the context you are viewing them, and pass a full judgment on an entire film.

*I swung back to the Beautiful Truth homepage to see if there was some kind of sense to be found there. After all, you can watch all 12 clips and still not know what the Gerson diet is or how it's supposed to cure cancer, or any evidence that it does.*
Frank, In science, (after all, this is a science blog) we canât just take âa little of thisâ and âa little of thatâ and draw an educated conclusion. Had Alexander Graham Bell done that, we would still be talking on tin cans and strings. All of the variables must be reviewed before a conclusion can be made, but you already know that.

Now that your questions are answered, I am not writing this to give a personal testimony, but eating natural foods is common sense. Human Beings are organic creatures, and just like an automobile will not operate properly on banana peels, the human body will not operate properly without a natural diet. The industrialization of our food supply is a great concern. Will a natural diet cure cancer? Maybe? Maybe not. Have pharmaceutical cancer treatments and Chemotherapy brought everyone who has ever taken them to the brink of death (at the least)? Definitively, yes. Do they always work? Unfortunately, they do not always work â but when they do, they inevitably leave fatigue, nausea, weight loss, hair loss, tooth loss and pain in their wake. Although I donât agree with the idolizing of the Gerson diet in particular in this film, it has some good points. The movie outlines cancer patients that are deemed by doctors to be âTerminalâ. That is, no treatment will work for them and they are given their death sentence and sent home to die. Or at best, they can take chemotherapy and extend their lives by 6 months or so. If I were given a prognosis of certain death in 6 months, I would probably give this Gerson deal a whirl. What could it hurt at this point? On another note, the next time you consider reviewing a movie, consider actually watching the movie first. That way, you can give an informed opinion rather than a bratty tirade filled with smarmy insults.
All the best. Cheers.

Lets see if Frank gets cancer in the ass!!

This movie The Beautiful Truth is offensive to anyone who has ever had a loved one die of cancer. Cancer is just another living organism on this planet. It lives off of our bodies, just as we humans are a cancer, living off the earth. Good nutrition is very important to staying healthy, but we CANNOT rid our bodies of cancer by simply changing our diet. Cancer has been around for much, much longer than processed foods.

Plain and simple, this film is full of lies and falsehoods.

By Todd Lamansky (not verified) on 16 Apr 2010 #permalink

I just cannot believe that someone would even begin to have the audacity to write such a passionate and angry article about a film that he hasn't even taken the time to watch in its entirety. Seriously. I can't even believe I am wasting my time responding to a man who uses the word "fucktard" in a debate about cancer and nutrition. Go play with all your pretentious closeminded buddies and stop spouting off at the mouth already!

My hope is that one day you get cancer, and instead of trying the Gerson's therapy, you go for chemo.

I had a wife die of cancer. She tried Chemo. I saw what it did to her. I was ten years younger than her. Conversely, I am now 51 years old. I have found MANY natural cures for the various health problems I have encountered over my years. They all come back to the basics...

God created us to live naturally. Not to survive on the poisons created by our corporate a-hole fascist dictator wanabees! You sir are aligning yourself with these a-holes and you sir will reap the rewards of such a stupid alignment.

I hope you wake up sooner than later and use your new perspective to help humanity rather than to do what you are doing now.

Michael Skowronski

P.S. Some people just need to be told how it is!

Just read the comment about winners of the Nobel. Didn't one of the guys who helped pioneer research for frontal lobotomies win one of those? Not all sciecne is good or advancing humankind.

I agree with Michael... I saw this movie and there is nothing wrong with trying natural cures. and it is a known that drug companies run everything. oil companies and drug companies. they run the food we eat. and the usda. what are they doing even with our food... well food inc and this movie explore that issue. the movie isnt just about natural cure for cancer but about our food and why eating natural is better for us then preservatives.

Funnily enough I was going to write a piece on Food Inc because the movie was so awful. Had some good points, but had too many bad ones.

As for preservatives: we've been preserving food for 10,000 years. But hey, enjoy botulism if you want, it's 100% natural. And we all know that everything natural is good for you, right?

You guys are all so angry haha. Geeez relax!

I watched the film and was encouraged. I have healed myself of arthritis through diet by avoiding processed "foods" after tossing the many contradicting diagnoses of doctors and their useless prescriptions out. I've always known there is something wrong with the Food industry and the Medical Industry. Is it so unbelievable that powerful corporations with lots of money and lots of clout influence industry standards, lobby for legistation and bribe their way into strongholds over this nations resources? It's not's just human nature. Perhaps the truth is too plain to be seen by one who has a vested interest in the way things are.

What I took away from the film (after watching it in its ENTIRITY)is for us to pay better attention to the world around us, to what we are putting into our bodies, and not trust that everything that is sold is automatically good for you. While I am disturbed by the claim of a cancer cure, and the energy field theory of cooked vs raw vegetables was hokey, those two issues did not distract me from the otherwise valid concerns raised about floride, amalgrams, MSG, etc. By having raised all of these issues, the film's intent is to focus on a healther diet and lifestyle. The cancer cure claim is a minor distraction to the MESSAGE of the ENTIRE film, though admittedly its biggest selling point, and obviously what got Frank so irritated. However, all of the cases presented in the film were of people who have already tried conventional thereapies of radiation and chemo which failed them, and have chosen a final alternative. I see nothing wrong in that if they have already been told they are going to die anyway. I would do the same. It is inconceivable to me and I will agree it irresponsible to use diet ALONE and coffee enemas as a first choice of treatment, quackery even. Again, the film's message to me was that good diet is the best PREVENTION to disease, and I remain skeptical about cures attributed solely to diet, but I will not discount it altogether, either. I have witnessed many unexplained correlations (some may call them miracles). But please, Frank, resist the urge to delve into juvenile diatribe, it distracts from logical discourse and only encourages like responses. Bottom line people, treat your bodies with respect, read and think for yourselves, and don't take anything for face value (especially if it comes from or involves government or large corporations).

Have any clinical trials (research studies with people) of the Gerson therapy been conducted?

Most of the published information on the use of the Gerson therapy reports on retrospective studies (reviews of past cases). Dr. Gerson published case histories (detailed reports of the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of individual patients) of 50 of his patients. He treated several different types of cancer in his practice. The reports include Dr. Gerson's notes, with some X-rays of the patients over time. The follow-up was contact with patients by mail or phone and included anecdotal reports (incomplete descriptions of the medical and treatment histories of one or more patients).

In 1947 and 1959, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) reviewed the cases of a total of 60 patients treated by Dr. Gerson. The NCI found that the available information did not prove the regimen had benefit.

The following studies of the Gerson therapy were published:

* In 1983-1984, a retrospective study of 38 patients treated with the Gerson therapy was done. Medical records were not available to the authors of the study; information came from patient interviews. These case reviews did not provide information that supports the usefulness of the Gerson therapy for treating cancer.
* In 1990, a study of a diet regimen similar to the Gerson therapy was done in Austria. The patients received standard treatment along with the special diet. The authors of the study reported that the diet appeared to help patients live longer than usual and have fewer side effects. The authors said it needed further study.
* In 1995, the Gerson Research Organization did a retrospective study of their melanoma patients who were treated with the Gerson therapy. The study reported that patients who had stage III or stage IV melanoma lived longer than usual for patients with these stages of melanoma. There have been no clinical trials that support the findings of this retrospective study.
* A case review of 6 patients with metastatic cancer who used the Gerson therapy reported that the regimen helped patients in some ways, both physically and psychologically. Based on these results, the reviewers recommended that clinical trials of the Gerson therapy be conducted.

Simply the facts regarding clinical trials formulate your own opinions by all means.…

Here some more food for thought... I always wondered why no one took Gerson's work seriously and suppressed his research. I am a Technology Scientist (IT PhD) not a Medical doctor but in the technical world when trouble shooting a problem or issue we always looked for time stamps and asked ourselves what changed and when since the incident. If everything was OK and all of sudden new diseases and epidemics break out what changed? Food? Medicine?

I read "World Without Cancer" in 1978, shortly after it was published. It opened my eyes to the politics of medicine. I have been on an alternate route ever since. It was easy since I am! Albert Einstein said that we will not solve our problems with the same thinking that created them. Those who have stepped "outside the box" can no longer be accepted by those who are still "in the box." When Jim Carey's character starts to wake up, in the movie, "The Truman Show," all efforts were made to keep him right where he was, doing what he had been doing....what "they" wanted him to do. I don't think it is much different with all of us. The constant demand for "scientific proof" is a defensive shield that people like Frank hold up, out of fear that their world might not be what they were taught. If I HAVE an experience, there is no higher proof needed. I agree with whomever previously wrote about the left brain/right brain way of viewing the world. There IS a difference! Can a bridge be built between the two...? I don't know. Maybe that is what is called the evolution of consciousness. It is all only a matter of perspective. "A Beautiful Truth" is presented from a loving, heartfelt perspective. I feel sad for all who view it otherwise. I believe there is a biblical quote about "people having ears, but not hearing; having eyes, but not seeing." People filled with vitriol can not possibly see or hear the "beauty" in this film. Perhaps one day....

By Clarion52 (not verified) on 19 May 2010 #permalink

People filled with vitriol woo can not possibly see or hear the "beauty" fact-free nonsense in this film. Perhaps one day....

Fixed that for ya, Clarion...

@NJ "fact-free?" Dear one, you wouldn't know a fact if it landed on your head, like a brick. Here's a fact for ya, Mr or Ms Fix-it...."woo" is a verb. Also, I wouldn't call people being healed of a horrible illness, "nonsense." I doubt they would, either.

By Clarion52 (not verified) on 19 May 2010 #permalink

The problem, dear (now put down the crayons and listen...), is that people aren't being healed. They are being ripped off. They are being sold a-factual nonsense at a high price.

Oh, and a modern definition of woo:

Do try and keep up.

@NJ The "War on Cancer" is the rip-off. The cost of drugs is the rip-off. The fact that the US is down to #47 in it's ranking for health-care is the rip-off. The fact that 50% of the population is overweight because of the lies they've bought into is the rip-off. The corruption between the government & industry, including the institutions which were created to regulate & protect the public, but don't...that is the rip-off. The fact that someone like you has the audacity to tell someone who is now alive, well & happy (because they chose to live in accordance with nature's laws,) that they were "ripped off," that they aren't healed after all...?! Well, that certainly takes a lot of arrogance, if not downright stupidity. Maybe a brick DID fall on your head....

By Clarion52 (not verified) on 19 May 2010 #permalink

My husband's former employer's father had stage 2 cancer and strictly followed the Gerson Therapy. He was able to completely cure his cancer without the help of radiation or chemotherapy. I think there is no harm in exploring natural methods of healing. I find it laughable that you scoff at the movie's claims of big pharma being in conspiracy to block out natural methods of curing cancer. There is a great deal of money at stake and recent history has shown us, those that stand to lose a lot of money will do virtually anything.

Where's the "science" in this?! Don't we already have enough crazed adults & young people...on drugs or coming off of drugs?! Yet the drug-pushers want to go after & harass people who attempt to heal the body with what the body was designed/created to NEED...?!


By clarion52 (not verified) on 21 May 2010 #permalink

WOW! I didn't know you could get that many ignorant people to blog about topics they know nothing about. There is TRUTHFUL and FACTUAL statements in the movie, for example:
1. Mercury is in the silver fillings in your teeth.
2. Mercury is poisonous

Do you need anymore info on that topic? Its bad for you PERIOD!

Outside of this topic there is more useful information in this movie. Did the Documentary present an argument and provide supporting evidence in a easy to follow fashion? No, I think it was poorly executed and the supporting facts are not presented in a clear and concise manner. So I will give you naysayers that credit.

By Lisa Williams (not verified) on 23 May 2010 #permalink

Thought I'd wander back and see how the IQ bathysphere dive is going here...

Clarion52 has swallowed whole the "government & industry ripoff conspiracy" thinking; clearly there isn't enough aluminum in the Earth's crust (it's only 8%!) for all the foil needed for a hat for his/her head.

Heather offers us a citation-free anecdote about, what, her friend's brother's boss' sister-in-law's father who was healed by a magic natural thing. Provide some data (and the plural of anecdote is not data), then we can talk.

Lisa Williams is off on a mercury kick. Where did that come from? Try googling the amount of Hg in amalgam, the differences between amalgam and ethyl mercury.

End snark.

The truly sad thing is how poor these people are at evaluating evidence. History is replete with such medical frauds and the gullible still line up cash in hand. A careful scientific evaluation is the only way to make sure something works. If you want to push your preferred alternative, test it and publish the results in a reputable journal.

I think "Frank the punk" has a narrow, ignorant view that has been transparently ripped apart by some very smart minds on here. I find it amusing that you call yourself a punk, someone supposedly conduced with anti-establishment, independent, forward-thinking views on society yet you come to narrow, ignorant conclusions about a documentary you haven't yet taken the time to watch.

I speak for many people who have watched this and had an uplifting mind shift, there are tried and true methods in this film that prove the information that the writers are putting forth. They state claims and back every one of them with scientific information. And there is personal testimony of people who have survived far beyond they expectancy of a normal cancer treatment facility, using the Gerson method. It is not coincidence that these people merely survived far beyond expected by eating more healthily and quitting chemotherapy.

If you don't think there are greedy people or systems out there that ingest humans with awful chemicals that might help to some extent, or seem to help, just to get money or gain misinformed satisfaction then you need to WAKE UP.

It's not a conspiracy that rats get fat while good men die. When you are presented with facts that you choose to discredit or ignore simply because you are ignorant and afraid, then you are the losing hand.

âAll evolution in thought and conduct must at first appear as heresy and misconduct.â
-George Bernard Shaw

By PureSugar (not verified) on 31 May 2010 #permalink

"They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown."

-Carl Sagan

At the Gerson Therapy website it states that it doesn't work for everyone and that one has to make the decision to try their therapy with the help of their physician.

So Frank, I guess they aren't all that evil. They don't say Gerson Therapy cures all cancer. They also list Scientific Studies done proving the Gerson Therapy works.
Check out the website, instead of a few YouTube videos of a documentary. Perhaps you'll find your answers there.

Dear Frank and other misguided folks,
Ignorance must be bliss. Enjoy it while you can! Sand in the gears of truth and health is all that you portray yourself as. Entertaining yourself with the bashing of things which you obviously have no clue about is not anything to be proud of. Get on board or be left behind.

My wife's mother is a 10 year pancreatic cancer survivor (as in cured). The doctor gave her 6 months to live, 10 years ago.
Her loving husband kept this from her as this simple knowledge can ruin a persons belief in life. He guided her through extreme changes in diet. Gave up meat and coffee for starters.
It's actually pretty simple but when someone hears that they only have a year or less to live they are seldom willing to give up things that they currently enjoy in order to heal. Instead they indulge further thereby fulfilling their prescribed medical prophecy. If the truth wasn't constantly stomped on by fools such as yourself they might actually give it a chance and allow themselves to live.

you are a mental midget, i hope you get cancer and die.

you are a mental midget, i hope you get cancer and die

Awwwwwwwww. Someone had their widdle belief system challenged by reality and they can't hack it. So they act out. Better get those nappies changed!

My wife's mother is a 10 year pancreatic cancer survivor (as in cured).


If the truth wasn't constantly stomped on by fools such as yourself

Project much?

Barnum's law is still alive and kicking for the commenters here.

Please, you are not fooling anyone, anyone with a slightly inquisitive mind is going to see modern cancer treatments for what they are, a complete failure. Really, you can't do worse than cutting off body parts, blasting people with radiation and destroying their bodies with chemo. ALL the people I have seen die from cancer were painfully rushed to their graves by modern treatments. Have people been "cured" by modern cancer treatments? Sure, but I can say the same for the alternatives as well.

By John Allan (not verified) on 19 Jun 2010 #permalink

NJ, Cite what? Like there's a wiki page for my mother-in-law?
She's living her life far away from the mentality that gave her 6 months to live. I'm not here to waste time making things up, only trying to aid in shedding some light on truth and maybe help someone out.

What are your motives and intentions here friend?

There are countless studies and books out there based on actual medical research to back this film up. If you care to educate yourself "The China Study" by T. Colin Cambell Phd, is a good one of the many books on the subject to check out. I doubt you will since you've got it figured out already but I thought I'd mention it.
Do what works for you, believe what you're told and live happy ever after. It is more comfortable than the truth so I don't blame you for disputing.

Thanks for the link BTW, it applies very well to the masses of which you seem to be one of the many members of.
Have a great day!

John @ 157:

sure, but I can say the same for the alternatives as well.

You can say the same but can it be backed up with actual intersubjective data? Didn't think so...

Beau @ 158:

You claimed a treatment helped your MIL. I could just as easily claim right here and now that extract of (looks out into backyard for visible plant) spiderwort cured me of baldness, diabetes, high blood pressure, and an infestation of parasitic aliens. If only Ripley had some available on the Nostromo!

My motives/intensions are simple. Provide data. Not personal anecdotes. Not friend-of-a-friend stories. Not for-profit testimonial books. If it really works, if there's really a hint of some paradigm changing treatment, there will be an actual researcher who will be willing to prove it. Think they're all doctrinaire? Look up the story of ulcers. Those guys won a Nobel prize by demonstrating the conventional wisdom was way off.

You want to believe that I have fallen victim to something, but given the extensive history of con men trading garbage for gullible sufferer's money, the odds are greatly in favor this being an example of projection on your part.

The request is simple. Learn what real research is. Have real research done. If it proves up, you will have no more staunch ally than me.

Yep we can say whatever we want.
You can also find out for yourself if you actually care, or you can sit and spin.
I have nothing to gain here, and I do believe that you have fallen victim to ignorance, it's all too common and really sad.
Provide data? That's why you're here? Sure don't see you laying it out, just bitching that everyone should be on your boat.
FYI "The China Study" is not a "for-profit testimonial book" as you ASS-umed, it is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. Full of research, ripe and ready if you are truly interested.

I didn't come here to prove anything, just to say my piece FWIW. If you don't buy it, that's your loss not mine.

The solutions are simple and very proven. If you think otherwise then that's your choice. I sincerely hope that you and the other confused individuals see whatever it is that you need to see in order to change before it actually matters to you and your health.

Mr. Swain:
Your article would have a lot more credibility if you had disputed the information in the movie with actual facts instead of just presenting us with one long rant. Take the Kirlian photography, for example. Rather than imply that it has no credibility because it is "an outdated parlour trick", you could have possibly cited some facts or scientific studies as to why it should not be taken seriously.

I did not see anything, really, in your article that listed ANY actual evidence to disprove the theory presented in the film about Kirlian photography, or any of the other main themes for that matter. You seem to have done no research of your own, nor to have spoken to anyone who was in the film.

On the other hand, there were parts of the film that did not make total sense, which I assumed was due to bad editing, and is probably what one would expect for a film made by amateurs. And as to the cover of the earthNOW Healing Cancer video shown here, have to agree with you on that one, don't know what they were thinking there. Should have at least shown two sides of the same type of tree.

However, bad cover art does not automatically make the information in that video incorrect either. Maybe one needs to apply an updated version of that old adage, "Don't judge a book (or video) by it's cover" here?

And if you really believe that Big Pharma is NOT influencing the medical industry to the detriment of patients, and to the benefit of their bottom lines, in the US anyway, then you, sir, have not done your homework.

Just for the record, who ultimately writes YOUR paycheck?

This is post reads like an emotional, over-excited plea for attention rather than a science-based response. It doesn't seem like you did much of your research. This rant is obnoxious --but not because you disagreed with the premise of the film or that you claim to see inaccuracies in the 'proof' presented by the film, scientists and critics *should debate the claims of documentaries and books. Rather than, provide scientific proof to dispute some of the research cited by the film, you pretentiously ranted about the least important aspects of the film without even mentioning the central claims they made. And what's worse: you didnt even do your research before ranting (claims like whether or not Hitler believed flouride would passify the masses can be easily looked up and verified through several sources--he did). Furthermore, you act as if questioning institutions, researching claims, and pushing for greater transparency is sooo ridiculous. Aren't those things the very basic requirements of a functioning scientific community. Do you suggest that the average patient shouldn't question a doctor's opinion or research their condition? Do you suggest that the drug companies don't lobby or pressure doctors to recommend their drugs? Are you really that naive?

Keep trusting Major Corporations to have your best interests at heart, including the health care companies, and pharmaceutical companies, who's real concern is bottom dollar and see where it leads you. Today, more and more if you have a major illness the doctors are telling you to cut out meat and go with whole foods, grains, veggies, fruit. It's easier on the digestive system and you get your nutrition. But, keep eating hot dogs, and hamburgers, and other processed crap if you have great health insurance because you'll probably get to use it and see if I'm being truthful for yourself.

By financialfellow (not verified) on 13 Jul 2010 #permalink

So, I'm willing to agree that this movie is completely awful. The narrator is supremely annoying. Garrett is a nit-wit (probably because he eats too much MSG). But your review ranks right up there with it on the stupidity meter, and draws equally simplistic conclusions. I don't expect a coffee enema to cure cancer, but healthy living just might help prevent it.

I mean, is it possible that you don't see why one might raise an eyebrow at the idea that our water is spiked with fluoride, or that our food is laced with chemicals? Could you actually be arguing against the benefits of eating whole, organic, natural foods instead of Twinkies? Or maybe you're all for genetically engineered crops that drive small farmers out of business?

If you just loathe the narrator than I can understand, but to actually dispute the fact that eating well can change the way our bodies work is just dumb.

Beau @ 160:

You tried to claim that I was "sitting and spinning" and that I have "fallen victim to ignorance". Sadly, this is just some major league projection on your part.

Think about your statements; all I asked for was actual scientific information and you respond with rhetoric. You bring up "The China Diet" without even realizing how you have moved the goalposts: No one disputes that a better diet can prevent the development of cancer, but that hasn't been the issue here, which was curing cancer.

Look at the subsequent comments:

In #161, Jeri didn't bother to spend two minutes Googling Kirlian photography, which has been known as nothing but a parlor trick for half a century, then accuses our host (sans evidence) of being a Pharma shill.

In #162 Taylor tries to shift the burden of proof from the prosecution to the defense by claiming the original post didn't offer proof, then goes into General-Ripper-land by launching an assault of water fluoridation, a stance echoed by Anti-Couric (???) in #164.

And in #163, financial fellow disappears into full conspiracy mode about health care and drug companies before accompanying you in moving the goalposts on diet.

Hell, think of the World Cup coverage, where people actually thought an octopus was predicting winners psychically!

The simple truth is that we as humans are easily fooled. All of us. For some, this fact has lead to a careful system of checking and verifying claims, what we call science. For others, our ready gullibility presents them with an opportunity to take our money and give nothing of value in return.

Your choice is simple: Do the science or run a very high risk of getting fleeced. And right now it looks like you are willing to just hand people your wallet, no questions asked.

What's funny about the blog...omg, so much. Ignorance is bliss for 90% of Americans. So why be ignorant when your are trying to be intelligent. Don't fall down to the bottom 90. Oh, that's right...NIH, only the biggest research center in the U.S. doesn't have case studies similar to Gerson Therapy. Oh wait, they do. LOL.

Now, now, Jake, what did they tell you about getting into Mommy's pill bottles before?

Why so hostile? Why is it that every time someone questions what 'science' says, they are ridiculed and humiliated. It makes me think there must be some substance to what they are saying. 'Science' once said the earth was flat, tobacco was good, and trans fats were harmless.

By Concerned Citizen (not verified) on 24 Jul 2010 #permalink

Are people who ask questions really ridiculed or humiliated? Or is that reserved for those who just put their fingers in their ears and chant because they don't like the answers?

As for the "science was wrong once' gambit, so what? No one claims it has all the answers. The problem lies with people who want to believe in magic sans evidence. And as I said in #165, it looks like you are willing to just hand people your wallet, no questions asked.

Maybe your 'concerns' should be about the con men, there, citizen...

heres one for u, u fucking dumb ass. do ur research on some weed. true facts pot has hundreds of uses in the medical field proven uses, not only that there has never been a recorded death linking pot to it or any other medical problem kills brain cells! wrong dip shit! truth be told it actually stimulates ur brain activity and helps reproduce brain cells. not only that but hemp could be a great source of paper some of the stongest rope made, clothing. it can also be a great source of bio diesel completely green to grow harvest and manufacture. eliminating all green house gasses we produce and saving millions of acers of forest.and supplying millions of jobs lowering the prison population in prision for some weed for fuck sakes bro what u steal a pop sickle i know u didnt have anything to do with violence. true fact a conventional houses made from wood lasts 150 200 years which gets damaged in every kind of natural disaster now do some research on a monolithic dome! what holds in 50 to 70 percent more heat what last 400 to 500 years strongest structure against all natural disasters. so get a clue and understand this country we live in is all about maketing and sales not for the greater good, but for profit. and the truth to cancer is that we all have reoccurring cancer cells and a healthy liver destroys them well tell me what the facts on pills and alcohol are? what do? what do they hurt the most in your body, and who is behind the profits of them? anyway by blocking ur liver these cancer cells start to build up in ur body and start to take over and when a mass build up of cells occur your diognosed with conventional cancer but here take some pills and some radiation when fact radiation has a 30 percent success rate so come the fuck on and figure it out........

By chris hasty (not verified) on 29 Jul 2010 #permalink

Probably not the best spokesman for legalization...

You are extremely closed-minded and under-educated and I wouldn't be surprised if you worked for Monsanto. When you get cancer or heart disease from eating processed foods and fruits covered in pesticides, I would love to hear what you have to say then. You need to wake up. This stuff is not made up and is not dramatized. Natural foods are curing people even after chemo didn't work. Get with the program. You really don't think the world is controlled by big corporations? No one gives a shit about our health and it's more profitable if we are dying and keep needing meds.

Gee, let's count the fallacies.

I'm undereducated, but I work for Monsanto. Consistency is not your strong suit, is it?

All foods covered in pesticides? {Cite}

Natural foods curing people chemotherapy hasn't? {Cite}

World controlled by big corporations? {Cite}

The problem isn't that my mind is closed. The problem is that yours is vestigial. Run along, now, the grownups are talking...

"ANTI-COURIC" makes a good point. are there some arguments in the film which I'm not ready to buy? sure. but there's plenty of interesting and compelling information in the film which should make the rational and curious want to learn more.

for those who haven't actually seen it, watch it (and not just the youtube clips), do some research and judge for yourself. don't rely on the noxious and infantile sarcasm on display here to make the choice for you. these people fail at Fitzgerald's test of a first rate intelligence: "...the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function."

Well, here it is people. Let's see how long they let this one ride.

There are always two (or more) sides to any story, depending on your choice of location, biased direction, perception or deception...I could go on. Then there is, what I like to call, "The Truth."

For centuries if not eons, (evil) humans, for their own purpose (or pockets), have either hid "The Truth", discredited "The Truth" and/or in most cases distorted "The Truth" for their own profit and benefit. And, to keep the masses in the dark, unaware of their actual plot and it's reason for existing, will even let other people die for the cause.

Given, you're always going to have your critics, which is actually a good thing when it comes to constructive criticism, but what I've been noticing lately though, is a constant wave of misinformation, disinformation and the discrediting of pioneers, not constructive criticism.

Here's the reality...check it for yourself!

Pearl Harbor - Caused by U.S. sanctioning Japan without The People's knowledge

9/11 - Inside job by specifically positioned officials in U.S. (GOOGLE - VIDEO - Loose Change - Historic Interview with Aaron Russo - In Plane Sight - - already over 600,000 people dead

MONSANTO - Striving hard to monopolize FOOD! (GOOGLE - VIDEOS - Food Inc. - FOX NEWS Reporters Fired - Controlling Our Food - Monsanto) - an estimated 2 billion to die to start

Otto Warburg - Nobel Prize nominee - Figured out how to stop cancer - kicked out of the country by FDA - No profit in CURE!

Max Gerson - Found that "nutrition" (huh, imagine that) helped to CURE most all disease

Dr Shinya's Kangen Water - Found that drinking half your body weight of water (in ounces) in its original state (alkaline) helps to CURE most all disease

"The Truth" is...whether you believe it or not, or whether you know it or not.

By TruthSeeker (not verified) on 13 Aug 2010 #permalink

note to the blogger: you sound like a very negative person, pessimistic maybe too. perhaps get a juicer and start your life on a more positive path beginning with your digestive system!

You have GOT to be kidding me! So wait, all you "scientific" folks are saying that a lab technician can prove or disprove nature? When are people going to accept that NATURE and its processes are smarter than we are? Nature is designed to heal itself, but all the extra fake CRAP we have been inventing and putting into our bodies and the environment is screwing with nature. And guess what? It is backfiring! Nature has found a way to outsmart all the chemicals we put on our farmland so that pests get bigger and stronger and quickly figure out a way to overcome this year's insecticide or herbicide cocktail (which, by the way, do your research on this one: the chemical that was used 5 years ago is now outlawed by the EPA. But the replacement contains the EXACT same ingredients. So now the farmer has to pay more for the same thing that didn't work back then and will not work in any positive manner tomorrow.) When are people going to accept that some things just work, we don't know why, but they do and let that be good enough for you? Fruits and vegetables contain all sorts of "magical" (i threw that in there for you techies!) ingredients to nourish our bodies that we will never be able to identify them all. Imagine that! Things we are supposed to eat are supposed to be all we need to make us healthy! W-O-W! What an incredible concept for the scientific community to ooh and ahh over. I haven't tried the film's more drastic methods (because I have never been REALLY sick) but I can say that when I eat processed foods my body responds in a negative way. Simply put, I feel like shit. It doesnt take a lab or a geek or even a genius to "prove" that to me. Wake up people or you will continue to be taken advantage of. Oh, and the anti-conspiracy theorists: so you mean to tell me that there are people in this world that are greedy and will stop at nothing to get what they want? What's that? Oh yeah, we have always seen that in history and WILL always see that. My advice to those denying the basis for this film: go and be happy while you still can, as ignorance is bliss. You are "someone who's alot smarter and more powerful than you could ever dream of's" lab rat. Go ahead and continue to be quiet little sheep all the way to the point of sickness that cannot be overcome with any treatment. And THAT, my friend, is the beautiful truth.

By Greener gal (not verified) on 27 Aug 2010 #permalink

All other things aside, I don't trust any "cure" that suggests that anyone squirt coffee up their rear...

This is the exact kind of ignorance that pumps billions of dollars into the health care industry. Good luck in your future endeavors moron. I would think a science writer, whatever that is, would be more open minded and have a real world experience before passing judgement...and by the way, it works, hopefully if you or your family ever fall victim to cancer or other diseases, you will come to your senses. God put nutrition on this planet to work with our natural chemistry (do you know what chemistry and PH is, science guy).

I completely disagree with you. The cure for cancer, and most other diseases was discovered in the 1920's by Dr. Gerson. Your body has the power to heal its self. Our lifestyles have us bombarded with poison and our food is poison and thats why peoples bodies are becoming overly toxic and they are dying of cancer, and other diseases. It just makes sense that if you go back to a ancestral diet, then your body will be getting the nutrients it was designed to have, and then your immune system will be stronger. You are surrounded by poison every day, you need to eliminate that as much as possible and counteract that by enabling the healing powers of your body. The medical industry, the drug industry, the food industry, and just about every other industry has been bought out by conspiracy due to the nature of our capitalistic economy. From the first paragraph of this article I could see that you were ignorant and closed minded, stuck in the 50's-90's I suppose, when people didnt know any better and smoked cigarettes and ate TV dinners. If you continue that lifestyle your body will be deprived of needed nutrition and you will get sick. Duh. Cancer, diabetes, etc.... Its just common sense. Eat healthy food, drink water, and exercise. Why is that so hard for you to agree with? Well anyway, your angle here certainly got some attention, and I appreciate that very much, (drawing attention to this movie and subject "The Beautiful Truth") It is one of my favorite movies I watch it repeatedly. I also reccommend, The Gerson Miracle, and Food Matters. Then check out Food Inc, King Corn, etc... What you don't know, is already killing you.

@181 Vincent
Seriously, Food Inc sucked so bad I walked out of the cinema. It's like they read Fast Food Nation, stripped out all of Schlosser's nuance and insight, and sold it as their own idea.

I think that this movie is a movie, an attempt to send a message or tell a story through some dramatized events. Like all of them are.
But I can say that you are entirely weak, fallacious and invalid in your rash attempt to explain a movie that you dont like, or feel like prescribing too.

As a human with a soul i believe in, not as a scientific intellect of mind, i can tell you that most people who are aware did not need this movie to know this.
This is a confirmation of a knowledge that is hidden from public view.
A bad movie maybe. Do i praise it? Not really.

But I followed most of this since i became athletic, not since wathcing this movie.
Watch how in the future, all this will come to pass as true and you will make a dull excuse as to why you couldnt grasp the concepts in the past of today. Get with the program now, do your own research.
Your like the guy whos burning Qurans this week and never even read it.

I'd like to speak with you personally about this matter. This post of yours has childish argument.
Email me if you feel so convinced id like to hear your reasoning.

And you talk of the whole movie without even mentioning what your going against?
The Hell if the movie is bad, do you even know what the Gerson therapy is? Are you even aware of what you are arguing besides a movie in itself not even what the TRUE implications are?

Geez what a pathetic review. Leave it to almost dead Roger Ebert to scrap movies. Why dont you talk about science huh?
I can turn on E news for media coverage.

Try breathing , pranayama. In deeply and out slowly. Then try to look at the world from a happier perspective. Do you have children, do you have family. You seem to be very skeptical of this movie and anything that would have to be considered a holistic approach to healing ailments and curing ourselves. But, yet for some reason you are not skeptical of the science we have developed to engineer everything. We know the story of adam and eve, truth or not, its still a metaphor for life with god in mind. WE ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and lost our right to the tree of life. We were meant to not eat blood , basically to be vegetarian. who do we think we are, playing god. cloning animals for mass slaughter. genetically engineering crops for any reason at all. Of course there will be consequences. whether you truly believe it or not Natural is always better. "Lose the ego and you lose all limits" There is nothing more important than the self" (((not what others think or believe, popularity, or any other egotistical reason to have such a bad vibe about yourself)))

Peace, Love, Yoga

You guys are wrong, obviously narrow minded and certainly not aware of the incredible power of large corporations, including Big Pharm and hospital corporations.

Thanks all of you who agree that this is truly a remarkable film. What kind of "scientist" would be a science blogger? Oh, that's right, one from the UK. hahahahaha you and all your little jerk followers think you're funny. Clip 12 comments I enjoy the most. You don't realize that the energy is being transparent through the organic food much clearer because it isn't blocked by harmful ingredients or metals. The UK might have a hold on the US financial system, but anything scientifically that you guys think is correct must be a farce within itself. This documentary brings common sense into the open, and you idiots just bash on it with your distorted, pathetic, controlled view of the film.

Wow. Great review of a movie you never watched. For instance, you claim the Nazis were not interested in mass sterilization. However, they did use many many methods of mass sterilization in Jewish Ghettos. Good luck with your review. I'm sure Pfizer is giving you a great grant.

What Garrett knows about actual health care that is safe and effective you could write on a postage stamp and still have room for the Queens head. Why don't you actually do some REAL research on the traditional mainstream treatment of cancer and it's ridiculous dismal failure.

I can just imagine the writer of this article. 35 to 45. No real purpose in life. Driving through McDonalds, woofing down a cheese burger. The fact is buddy you don't know what you're talking about. The basic premise of the movie is to explain that if you nourish your body then your body will protect you from cancer and any other disease. Yes the AMA has a conspiracy to hold back cures. They are ran by major corporations that will not allow for cures to become known. They just want to supress everything with their pills. Don't you think at this point we would be able to cure cancer with minds like Einstein? No we can't because we use minds like that to commit atrocities like murdering hundreds of thousands of people. It's very basic.

Guaranteed you're 30 to 50 pounds overwieght and will secumb to cancer in your life time.

By Gerson Miracle (not verified) on 01 Oct 2010 #permalink

Sciencepunk has been pwned and should be ashamed for publishing such trash.

Frank the science punk is just doing what all right wingers do. Attack anything that is remotely out of the mainstream as they define it. Clearly, he is an intelligent young lad but has anger issues. My guess is he's a budding Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh type looking for his venue in order to make millions since the political pundit field is pretty crowded at the moment.

Never mind that the basic premise of the movie is sound. A healthy diet of whole, organic & raw foods has been scientifically proven to work wonders with the human body. Does it cure cancer? In some cases yes, and in others no. But the facts are indisputable. It is a better way of living than the processed, fast food, high fat diet much of the world is now on or beginning to adapt to.

So keep up the blogging Frank. It's only a matter of time before you are being called to be an "expert" on Fox News or Sean Hannity's radio program and soon enough, you'll be raking in millions and claiming to be an ordinary Joe just like the rest of us.

My guess is he's a budding Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh type looking for his venue in order to make millions since the political pundit field is pretty crowded at the moment.

Frank, you sound exactly like the evil type of person the movie describes. Perhaps you were paid by big pharma itself to post this rant.

You say you want evidence - the documentary has quite a few people who themselves were cured after modern medice told them to go home and die.. You don't want evidence or proof. You are trying as hard as you can to discredit this without even having watched it.

You said you walked out of food inc. Sounds like you are scared of hearing truths that are uncomfortable for you.

By robert f. (not verified) on 19 Oct 2010 #permalink

Sorry, ignorant bastards....just keep eating your MSG, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and fluoride; and while you're at it, look up "eugenics" and just maybe you'll understand why you're being purposely dumbed down and murdered.

Maaaaaan I can't believe I just read through all those comments... goodness me what happened here! We've got Atkins diets, coffee enemas, vegetarians, yoga-hippys [said as a proud yoga-hippy myself], I never knew there were so many different crazy ways of dieting.

Noones ever going to read this comment so here is my dietary contribution: eat healthy stuff. You know what stuff is healthy, the fruit and veg and homecooked meals with lower salt levels. Get some excercise a few times a week.

And if you get cancer go to the f*king doctor and get it treated.

I don't understand how the analyzing of a 15 yr olds low budget documentary has anything to do with the validity of Dr. max gerson's therapy. I have seen the video, and although i may not agree with everything myself, I do see most people attack the 15 yr old and his video, instead of addressing the more, debate qualifying matieral of dr. max gerson's research. He did cure 446 out of 450 patients as the movie states,and no one has touched that subject anywhere on this page. I myself also read the wiki article, which states that dr. gerson is a quack, because the National Cancer Institute proved his research wrong? NO the article states "independently evaluated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), it was found that Gerson's records lacked the basic information necessary to systematically evaluate his claims. The NCI concluded that Gerson's data showed no benefit from his treatment." So it didn't have anything to do with his research, or results of his treatments, but they did not think he completely filed his paperwork on the research correctly, or with full data. So they rejected the paperwork, without properly asessing the data themselves that they feel wasn't included with his research records. This sounds faulted as the points you shine your "illuminated" wisdom on in the video. Please make a point of addressing the material instead of the 15 yr old's project movie. remember, "Great minds discuss Ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people." let's tinker with this idea, and leave the boy alone, he poses no threat to you.

I came to this site after having seen "The Beautiful Truth" just recently and it didn't take me long to get tired reading the mostly invective-filled posts here, particularly that of the original poster, whatever his name was.

I am in the water purification business and I see people who are fat, dumb and happy the way they are eating and drinking what they will. Despite our cities' documentation of the presence of haloacetic acids, trihalomethanes, pesticides and other contaminants - not to mention chlorine and fluoride - in our water, the usual comment is "...and I haven't died yet!" Great. But please go for hospice and don't take up space at a local hospital when the cancer finally catches up with you and you end up spending the last several months of your life with your family on death watch.

The American Medical Association has published as statement, to wit: "10,700 new cases of bladder and rectal cancer occur each year from the presence of chlorine in our drinking water, twice the number that die in fires and more than those killed by guns." Yet people gulp it down with nary a thought. Fluoride is another substance with much controversy around it. I am not in a position to dispute its advantages from topical application to teeth, but I do question why a chemical compound that is a waste product of the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries, and that is the primary component of rat poison and Sarin nerve gas, has to be distributed to us via the public water supply for ingestion. Few doctors would prescribe any "medication" to us without first knowing our medical condition, our height, body weight, other medications we're on, but that's exactly what our municipalities do to some 170 million Americans daily. The question is: why? Topically applied fluoride toothpaste should provide all the protection we require; we shouldn't be receiving it without our consent and don't need it throughout our bodies. Vitamin C is proven to have just as many, if not more, health benefits than fluoride, yet it isn't delivered this way. So you have to ask: why is fluoride?

Nutrition and adequate hydration are THE keys, but most people in America today don't want to give up their Big Macs, "chicken" nuggets, fries, soft drinks, treats laden with corn syrup (or is that now "corn sugar", as the food industry is now preferring) and other worthless and fattening foods and instead look to modern pharma for pills and drinks that correct the ills they're causing with their own diet! Go figure.

Mr. Science might want to pick up a copy of the following excellent books before blasting too many other people:

- "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins
- "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Thomas M. Campbell II
- "You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!" by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

My hope is that all of you live a healthy, happy and disease-free life.

Frank clearly lacks an ability to reason outside the scientific method that many were introduced to in the fourth grade. He believes it to be the only way of thinking.
What Frank failed to pay attention to in this film was that gerson supporters could not report any "scientific findings" as they were routinely banned from what the United States funds and deems as hard evidential "science".

I feel sorry for people who stop thinking in fourth grade. I refer to them as tools.

By Not-a-tool (not verified) on 23 Oct 2010 #permalink

Since cancer obviously has a genetic component, could this therapy/causal link be applied to other diseases and disorders with genetic causality ?
As I'm type 1 diabetic, can I attribute my diabetes to a poor diet and/or a conspiracy and stop taking insulin, to replace it with organic smoothies ?
I hope so.
Btw. If science is all shit, by what faith is this internet mallarkey made to work ? Didn't scientists come up with computers ?
And why do all conspiracy theories have an accompanying book/DVD to sell ?
Could the NHS save billions by replacing conventional medicines with a few hundred gardeners and a big juicer ?

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Mr. water purifier-man,but for a number of people who "love" science and are here to comment and critique re: said subj...I do not see alot of scientific debate really going on here..just the word 'science' being thrown around. In addition to Mr. aforementioned, i have been on a quest everyday to look up & research the products we use, the things we eat, the things in the air around us- and i am shocked and apalled at how easy it is to educate one's self and share with others. Yet it isn't happening on a grand enough scale, by enough people, to make enough money, to want to keep doing it -and gain a real respect for 'why'- with more people realising that money has no bearing on any reason for 'why not'- but ignorance, brainwashing,and manipulated natural selection by the men who are killing you(unless of course you decide to do what you as a 'human', a 'species', a 'being', is supposed to......) Live long,thriving,reproducing,nourishing the planet that nourishes you!!!!!!!!!!!!You animals-get with the planet, not the program! You will be rewarded!! Most likely, with a long life & the wits, to know that all of this silly drivel means nothing, and you can better spend your energy healing yourself and others!!!!!!!!!

@Lab Rat, 197

Don't put yourself down, mate -- your comment has been read and appreciated. I agree 100%, but not through any fear of processed foods (which like anything else in life aren't a problem when taken in moderation). It's just more satisfying to cook meals from scratch than it is to press the buttons on the microwave that the packaging tells you to press.

Actually I don't agree with you 100% -- screw that yoga business, I'd sooner enjoy a long countryside walk out in the fresh air.


Keep up the good work. Statisticaly speaking, close on a third of the people slagging you off will eventually get cancer and then have to make a decision about their principles.

Where is the objectivity in these arguments? Does anyone know what objectivity is? If they did this post might not even exist.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 02 Nov 2010 #permalink

As I sit here I wonder if anyone that read this assholes artical took the time to look into how this clown is.
Maybe you should befor you take his side.

after that maybe you could talk to people who have had health problems and changed there diet and had the health problems go away because of there new diet.

Can't find one then talk to me. for over 10 years I have had such bad heartburn that I needed pills had tumms everyday and woke up a few times everynight to take two tumms. I started looking into natural cures and heard about viniger so I tryed it and found that one table spoon every four house would stop the heartburn and found that heartburn is not the outcome of having to much acid in your stumic like THEY say it is but its that there is not enough acid in the stumic so gas builds up and makes you burp and that burn you feel is the gas burning as it leaves.

I went to the doctor to get some more pills and he took my blood pressur and told me it was so out of wack that I had to stop using table salt.
I took his advice and with in two days of not having salt my blood pressure had gone down and I also notticed that I did not have heartburn anymore not at all infact for the first time in 10 years I slept the hole night with out waking up to take a tumms. I have no heartburn anymore simply becuase I stopped using table salt!

Changing your diet can and will fix you.
and this fuck that said the beautiful truth is a lie is a fuckng prick that was probly paid to say this shit.

from this day on I want the people that are forced to work under or beside this dick to call him dr'Dick head behind his back.

By your an ass! (not verified) on 04 Nov 2010 #permalink

that one.erm... i don't actually know much about the film. but may i ask certain vegetables have actually been proved to lower the hormone levels in a female which in turn sometimes helps prevent ovarian cancer. so there may be a little bit of truth in the film? although i do have to say i don't remember where i got the resource from so i will hold my hands up at that one. besides what you guys have written if you read them again you may find them funny. i did but i get the point your on about. thanks for reading.

By sakura-ookami (not verified) on 09 Nov 2010 #permalink

Science Punk you're a moron, please never speak again, i honestly hope you die from something really stupid, so in turn we can all laugh about just how much of a moron you are, thank you and have a bad day.

What a pitiful, irresponsible post. It may not have been quite as bad if you didn't call youself a 'science writer.'
What a joke.

You said:

"First we're asked to accept that every medical expert on the face of the earth is bound up in a global conspiracy orchestrated by drugs companies."

No where in this movie does it state that...period!!

You commented on the cover of a video from their website.

"Do you see? One half is all healthy and colourful, while the dead 'allopathic' half covered in pills is represented by ... err ...a Joshua Tree? A plant that can thrive in deserts and lives for up to a thousand years?? Even these peoples' metaphors make no goddamn sense!"

Firstly, what the hell does an image on a video cover have to do with anything ? Secondly, did you notice the tree was dead ?

I have the utmost respect for those that truly seek to better things through science, but you're obviously not even intelligent enough to comment on anything scientific.

You're making such presumptions after watching only clips of the movie ?

I guess you believe the pharma companies offer a pill for every ill because they actually care about our health ? The FDA is there to protect us ?

Do some EXTENSIVE research on Monsata. Not the crap on their website, but the facts!! Look into some (many!!) of their highest executive officers and where they wind up in Washington after they leave Monsanto...often returning to work for Monsanto.

Open your mind, do some research, have someone more intelligent explain things to you before you post in the future. You may save youself much embarrassment

I would see about having this post removed, as it really makes you look like a total idiot.

Maybe you should find another, more suitable venue for your comments. Something to do with celebrity gossip perhaps ?

More 'Stupidity Caught on the Internet.'

I watched the documentary because I have cancer. I've chosen to treat my cancer through western medicine and it's worked out really well, free and clear as they say, for three years I think. I had 4 surgeries, was nuked a half of dozen times and then all good for the past few years. This all took place in Taiwan, by the way. I'm thin, fit, active, 34, make 90% of my meals out of whole foods and all that but I still have asthma and joint issues and I'm actually more interested in a treatment for these ailments now. I'd be interested in reading about anybody who went through the therapy and didn't respond to it, I noticed that was missing from the movie. I'm assuming that the Gerson crew doesn't have a 100% success rate. In my experience, different patients react to different therapies in unique ways. Also if they do claim 100% success then it would be nice to see the stats on a scaled down version of the therapy, like a home version, one without the individual attention from their doctors and without the doses of potassium and all that.

I just finished watching the documentary. True, it's flawed, it's preachy and some of the dialog has nothing to do with the main focus. But, in a weird way, it was captivating. Because what it does is illuminate some of the scientific attitudes toward alternative therapies. It is obvious that the Gerson therapy has worked for many who were close to death's door. I can also see that it may be too late for others. I think that for someone whose options have run out (and they do, you know, don't lie about that) and that doctors have basically written off (at some point, the health care industry tells people to go home to die), that this may be, at least, hope for those who are terminal. For you to mock that hope, just saddens me. Perhaps one day you will be stage 4 and you will understand.

Keep binging mcdonalds and feeding your kids Rittalin. It would be nice to cleanse the gene pool of pharmaceutical promoters.

Loved this doc. For those expelling their intolerance on this subject; Letâs not stifle productive information okay!?. This post is rife with ignorance, arrogance and animosity.

On a personal level, a message to the author and his minions; you are precisely what is wrong with the world. By all means, discard any valuable info contained within the film and it's message and invest all of your blind faith into drugs and toxic substances. And follow blindly the advice of individuals that are trained and instructed by the manufacturers of those products. If you don't see the benefit to the alternatives explored in this film and others like it, keep it to yourself. Your speculation and prejudice is damaging, and I thought you should know that.

Watched this movie (and the much better 'The Gerson Miracle'), looking around the internet for the arguments against.

Has anyone watched this movie? It sounds like everyone is making there opinions based on YouTube clips.

The 'Beautiful Truth' is more of a Michael Moore-style documentary -- covering a lot of bases in a less than accurate way to be inflammatory, but DOES lead to interesting lines of thinking and realities that can be researched. If the idea of that upsets you, I highly recommend 'The Gerson Miracle'. The testimonials and science are much more satisfying.

To compare this movie to 'Expelled' is disheartening. As a "devout" Athiest, I'm starting to fear that people that may agree that there is not only is no god but have an axe to grind with faith(s) are starting to align beliefs with 'faith' simply because THEY don't believe or want to research the evidence. It's appalling.

I was disturbed however to hear the word faith used in one of the movies -- I think it was 'Truth' -- because even in the context of the film it was unnecessary. They were showing and documenting proof; faith never need enter the picture.

By rsteadman (not verified) on 24 Dec 2010 #permalink

Out of all the peeps that have left comments the only one that truly makes me sick is NJ. Yes, you are very educated and articulate. However, there is a difference between intelligence and education. You are arrogant and educated (a bad combination for some) and you honestly believe that you are so intelligent that your opinions and your scientific reasoning is perfect.

Your attempts to make yourself seem even more intelligent by insulting people's grammar/spelling are insecure. You, claiming that people are child like because of their comment is just another way for you to make yourself feel good about what you have to say. You can see the narcissistic personality dripping from your posts. It is disgusting. Since you are so into medications, etc. You might want to check into psychotropic medications for your personality disorder. It is not necessary to demean people to get your point across. For some reason it seems necessary for you to do it in order for you to feel more an important person here in Sci-Fi Land. This I can understand because you need help. Of course, I am being cruel and sarcastic but it is deserved. It would probably be nicer if I just called you an arrogant ass. BTW, even some of the most esteemed doctors cannot spell very well and incorrectly write the MG in prescription orders daily. Nurses have to catch it and fix it.

I am sure NJ will have plenty of demeaning insults for me, to make itself feel better. I am sure I have plenty of typos and grammar mistakes so edit away. I mostly write in short hand in my job due to necessity.

Well, being a Hospice Nurse of MANY years I work very closely with some of the top leading physicians even those that write the policies on palliative and Hospice care for our government. I work very close with terminally ill patients that are no longer seeking aggressive treatment for their terminal disease. I have seen EVIDENCE via X-rays, doctor reports etc that a patient has cancer and other terminal diseases and then I have known a few to actually take these diet treatments and come off of services cured. Temporarily? I have no idea. Of course 'lil ol' me" stating it here is not scientific evidence.

There are many documented cases around the US of people miraculously being cured by other means other than conventional medicine. Rarely is this brought to the public's attention merely because it is bad for business and because it is ridiculed by the scientific public.

Doctors prescribe so many unnecessary medications for patients simply to cover up a side effect/symptoms that another medication has caused. You should see Nursing Home is disgusting how many medications our elderly are administered. There is actually pharmacists that come in just to go through the MARS to make sure the medications are not out of control or conflicting. I see many notices to Doctors to change certain things or to DC certain medications that have not been needed for many years.

I have witnessed people come off of Hospice services simply because they have such wonderful love and emotional support that they actually become better and no longer certify. I could write a book and one day I may. Cures are not just from science but spiritual and emotional as well. I have seen things you could never imagine in your scientific box brains.

My point is...Just because it is not documented in your sci journal's and just because the government does not support it....and Just because FDA and AMA etc do not want to spend countless dollars proving it because they, politicians and many high ups will lose their asses in pharm stock, does not mean it does not work. There is no proof because they want it that way. So they may continue to get rich. You would freak at how much cancer and terminal diseases are out there. Many due to lifestyles and diet. /shrug. I am just a nurse and not a scientist but for all my medical training I still have a worry about our FDA and Government's real agenda. Do I believe that eating healthy can cure cancer? In some cases, possibly, yes. In preventing cancer, absolutely. Do I believe that there is a conspiracy out there to keep the That does not make me a just makes me wary of my surroundings and the possibility of corruption. Otherwise I would just be a walking zombie without a thought.

Do I think Punk's rant funny and a bad review? Absolutely. LMAO

*BLUE RIBBON* .... LAMO.... Seems to me, Frank gets his veggies from a can of Ravioles...

Whatever happened to... COMMON SENSE? Look to the past...

Eat your veggies...

By Mendy Caraway (not verified) on 02 Jan 2011 #permalink

I watched this movie twice and think it actually brings up some interesting and compelling ideas. There is a woman in it who was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is incurable. She went to the Gerson Institute and is living more than 5 years later. There are several other patients of the Gerson Institute in the film that have similar stories. That is pretty convincing to me. Has anyone posting here found that those people were lying? Or that their stories were edited and we aren't getting the full story. I agree, that it is difficult to judge a book by its cover. If most here are deciding this film is "stupidity" and haven't seen the film, I think that itself is a definition of stupidity too.

Where to start? The chemicals used in our agriculture and food industries have changed multiple times in the as few as the last 30-40 years. The changes come from producing improved chemicals but also from the new research that points out toxic aspects of these chemicals not known before. Somehow the people have accepted that science is always right and that the lay people should allow science to make determination of what is good for them ("there is an expert for everything"). But, if you go back through history experts have been plenty wrong and science has been plenty wrong at any particular point in time. Sometimes these "wrongs" are harmless but when you play with dangerous chemicals that affect the biosphere on a large scale - these "wrongs" are reckless and dangerous, to say the least. Throw into that mix the fact that there is enormous money involved and you see how one has to be very careful about what is introduced into the environment. Unfortunately, in this country money trumps science and the existence of the pharma and agro cartels proves it.

Your review is scientifically weak just like the movie itself. However, the movie at least points out topics that need to be investigated. You on the other hand point out nothing. At the end of your quasi review, you also point out the possible negative involvement of the pharma industry - well, you are the one that starts out by telling us how our doctors are be-all,know-all. If they are so great and they know it all and they are not part of any "conspiracy", why suggest the pharma industry involvement? You contradict yourself.

Finally, maybe one day you get diagnosed with something terminal. Since you are so certain of your knowledge and are quite arrogant at it, I should perhaps say "hopefully one day you get diagnosed with something terminal". The almighty doctors can't wait to handle you in their professional ways.

You'll all die off soon enough. :0) Some just can't handle the beautiful truth.

You couldn't even beat them with their own game. You postulated no rebuttal to any of their argument. Your opening argument is basically "ooo pretty stuff, must be wrong cause serious stuff is not beautiful"

It dosen't help that you did absolutely no research on the sterilization of the Jewish people in Auschwitz and other concentration camps. And then making some stupid claim about how ridiculous such a tactic would have been. You're so much more superior.

I'll admit the energy thing was weird, but I think you missed the point. the electrodynamic nature of the organic food dictates that it had its physical structure intact. The electromagnetic field is not the same thing as the "spiritual aura" and your allusion is more or less a red herring.

Honestly, I don't know how you get away with calling your self a science blogger with such an extensive list of logical fallacies in your post.

By Logical fail is you (not verified) on 21 Jan 2011 #permalink

Simply, I'm just going to say that you're an idiot (the writer). I'm not even going to try to argue with your ignorance because if you're convinced the way we are doing things now is fine, then LOL at you. I'm not going to believe everything this movie throws at me, but I am going to approach it with an open mind, which I did. As a Geology and Astronomy student I'm not susceptible to anything thrown my way, so I look everything with potential. With that being said, most of what the movie said made A LOT of sense, and only an idiot would completely dismiss everything this movie portrays, which by reading a lot of these comments shows our ignorance as country.
Please continue to get your information from the mass media because they WILL ALWAYS tell you the truth. IDIOT.

Frank Swain is simply an ignorant imbecile. He knows nothing about this subject. In the face of proven facts Frank falls flat in the mud. This blog is truly a waste of space and we all need to state the Truth here as I have.

By Jack Stone (not verified) on 25 Jan 2011 #permalink

Many others have already made excellent comments. I have worked in mainstream oncology since 1992 and would just like to address a few key issues. Briefly:
1. You say there is no "evidence" that "alternative" methods such as the Gerson Method work; you further state that anecdotal evidence (e.g. case studies of terminal cancer patients who were cured using the Gerson Method) "is not data," presumably because you believe that only Clinical Trial Medicine constitutes "evidence," which, however was not the case for most of the history of medicine. You said that science is open to real evidence.
2. When asked what kind of clinical trial you would propose to evaluate evidence as to the efficacy or lack thereof regarding the Gerson Method, you responded that you would not bother doing a trial on Gerson Method because "it doesn't work" and that all of the terminal patients who were apparently "cured" by this method were merely "lucky." But, isn't that begging the question?? "I won't believe it works until I see clinical data," but "I wouldn't do any clinical studies on it because it doesn't work." This sure looks like circular reasoning. Wouldn't it make sense to do clinical trials to find out whether, in fact, the patients were merely "lucky" or whether there was some merit to the method they were using?
3. Most "alternative" proponents would welcome clinical trials. Unfortunately, at least here in America such trials are funded by pharmaceutical companies and only when they expect to make a big profit on the results - which isn't going to happen when the product being tested is organic juices or other natural/un-patentable materials. Without the profit motive, who is going to fund the studies?
4. You accused alternative practitioners of being "murderers" or diverting patients from "proven" mainstream treatments. As I said, I work in oncology. Are you aware of the "proven" success rate of chemo and radiation in the treatment of cancer, especially stage 4 disease? It's not very high; I would say "if they're lucky" at best. If a patient has "failed" standard treatment for stage 4 cancer, what is the harm in their trying alternative methods? Even if they die, mainstream medicine has already given up on them, so what do they have to lose?
5. You accuse the Gerson method of promoting "magic" and "nonsense." This may be in part due to its limited layperson oriented explanations (including those by 15-year-olds) that you may have encountered. If you want to learn the science behind it, please read: "A Cancer Therapy" by Dr. Gerson which goes into great detail on a biochemical level as to how the body heals itself and how the Method is supposed to work.

This is an excellent film.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

If you think modern medicine/drugs, the only answer and that a healthy diet of whole organic foods is crazy and there is no way it alone can cure illness....then you are idiots.

I do think saying Chemo does not work is a bit over the top as what I know is that it does help patients...
however everything else in this film is very interesting....and this is something everyone should see and be aware of ...and what the hell reason would they have to LIE about these findings?

What reason do the medical, dental, seed and food, etc... industries have? MONEY. Get a clue.

Give me a break Mr. Swain. You are an idiot. Good luck with your health! Go eat some chips, Twinkies and GMO foods...mmmmmm!

By Tamara Kaufman (not verified) on 02 Feb 2011 #permalink

Dear Author,

Have you realized the stupidity of your arrogance yet. I would hope that after reading some of the rebutals posted, you would reconsider your moronic view point. Its not even worth the time to point out the idiocy and lack of logic in your review. I am curious though.....where does your scientific rebuttal come in? It seems you give creadence to Youtubes linking some of the video excerpts from the movie to a mastrubation video. Hmmmmmm. Is this what you have to offer as scientific? The fact that you even mention it would make it appear so. And after reading your full article, it is obvious that every single point in the presentation went completely over your head. Truly, your review and critisisms are simply an ignorant and childish reflection on yourself.

By c dienhart (not verified) on 06 Feb 2011 #permalink

I'm embarrassed for you. Maybe you should focus your rage on something important. Not bashing a movie that encourages people to eat vegetables. I'm so glad you eat meat, because that will give you diseases. Enjoy!

Why the anger? We can't believe everything we hear,see,read. It's right to question, to do our own research, and to take personal responsibility for our good health.

Hippocrates said that good health is a three legged stool:
- Nutrition
- Exercise
- The Mind

If we give our bodies nourishing food, providing them with adequate vitamins and minerals, is it going to do us harm?

If and when people do get sick, why not strengthen their immune systems with good nutrition as part of for their treatment and recovery?

If carrots could be patented and someone could make money from it, would they then be interested ????

Drugs have a place, good nutrition does too. Does it have to be an either or?

By kate korres (not verified) on 11 Feb 2011 #permalink

My question is: Why would so many of you go to such trouble to attempt to correct people (Frank and those who believe him) who's heads are so firmly lodged in their anal orifices that a horde of proctologists would not be able to extricate them?

Lest anyone deride me for my grammatical error, which I do, albeit rarely, while engrossed in writing, this is a revision:
My question is: Why would so many of you go to such trouble to attempt to correct people (Frank, NJ and those who believe them) whose heads are so firmly lodged in their anal orifices that a horde of proctologists would not be able to extricate them?
references: TRUTH; usually plain to those of us who elect to keep our heads out of our rectums, vol. 1, ch. 1, pp. 1-2. (2011)

Bad science, bad therapy, or just good sense?

Mr. Frank Swain, (Mr. Scientist), you may not have heard this adage (since you are apparently living under a rock), âHindsight is 20/20â. Or failing that, perhaps you have not taken time to look backward and logically evaluate what is obvious to so many. Or maybe you truly think that your diatribe is beneficial and illuminating, or a the very least, entertaining. But your inanity contributes to the problem rather than the solution, or, at the very least, it serves no purpose.

Yes there were some problems with the film and aspects of it that were âreachingâ at best. But your example of the mid-century commercial with the physicians endorsement of Camel cigarettes, which was most certainly being used as a âtongue in cheekâ example of how the public blindly follows the advice of those we respect and trust, even when so grossly misguided, was erroneously portrayed by you as the filmmakerâs âproofâ of a conspiracy theory. I think there is a lot of wrong-headedness in your rant, otherwise you would see the logical, basic, and yes, BEAUTIFUL truth of the benefits of avoiding the toxins mentioned in The Beautiful Truth.

Also by attacking what you perceive as the stupidity of the film, you disregard the underlying logical and beneficial message of the film, which was unfortunately dramatized by the notion of a conspiracy theory. Obviously there was no organized conspiracy. But given that the human race has proven itself to be lazy, greedy, self serving, and (as you have proven), conveniently and repeatedly forgetful, given that people tend to become blinded to hindsight, foresight, or any other âsightâ in their quest for the almighty dollar, given that the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and the tobacco manufacturing companies lobby to our politicians who then vote in policy which enables them to do âtheir worstâ, why are you so intent on portraying them as guiltless -- while being âup in armsâ and incredulous about this film, positioning Dr. Gerson as an evil genius, plotting to kill millions by advocating a healthy lifestyle?

Read the article in The New Yorker: Annals of Medicine: Letting Go - What should medicine do when it canât save your life?, then answer the question on whether attempting to combat cancer through the means provided by the Gerson clinic is less humane than what cancer patients (both the healthy-living and unhealthy-living cancer patients) endure to add time to their lives. Not be cured, but to just add time to their lives. What about the fundamental question for everyone living in the era of modern medicine, that people with cancer have concerns besides simply prolonging their lives? What about reduced suffering, being with their family, having the touch of others, being mentally aware, and not becoming a burden? Our system of technological medical care has utterly failed to meet these needs, not just failed to cure. How are you, Frank going to be a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem?

Medical historians and scientists may wonder how their predecessors thought they were giving correct treatments, and scientists certainly retain the privilege of judging those who ignored evidence that was then available, but what was really known about cancer in the fifties? Not what we know now. Is not the premise of eating whole organic food now more âprovenâ than in the fifties? Havenât the USDAâs nutritional food guides changed radically over the years, and even now there is controversy on whether it is unduly influenced by political pressure exerted by lobbyists for food production associations, in particular dairy and meat.

Think of the learning curve involved with the following examples, radical mastectomies were used but it was found they didnât work: the survival rate depended not on the width of the surgical margin but on the cancerâs metastatic reach before surgery. Experimental chemotherapy regimens of the early sixties controversially used terrifyingly toxic chemotherapy for child-leukemia patients, while the physicians in charge did what pathetically little they could to make them more comfortable. The supposition that asbestos caused lung cancer was not made until the late fifties and early sixties. The U.S. Surgeon General first released his report in 1964 establishing the link between smoking and lung cancer. The tobacco companies, of course, knew about the connection years earlier, but they buried their own research and continued for decades to deny that there was a link between smoking and lung cancer. Too aggressive chemotherapy given for her breast cancer caused blood cancer, which ultimately proved more fatal than the breast cancer. It wasnât until the eighties that therapy shifted from killing cells and physicians tried to merge the therapy with the science. This is the ever present failure in curing cancer, that care and experimentation are precariously balanced, that in truth cancer therapy and cancer science still belong to different worlds. This is further compounded by the other failure, that a modern cancer cure is 'big business'. To quote the New Yorker magazine, âThe expense of developing cancer drugs, and their cost to patients and insurers, would clearly be worth it if the drugs promised cures or even deep remissions, but the vast majority of new drugs achieve far more modest results. âThe causes of cancer are largely knownâand have been for quite some time. Cancer is caused by chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.â The epidemiologist Devra Davis, in âThe Secret History of the War on Cancerâ (2007), goes further, alleging that political inaction over environmental carcinogens has its root in the influence of industrial chemical companiesâboth those that profit by making âpesticides and other cancer causing chemicalsâ and those that profit by making cancer drugs. Depending on how you parse the notion of cause, fighting cancer can mean more genetics or more environmental cleanup, dietary reform, and green politics.â

I only wish that my friend, who has was diagnosed two years ago with stage four metastasized colon cancer which spread to her abdomen and stomach, and now has spread to her lungs and liver, could have known to TRY the Gerson therapy. Unfortunately she, after enduring a colostomy and several different chemotherapies the last two years, was yesterday relegated to experimental therapy, where she may or may not receive a placebo. How is receiving a placebo, better than a coffee enema? To use another adage you may have not heard, âAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureâ. Perhaps had she - five years ago - been given the choice of either using Gersonâs therapy or doing nothing â at a point before the cancer metastasized - she may have made the choice of doing his therapy.

I'll start by saying I don't know if this therapy works but not all people are cured by mainstream methods either. I watched the entire movie by the way and not just youtube clips. Both articles I've read that were trying to debunk the film were written by people who hadn't seen the movie in it's entirety (the first one being written by a Cancer Surgeon - who would be out of a job if this were true - biased?)

The moment cancer is cured a huge portion of Doctors and people in the medical and pharmaceutical industry would be in the unemployment line, so you must admit there must be at least some resistance to the curing of cancer (not among all but at least a few of the guys at the top).

The theme of the movie (cancer cures aside) was actually quite truthful. You can't tell me eating/drinking fresh organically grown, fruits and vegetables, and eliminating chemically/genetically altered foods is pseudo-science. It's been scientifically proven that foreign chemicals that were not essential to the evolution or development of the human body can do harm. Enemas are used in mainstream medicine as well as a way of clearing the colon of blockages.

I'll finish by saying that I simply do not know if this therapy could work. I don't fully believe either side because all people, industries, governments, politicians are self serving. I can take what I do know, that cancer and disease can be prevented by eating a pure diet, avoiding non essential chemicals, and exercising regularly. There is a place for modern medicine but it has a dark side like all of us do.

By Buddy Luff (not verified) on 16 Feb 2011 #permalink

I am a stage IV cancer patient. My chances of survival for 3 and 5 years are slim and none, respectively. I am at home on disability spending some time with family, etc while I can still function as a human being.

A lot of people that I worked with really care about me and stay in touch. Yesterday, a man came to the door who I vaguely recognized from work but have never talked to. He dropped by to let me know that he was thinking about me and praying for me. And, oh by the way, he gave me the DVD of the Gerson Miracle movie and some written information. Then he tells me with appropriate concern on his face "One out of every four people will get Cancer and it is important that people know about this cure."

I said thanks and sent him on his way. When I read the information that he gave me I was angry. This is like Amway for cancer except that the Amway products are pretty good. Same marketing approach. A subtle indication of a scam is when anybody mentions putting coffee up my ass. I have been through 3 surgeries, Chemo, and Radiation so I know what BAD is. But I'll be damned if I am going to let anyone talk me into a single coffee enema. And I sure as hell am not going to do it 3 times a day.

It is a crime to prey on the weakness of cancer patients who are usually scared to death and will grab at any chance you throw at them.

When this guy calls me (I am sure that he will) I will tell him to come over and pick up his DVD. When he gets here I am going to kick his ass because I still can. I hope he calls me soon.

By rotortech (not verified) on 20 Feb 2011 #permalink

Wow! Frank your an asshole and yet I have to thank you for inspiring so many people to write intelligent responses, for two years now, wow. It is the survival of the fittest though.
To rotortech, I hope you live long enough to at least try and open your mind. I mean really you'd rather poison yourself with chemo and radiation than put some coffee or chamomile tea up your butt, that's crazy man. Try some fresh organic juice for a couple weeks it won't kill you and that's more than you can say for chemo or radiation or your current prognosis.
And as far as kicking that nice guys ass you should be kissing it. Did you even read all these comments or just the review?

Frank: Science and medicine are doing SO well at curing disease, why would anyone want to mess with such a great system already in place? Maybe people like me who have watched their loved ones suffer and die, getting radiation and chemo concurrently, watching their bodies shut down one system at a time, in constant pain, suffering numerous surgeries... actually feeling relief on the day our loved one stopped breathing... Maybe intelligent people are thinking there MUST be something better. The scientific community wouldn't get so upset at alternative medicine if they didn't feel threatened, if they didn't know themselves that their status quo isn't cutting it. Cuss and blog, wave your arms and yell all you want. Science isn't providing the answers. People are smart enough to know that minds need to be opened and we need a new tack on many issues facing mankind. One of the biggest is cancer. Food is medicine. We're either complimenting medicine by our diet or working against it. A debate is NEEDED in any discipline to create improvement, dont' you agree? Science had some major touchdowns in history and now it's a fat, bloated, content, monopoloy that snarls at any new ideas that weren't thought of and sponsored by them. Protecting the status quo of medicine isn't giving it the debate it needs to create upward positive change! Is any of this making any sense to you? Take your emotions out of it and pry open your mind! Also proofread your blog. It takes away even more credibility when you have grammatical and spelling errors.

I want to say to rotortech that that guy was probably trying to show you some kindness and love. He wasn't thinking that you might not be at a point where you wanted to hear it. Don't be so hard on him. He said he was praying for you... he has a kind heart. In what way exactly is it like Amway for cancer? Amway is about money. This guy was just trying to show kindness. You are very angry, with good reason! Cancer treatment is terrible, it's unfair that you even have cancer, and some hospitals make you feel like human guinea pig. The treatment itself is so severe and painful, it often kills people if the cancer doesn't. You are SO fortunate that you can spend time with your family right now. I hope you're making it count.

Wow! Frank your an asshole and yet I have to thank you for inspiring so many people to write intelligent responses, for two years now, wow. It is the survival of the fittest though.
To rotortech, I hope you live long enough to at least try and open your mind. I mean really you'd rather poison yourself with chemo and radiation than put some coffee or chamomile tea up your butt, that's crazy man. Try some fresh organic juice for a couple weeks it won't kill you and that's more than you can say for chemo or radiation or your current prognosis.
And as far as kicking that nice guys ass you should be kissing it. Did you even read all these comments or just the review?

I can't stomach this stupid article and the stupid comments afterwards...this movie is about common sense, fucking morons...what do you think human beings are made of? If you could think for yourself, you'd realize the truth in the documentary, regardless if it could have been done only takes a little common sense to understand the wisdom behind what you put into your body either helps or harms you...think about what we're made you really believe putting MORE toxins and poisons in the body actually cures cancer? Chemo and radiation are poisons...they kill more than they cure...the vitamins and minerals we are made of are found from the earth...DUH..foods grown from the earth...get a fucking brain, MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Frank your an asshole and yet I have to thank you for inspiring so many people to write intelligent responses, for two years now, wow. It is the survival of the fittest though.
To rotortech, I hope you live long enough to at least try and open your mind. I mean really you'd rather poison yourself with chemo and radiation than put some coffee or chamomile tea up your butt, that's crazy man. Try some fresh organic juice for a couple weeks it won't kill you and that's more than you can say for chemo or radiation or your current prognosis.
And as far as kicking that nice guys ass you should be kissing it. Did you even read all these comments or just the review?

Nice way to take word out of context just to make them sound idiotic, but you know what the media does this too so why shouldn't you.

This post is most likely written by an ignorant idiot who is paid by some part of pharma or he is just simply a common ignorant idiot! There are SO MANY idiots on this planet and unfortunately that is why we are (as people as a whole) in the position that we are.

We as the people of this planet could be so much further in our spiritual, physical and mental growth if we were to give up the greed and mongering power issues. I think our government, the FDA and American Med Ass. people are all on drugs and that's why they are all out of whack!!

I myself have seen SO MANY people cured by the vegan diet and cleansing... it isn't even funny.

No one is perfect in this world and this posting author and some of it's fans (maybe the author of this post made bogus accts and posted them to support his B.S.!) is FAR from it!!

Traditional science failed concerning cancer. And that doctors ignore nutrition (even their own) is a crime. Everybody follows whichever opinion pulls in the most money to pay for mortgage, car payments, college education and credit card debts.
Wether nutrition could heal stage 4 cancer or not doesn't matter. It's the whole system that's corrupt and it kills millions. Everybody has to wake up and take responsibility for the health of his own body and family. Stop poisoning yourself with food for heaven's sake!

fair enough the claims of a cancer cure may be far fetched but when u think about it, it kind of makes a little sense. we were never supposed to eat 1/2 the crap they stick into our food today.

Cancer is on the rise, it's a very common killer nowadays, there must be a reason for this?

As for chemo, what about DCA and why are there no companies willing to fund clinical testing of this drug which has been found to be rather effective in reducing the size of some human cancer tumours in rats?

Also there have been a couple clinical tests of which were PUBLIC funded, isn't that kind of strange don't u think?

DCA was in the headlines 4 years, how much further forward are with this drug which could potentially save thousands.

Wow. The way you ridicule this documentary reveals your inability to think.

How is the bowel cancer treating western population lately? I think we need more McDonald's and processed food in our diet...

So I guess you didn't actually watch the movie, just some clips and trailers. How scientific of you!
It's really sad to see so many close-minded people in the world who are just looking for reasons to ridicule others.

So I guess you didn't actually watch the movie, just some clips and trailers. How scientific of you!
It's really sad to see so many close-minded people in the world who are just looking for reasons to ridicule others.

"A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse." Or is it "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." This guy would die of thirst in the desert because somebody told him there is no water. GMO plants are making toxins (BT) and they are not only polluting the earth, they are killing off the biodiversity in the soil they grow in. Research has proven that those little bugs down there provide the food for the plants to provide nutrient dense foods for us to keep us healthy. Check out the nutrition of a carrot grown 50 years ago as opposed to one grown by conventional agriculture today. Organic agricultural is committed to growing the biodiversity in the soil and building those nutritional values to the highest level possible.

its just a documentary, most of you label it as a it has nothing to offer,

Yeah there are some parts that don't make sense, and true i
would never dismiss all the the TRUE Doctors of the world

But if you take a moment to get your heads out your asses
about what bullshit this is then you see that there is something wrong and see the bigger picture, that we are becoming the means to our own end

Just cause not everything in this film is proven fact, doesnt mean its false either, its easier to point out and say that the people are idiot fucks and have no right to put this out, but what about letting people decide for themselves what they want, or what they should be exposed to?

the world is turning in such a fast past and for what?
I was brought up as most of us where, that in the future things would improve, life would improve for ALL mankind, for the planet,

We have only yet to see the start in change that comes
in blood and tears...and for what. For a momentary gain to only be pushed back and repressed by that which holds on to power, but what do i know, just as i voice my two cents worth against those, ill have someone to voice there two cents against me and so on .

Most you talk as if there is nothing wrong, that everything is peachy keen fine and fucking dandy in the world of lollipops and gum drop forest,

But when it happens to you, and you see first hand just what the world is becoming, maybe then you will feel that cold chill down your spine as so many count less others...

We live in a world, that not only have we begun its end...we ignore it

what ever created us.
what ever spawned the creation of life

may we be forgiven for our death, for we werent ready for knowledge


Ii actually happened to watch the movie and been pretty disappointed by it.
The reason? It was done in a poorly manner, in a manner that would give people like you the necessary ammunition to attack a diet that, apparently, helped many people in the past.
Now, there is one question I would like for you to answer: do you actually believe in traditional medicine and would feel comfortable using radiation and chemotherapy if, God forbid, you found out you had cancer?
If yes, how much faith would you have in the success of your treatment?
Can you actually picture yourself walking down the street after few sessions of chemotherapy, cheerful at the idea that you almost beat cancer?
The movie in question was, once again, poorly made. But the benefits of nutrition are undeniable, for most people, by now.
As for you my friend, Ii would suggest you call yourself simply: "frank the punk". Leave the science part alone, you are too ignorant to associate yourself with the word....


I like your tone, so I think you deserve a reply.

Do I believe in evidence-based medicine?
- Odd question. Doesn't matter whether I believe in it or not, it's still evidence-based. That means, it's supported by rigorously checked facts. I'll take that over belief-based medicine, sure.

Would I feel comfortable taking radiotherapy / chemotherapy?
- I don't think it would be comfortable, it would hurt, a lot. But those are last-ditch efforts, there are dozens of other treatments that would be used before I get to that stage. So it's wrong to suggest the choice is "eat healthily vs chemotherapy". Even so, by the time you're so sick you that chemotherapy is on the list of options, that list is pretty damn short.

Promoting a nutritious diet is a no-brainer. But telling people that eating organic apples is going to cure you when you have late-stage cancer isn't just wrong, it's sick.

âIn the last analysis, words will determine the course of human existence. Pray they are the right ones. At the same time, words resting in the wrong hands are more dangerous to the human condition than any arsenal of weapons ever assembled by man.â

Insightful words that sum up so many matters of human discourse.I say no more.Incidently, both George W Bush and Barack H Obama have this quote posted respectively on their individual Facebook (Bush) and Officail Web site (Obama). As they say, the right words...move nations. /bestdeedswords

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n the last analysis, words will determine the course of human existence. Pray they are the right ones. At the same time, words resting in the wrong hands are more dangerous to the human condition than any arsenal of weapons ever assembled by man.â

Insightful words that sum up so many matters of human discourse.I say no more.Incidently, both George W Bush and Barack H Obama have this quote posted respectively on their individual Facebook (Bush) and Officail Web site (Obama). As they say, the right words...move nations.

So I guess you didn't actually watch the movie, just some clips and trailers. How scientific of you!
It's really sad to see so many close-minded people in the world who are just looking for reasons to ridicule others.

This is a wake up call

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Suggest re-programming your web site wherein the LATEST comments are at the top and the oldest are at the bottom. Granted that with enough scrolling and searching one eventually gets to the latest, in a world of information overload, the current protocol shown makes things harder than they need to be. I have not read all the postings (WHO HAS?) but I sense your being too easy on the pharmaceutical companies and the status quo showing the USA being near the bottom in comparisons of modern countries in FACTUAL indicators of health. Longevity etc. We spend much much more and get much less that countries using non-profit health insurance systems.

Oh dear god @ this article.

There is no big secret to curing cancer. Gerson figured it out in the 1920's. The cure for cancer has been around since the beggining of time.

Good diet, veg juice, excersise, fresh air, avoidance of toxic substances. That's all you need... if you think there is something wrong in this very basic idea then god help you.

Cancer cannot exist in a healthy environment. Diet is pretty much the cause of and solution to any degenerative condition there is. Heart disease, cancer, obesity.. all come from poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

All this movie (and 'foodmatters') try and do is highlight this fact. Shame on you and your family that you try and shoot down information that will one day be saving millions.

Boy, I had forgotten about this post! Apparently it surfaces when somebody Googles 'Gerson therapy' and in the almost one year since I last commented, some 80 additional people have offered their thoughts.

Thoughts, of course, in the broadest interpretation, as a quick read shows that there are plenty of suckers willing to line up and get fleeced.

A summary: We are closed-minded (note spelling!) because we ask for evidence. We are ignorant because we fail to realize that there are things beyond evidence. We are in the employ of [Monsanto, Fox, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Darth Vader]. We and/or our families should all die horrible sucking deaths while you sit back and enjoy our suffering. We are angry or assholes or right-wingers or morons or insecure or...


Compare the sentiments expressed here with those expressed during a creationism discussion: They are the same! We ask those who oppose evolution to provide some evidence to support their case, and what do we get? We are closed-minded because we ask for evidence, etc., etc., etc.

Scientists are the ones being even-handed here. If you find you are using the same rhetorical techniques as people who imagine the Earth to be 6000 years old, maybe you should think very hard about why you are doing so.

Foolishness and a willingness to throw money at magic is not a good reason.

so you managed to ignore all the facts in the film as well as all the evidence that the Gerson technique actually works and produce this as your lol it is laughable except the consequences are very serious so i hope the money your getting is enough to help you sleep at night.

Just to disprove everything you have said in the "review" here is the proof about the Nazi water fluoride

"The Truth about Water Fluoridation", to the effect that the idea of water fluoridation was brought to England from Russia by the Russian Communist Kreminoff. In the 1930's Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. In this scheme of mass-control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place." - the letter was written by Charles E Perkins who was far more inteligent than you could understand. Oh and your attempt to divert from the truth when talking about pasteurised food and then saying "of course it is or well we would be eating e-coli", what non sense do you talk, he was showing and talking about vegetables because the experiment was on a carrot.

Not really much of anything to say when someone whips out the 'evil fluoride' argument.

Except maybe to offer them extra tinfoil for their hat...

lol amazing that when someone provides something which shows that you have got it wrong then you have nothing to say.

Twoofer @ 261:

when someone provides something which shows that you have got it wrong

Except, of course, that only you and your brain-damaged buddies believe your nonsense.

Perhaps you have opinions about the Bilderburgs, the Trilateral Commission, and the JFK assasination, too, there General?

On account of what doctors unreliable, totally agree. Most doctors willing to appear in advertisements for suspicious products of its own benefits. No need to be ekspertomyu Toba understand that the plot actually exists. This film will be able to open the eyes of many.

lol i like how you have used the JFK assassination to make it seem as though people like me must be crazy. You may not have heard on your news but the JFK assassination was an inside job... not my word but the words of E Howard Hunt check the confession on youtube. I also notice how you don't tell with facts or evidence but just your own opinion so since we have to listen to your opinion why don't you tell us more about you i.e education which makes you qualified to review the Gerson method.

Twoofer @ 264:

I also notice how you don't tell with facts or evidence but just your own opinion

Do tell.

The fact that you have outed yourself as a multi-conspiracy nutjob (Damn! I forgot to mention chemtrails in my last post! Are you all over that one, too?) means that no evidence is needed.

But in case someone who isn't half-a-dose low on their meds ends up reading this, a scan of the thread shows that all I (and the rest of science) have asked for is evidence. Some data we can evaluate.

Not anecdotes.

Not death-threats.

Not conspiracy theories.

Actual scientific evidence.

Full stop.

With it, the Gerson method may have a chance of being the be-all and end-all of therapies. Without it, it is just a way of transferring your money to their wallet. Barnum's law reigns...

I am an authority on the Gerson therapy. Not because I work for the institute or because I know Charlotte Gerson. I am an authority because I did the therapy and I cured and myself of nine independent degenerative conditions. I don't know what this gentleman has in terms of his ax that he appears to be grinding but my experience with the Gerson institute the therapy and the results were excellent and today I am living, breathing and earning more than ever. Thank you Dr. Max, Charlotte and everyone at the Gerson institute.

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Congratulations Bill and thank you for put this guy back in his box because he clearly has no idea what he is talking about.

Bill Zimmerman@266:

I am an authority because I did the therapy and I cured and myself of nine independent degenerative conditions.



he I clearly has have no idea what he I is am talking about.


It would be absurd to think everyone responds to any therapy the same way. I watched my father-in-law being exposed to radiation therapy which first turned him into a shell of a man within a month, turn into a wrinkled bag of bones in that same month. He passed without dignity within 2 months.

One can only imagine that the radiation sped the cancer up into high gear and made him suffer immensely. The doctors removed him from therapy only after they saw the un-neccessary damage they inflicted upon him. Some may say that he would have at least died with some dignity if nature was allowed to take its course. One might also ask what's wrong with eating right when you're dying, a might touch better than being burned from the inside out. I'm just saying, maybe some common sense exercised on a 72 year old man would have been the best course of action. What would you choose? Burned alive or enjoying your final days with the worst thing being a coffee enema.


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How much the BIG PHARMA pay you for your POST? Chemotheraphies, synthetic medicines and your ideas makes the things complicated. See God created Adam and Eve and not a Doctor first, because HE put the "immune system" in our body. That is our Doctor! What are they eat? To make it simply we just have to go to BASIC. I appreciate what Dr. Max Gerson intention. He is NOT GREEDY! as like as what you defense on.

Fiel @ 270:

To make it simply we just have to go to BASIC.

I was always partial to Pascal myself...

I don't know how it is outside of America, but I can tell you that here in America they have tried to give them proof and they shut them down every single time and fast because it is not what was taught in the Medical schools here.

I am not one to get into debates. I am not one to like or enjoy making another wrong because they don't agree with my way of choice in life. as a human being I just respect others of what they believe and for me, if it isn't something I have heard of I look into it before I make my judgement on what I want to believe.

I myself have cancer now and I am doing it all naturally and I am doing a documentary about my own personal journey with it and it isn't being done to make any one wrong or right. it is my love for people that I really just want to inspire everyone to have no fear on cancer but rather take it on and do what you have to do and live your life to its fullest.

I love people no matter where they are from or what they believe. that is just who I am. So If I offended anyone in my statement I apologize, because that is not my intentions. I say this because sometimes what we read can come off a little rough around the edges, when that wasn't the intention, since we aren't face to face when we are expressing ourselves.

So many blessings and love to you all.

From my own experience of seeing my own blood cells change from pre-cancerous and irregularly shaped cells to healthy cells within a 45 day period of time, I can attest that methods of healing similar to the Gerson Method worked for me. I ate only raw foods for 10 days, then drank Master Cleanser Lemonade made with fresh lemon juice, cayenne, maple and water for a total of 27 days, then 5 days of juice, then raw food. People rail against what is proposed in the movie as if it's a threat to humanity. Change is scary I guess, and we get really attached emotionally to our food. It's amazing that we are willing to risk our physical health because of our emotional teddy bears. And we're not just talking about living or dying. It's about the quality of life we have while we're still IN these bodies. It's a choice.

"Suggest re-programming your web site wherein the LATEST comments are at the top and the oldest are at the bottom. Granted that with enough scrolling and searching one eventually gets to the latest, in a world of information overload, the current protocol shown makes things harder than they need to be. I have not read all the postings (WHO HAS?)"

Worst idea in the history of the internets. I have read all the comments, but I would not have had they been upside down - that would make it impossible to follow a discussion. When I encounter this now unfortunately very common format for comments I simply don't read any of them. Why does anyone? If this comment were at the top you would have to scroll down to find the comment I am replying to, then scroll back up to find any other responses. Absurd.

Frank and friends: I wish one of you would provide justification for using force to impose whatever "science" thinks is "true" at the moment. Why don't you do a review of "Cut, Poison, Burn" and defend the actions of medical cartel in that case? From 1985-87 I watched my Father die while enduring the best "treatment" allowed by law. Interesting to both of us was the fact that the initial tumor was completely removed upon its discovery, and no signs of cancer could be found after that - it was only after chemo was given as a preventative that cancer started growing everywhere in his body and brain. Can I "prove" to you that the utter devastation of every system in his body by the chemo caused him further cancer? No. Does the answer to that question matter to him now? No. My question is this though; why do I have to? I will NEVER take chemo and go through what my Father did, so if I do get cancer what is your moral authority based on that allows you to intervene with a gun and tell me that I must leave the country to get any treatment at all? Is it a divine right? (HAIL SCIENCE!) Do you somehow think that you own me? If you get cancer I would certainly try to CONVINCE you to stay away from chemo, but it is just as certain that I have no right to point a gun at you or your doctor and tell you that this is not allowed. I wouldn't even consider it.

FWIW I was not that impressed with this film either, but I did watch the whole thing. Using it as a vehicle to attack alternative medicine is kind of a straw man. Try again with "Cut, Poison, Burn."

By Mike Smith (not verified) on 06 Oct 2011 #permalink

Why don't you dispute the claims from a scientifical perspective instead of berating the Gerson advocates? If you were truly as smart as you claim, I would expect that you'd know or that you would come to the conclusion that those who use AD HOMENIMS are the losers of any argument.

The reason those patients who were in final phase radiation treatment died was because they were in radiation treatment to begin with you asshole! Given proper treatment to begin with they would have survived in my estimation. And YES the drug companies are in cahoots with the FDA. They are their main source of funding. Look it up it's in the lawbooks, 1992.

By Robert hartt (not verified) on 25 Oct 2011 #permalink

Please now cite and blOg against Dr.Burzynski for his active role in the treatment of various cancers and their ERADICATION in patients who refuse to take the step into the hell known as radiation "therapy". You disgust me! Who pays your bills?

By Robert Hartt (not verified) on 25 Oct 2011 #permalink

I believe everything we read helps us make informed is how we wish to incorporate this information into our belief system that assists us with some of our most difficult decisions - especially where health is concerned. All our decisions are made from our beliefs, opinions, attitudes and truths. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. I watched the video because ONE individual has had success and it does not take an Einstein to know that our environment has been affected by 'progress' and that some doctors believe there is a possibility that alternative thinking and options have helped cancer victims. I am keeping an open heart and mind to all potental solutions especially when it comes to things like Cancer.

Frank is a bitter, pessamistic and negative person. Pleasse pray for his negativity to leave him.
Another thought which drives Frank and others crazy........that kind of hateful thinking, ugly talk and shallow negativity, causes..............CANCER.
But, I praay it doesn't get you Frank.
You really and honestly should go to work for Monsanto or Syngenta. They love people like you.


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I am not sure if the Gershon Therapy works. My sister's friend told her about it because her grandmother had cancer and was considered terminal but went to the clinic and a year later was cancer free. She said a number of years later her mother had breast cancer so she did the same thing and had the same results. I am very skeptical but I found this blog because I was hoping to hear from more people who have done the therapy. People that have nothing to gain from it one way or another. I have oral cancer and I have been doing what the doctors have been telling me to do. The problem is that the cancer's getting worse. I'm not afraid to die but the cancer is very painful so it's hard to ignore. I had surgery in June and the cancer came right back. The problem with oral cancer is that the conventional treatments are so destructive. Every time they take more of my tongue I don't know if I'll be able to speak. Now my jaw and teeth are in great pain so I'm afraid it's moved to my jaw bone. Like I said I'm not sure about the Gershon method but I'm going to try it. The Gershon therapy is definately a lot less invasive than convention treatments. Maybe I'll be able to come back and post evey few months so people will know if it's having any effect. I would love to see others do the same.

Denise, I have seen allot of examples of a plant based diet healing what otherwise be called terminal. Also consider mental attitude is VERY important to your healing. Don't try DO!! will offer allot of personal testominies as well. Trust your heart and do what it feels not all the brainwashed people and adds. If we're safe the adds would not be 90% disclaimer. May peace be with you


"Before your mind has managed to digest that cockamamie argument, you're asked why it was that Dr Albert Schweitzer declared Gerson 'the most eminent genius in medical history'. But wait - we've just been told that we can't trust medical experts. Now the film-makers are invoking a doctor endorse Max Gerson. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I've seen less than three minutes of this film and already my brain hurts."
More than one thing here.
1. Gerson is endorsed because he, unlike the rest of most of the doctors, has reached a point where his knowledge has led him to look at other cures for certain diseases and, most important, has had the courage to pursue it and brake loose from the norm.
2. What man of science will say âmy brain hurtsâ? I don't think Gerson got any. Do you really believe that you get any credibility by coming up with this kind of statement? Gerson was probable ecstatic to find out what others refused to acknowledge or even look at because of what is considered normal.
I am sorry but your credibility is far from being taken into consideration. There are other comments in your blogs that... let's not go there.

By Crazyroman (not verified) on 27 Dec 2011 #permalink

"Before your mind has managed to digest that cockamamie argument, you're asked why it was that Dr Albert Schweitzer declared Gerson 'the most eminent genius in medical history'. But wait - we've just been told that we can't trust medical experts. Now the film-makers are invoking a doctor endorse Max Gerson. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I've seen less than three minutes of this film and already my brain hurts."
More than one thing here.
1. Gerson is endorsed because he, unlike the rest of most of the doctors, has reached a point where his knowledge has led him to look at other cures for certain diseases and, most important, has had the courage to pursue it and brake loose from the norm.
2. What man of science will say âmy brain hurtsâ? I don't think Gerson got any. Do you really believe that you get any credibility by coming up with this kind of statement? Gerson was probable ecstatic to find out what others refused to acknowledge or even look at because of what is considered normal.
I am sorry but your credibility is far from being taken into consideration. There are other comments in your blogs that... let's not go there.

By Crazyroman (not verified) on 27 Dec 2011 #permalink

This says it all about our dear and beloved author.

"Frank Swain is a science writer and blogger"

Sorry for the 2 posts. computer glitch.

By crazyroman (not verified) on 27 Dec 2011 #permalink

u have to be kidding me. if you are so smart why are you not talking about mercury filings? you just hate what you saw ignored the facts and rambled about your own stupid world. well thank you but I don't need it, got my own brain yours is to far up your own ass.

have a bad one

Would anyone argue that eating fruits and vegetables could potentially help your body to function the way its supposed to?

"Curiosity requires the courage to let go of certainties" - Erich Fromm

Science isn't a religion, Frank Swain. If the arguments, metaphors, or logic of the movie maker are not as highly skilled as yours, why dismiss the possible validity of the subject matter, or the need to explore it.

Scientists died exposing the truths against popular belief back when the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it. Your type of mentality does a disservice to those scientists, and science. Innovation requires curiosity and exploration, not ignorant grand standing and narrow-mindedness. Almost $5 billion a year is spent in the US alone on cancer research. After more than 30 years, why shouldn't we explore other possibilities?

The ignorance of some of these comments are outstanding.

I hope these close minded fools are not the future of this world...

The clown who wrote this article will probably get cancer from all the anger he spews and vomits. What is surprising is that anyone takes a guy like this seriously about anything? Is there that many stupid sheeple out there? Another intellectual monkey trying to e comedian, but comes off as a constipated republican. Nice work...your so smart....not!

Anyone who continually uses God's name in vain can't be trusted.

Frank has an agenda
Frank is clever
Frank is sad

By Hollie Greig (not verified) on 03 Mar 2012 #permalink

Frank will get cancer
Frank will follow prescribed procedures
Frank will die before his time
Frank will blog his demise
I will laugh

By Hollie Greig (not verified) on 03 Mar 2012 #permalink

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I am seeking to have this individual banned for contravening much of the above (SB Terms & Conditions)

By Hollie Greig (not verified) on 03 Mar 2012 #permalink

Are you seriously telling me that you don't believe what they are saying? Maybe some of the things they say are hard to believe because we have been eating Monsanto's Chickens full of diseases and our brains have become zombies. Well at least yours has. I can't believe so many people think you are so funny and right. You don't know much about anything do you? You just make fun of things that you don't understand. This system of capitalism has been set up so that the poor people eat the shitty food and die the earliest. The rich people may or may not throw in the extra money for the organic foods and products.(I hope they aren't judging it by labels like "natural" or "herbal") Either way, everything food companies do is for money. This doctor and his daughter might seem a little bit crazy, but wouldn't you be a little crazy after watching 7.5 million people die from cancer in 2007. She is offering a simple solution to whoever wants to try it. Maybe your not a believer, but aren't you going to feel like a fucking asshole when people take your word for it (DOCTOR) and then never get cured. What if the Gerson Therapy would've worked for them? What if you don't know what you are talking about? I think you are a blind citizen of capitalism who enjoys getting his shits and giggles from bashing holistic medicine because it's too "magical" for you. Guess what else is magic? Our bodies, this earth, space and everything else that fucking exists. Did you know that science proves that everything that is, was once created, sort of like religion says. Do you think that's stupid, too? Read some books on veganism before you make anymore dumb ass posts.

I am still chuckling at the MSG and Aspartame comment as it just about sums up the mentality and knowledge base of most of the posters here. Wait.... i think I saw a link to too!!

From the comments it is good to see the ever growing number of graduates being churned out at the faculty of anecdotal medicine. And Frank and NJ, just for the record, you're both assholes for toying with such easy prey ;)

Wow, Where do I begin... The science writer is an idiot. You are as much a science writer as I am a mechanic (retired ARMY Doctor here), NJ, you are also a moron, you are obviously an underachiever that will counter this post by insulting and using third grade puns and superiority filled sarcasm, if you"re a man, u have a small, very small penis... if you are a woman, you suffer from super low self esteem and havent received sexual satisfaction inn decades. Now, is the medical machine keeping things under the covers to further its relations with Pharma? Yes, can I prove it.... better chance of finding out who killed Kennedy. Does Gerson work? Don't know but I know chemo doesn't, not as advertised anyway. so if I get cancer, being an Oncologist, what would I choose... Well if the choice is mine to make between death in missery, pain and agony with a side dish of demoralization, or death with coffee up my can and a carrot juice... I go for the coffee and carrots. Oh and NJ, don't ask me to [cite] you asswipe, i will never come back to this page as I feel I dropped IQ points reading yours and the "punk's" comments. People, distilled water, vitamin and enzyme packed juices, eating organic whole foods, what proof do I need to give? it is common sense, you are what you eat, and obviously punk and nj have been eating each other's assholes cause they're full of shit. sure eat crappy and take pills that will make you better... idiots or in my language ( excuse any misspellings ) canto de idiotas, mamaos y huelebichos. Cheerio!

By PhDUMBASS (not verified) on 28 Mar 2012 #permalink


Oh and NJ, don't ask me to [cite] you asswipe, i will never come back to this page

Translated: I can't prove any part of what I want to believe and anyone who asks me to is just a meany! Waaaaaaaaaaa!

Retired Army doctor, eh? More like rejected Army wanna-be. The military has educational standards and given your grammar- and correct spelling-free rant, you aren't within parsecs of meeting them.

And since you like languages, here's one of mine: Pyos yob tvoyu mat!

Yesss!, I lied, I did come back, just testing a theory... You are right, I am not a retired doc, actually retired ARMY SF Medic, just wanted to ruffle some feathers. I love the gerson diet, it has done wonders for my health and will continue until the day I die. I am a very happy man and I could care less about this idiot conglomerate! NJ, I can tell you have nothing better to do to feel important than write BS here.... must be depressing, to know the only place where your opinion matters is in a blog that noone cares about? do you need a tissue? didn't mean to hurt your feelings little one... now I'm gonna go fuck my wife before the sun rises, then I am going to enjoy my day... so sorry you will be misserable NJ, noone will play with you! maybe you can go back to sucking punk's dick! you poor little thing, did mommy and daddy molest you and you're sneaking on the computer at night to get back at them? well time to get my puertorrican sausage steamed, live well and prosper, and put something healthy in you NJ, try my ballsack... AND IF YOU'RE TOO LONELY NJ, YOU CAN COME BACK AND WRITE AGAIN....SINCE IT'S THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN FEEL... INTELLIGENT....WAAAAAAAA! crybaby... someone disagreed with me... waaaaaa! i'm gonna tell punk! what a poor sad creature you are, here suck another language, I speak quite a few....yamagash ydelia forte em secula, pasturoa ragaputea! look it up ignorant, you got punked by a fake doc.... so embarassing... really gotta go, i'm really hard and the wife is starting without me! bye bitches! peace!

By PhDUMBASS (not verified) on 28 Mar 2012 #permalink


obviously punk and nj have been eating each other's assholes


maybe you can go back to sucking punk's dick!

well time to get my puertorrican sausage steamed, live well and prosper, and put something healthy in you NJ, try my ballsack

Looks like somebody's latent homosexuality isn't quite as suppressed as he thinks...

wow NJ, months without posting and this looser took only minutes to reply! must be sad having such a lonely existence. dude you should get laid more... if you can find your penis. Now watch everyone, he will come back with a quick arrogant reply! i can't wait... and how does homosexuality fit into all this? I wouldn't have a problem admitting it if i was, a little insecurity there? you know, homophobia is usually a very good indication of... how'd you put it? oh yes, latent homosexuality. well, I'll leave you to it, we all know inferior minds always gotta have the last word so they can feel smart. BYE BITCH! GERSON FOREVER MUTHAFUKAS!!!

By PhDUMBASS (not verified) on 29 Mar 2012 #permalink

Who is that Frank guy anyway ?...... my chicken at home are even smarter !
Gerson is 100% right. Frank is 100% full of shit.

I watched this movie and was pleased with the presentation. The only thing that I was uncertain about was the lack of scientific peer review. They claim there is some. But, I believe that the diet could work... And that is because I have seen it work first hand on a Chrone's patient and cured them of all symptoms. So, with first hand knowledge of nutrition based results, I would do this before any "traditional" procedures.

I just had my best friend die of lung cancer, he didn't try Gerson therapy. Who knows. But, he wasn't cured with massive doses of chemo ect... and he was miserable the entire end of his life. He may not have lived on Gerson, but he might have lived a lot better end then he did.

I would ask that the so called Science Punk follow up with the people that claim they were cured and see if that is the case or not. Then we are getting somewhere, use science to solve the issue.


Um, So I am not a professional or medical doctor, but my best friends mom was given 3 months to live, she had ovarian cancer of some sort, very aggressive I was told. She dropped Chemo, took up this diet, along with light exercise, and 3 months later her doctor revealed to her that her cancer was gone. This was 5 years ago, and she is a hero in our town, a spokeswoman for Gerson therapy, and I have listened to her explain, along with Dr. Bruce Lipton, new discoveries between biology, quantum mechanics, and placebo effect. What interests me, is why these published works, and even the TED network agrees, that killing cancer is officially the job of Healthy food, yet here we have a medical forum, and everyone is laughing at it. I suppose we could do it the medical way, which is try drugs until the patient dies, without ever considering that the body is a machine already set to cure itself, just needing the right ingrediants.

Basically, I have seen someone, go from 70 lbs and looking like a ghost, to 135 lbs, healthy, and riding a jet ski, and all they did was follow Gerson's advice. Also, she is part of a survivor group that has thousands of members, of cancer patients cured by Gerson therapy..

My question, to you smarty pants doctors and whatnot, if it doesn't work, why does it have a better track record than ANY of the current "fixes". How do I personally know an individual that gave on on medician, and went to gerson, how is that possible if it's a big lie, as you claim.

Also, Fluoride has been proven by the WHO to be extremely toxic to human beings, and for every increase in dosage, childrens IQ goes down by roughly one percent. THIS IS DOCUMENTED stuff, how can you POSSIBLY be unaware of this???

And my final point, my FATHER is a PA, practiced for 30 years now. I asked him, if Fluoride is dangerous, he said "I dunno..." Which made me immediately go.... So I press on, "do you know anything about it?" he says "nah, they told us it was safe in med school though."

REALLY? This is from, basically, a doctor. Oh, and I've asked several dentists in my life, and get essentially the same answer, and as soon as I tell them that Fluoride is essentially toxic waste leftovers from the phosphorous industry, they all went "hmm, interesting, I'll have to look into it."

Very telling. Don't trust doctors, and YES, I AM SERIOUS, keep in mind just remember, 200 years ago they were convincing people that leeches and mosquitos were great for your blood system, 40 years ago they were fully behind cigarettes and convinced much of the public to start smoking. Oh, and up until the 1980's they thought heavy electric shocks somehow fixed brain problems. THEY ARE QUACKS, it is an industry run by money, and if you don't do the research, you may be injured.

Thanks all, Have a nice day

( also, I am not supporting 100% gerson therapy, I am more than willing to admit this woman could have just gotten lucky, and beat it somehow, but I find it very interesting that so many thousands of people claim their cancer is gone, and yet medical experts won't even sign releases saying they are cured, when they in fact are, it's bullshit guys, just an industry protecting itself IMO )

By Not a Scientist (not verified) on 12 Apr 2012 #permalink

Not very intelligent @ 304:

My question, to you smarty pants doctors and whatnot, if it doesn't work, why does it have a better track record than ANY of the current "fixes".

That's because it doesn't. Someone who is out to raid your wallet told you it had a better track record, and you naively believed them. For it to have a better track record, it would have to be tested, even-handedly. The very fact that the proponents of this disdain any serious testing should be a red flag.

Except for you. You have become so gullible that you have even sucked down the anti-fluoride nonsense, repeated the old "doctors used to be wrong, nyaaaaah" canard and the classic pharma shill bit.

The bottom line: You are a sucker, and these characters are lining up to line their pockets with your money. I can't stop you from handing it over, but at least I can tell you the truth.

Even if you aren't bright enough to grasp it.

Wow, apparently you did not even read my post. Nor did you answer any of my questions. Thanks for that I guess...

By Not a Scientist (not verified) on 12 Apr 2012 #permalink

Seems like the last post is just more unsupported propoganda, I too am aware of a survivor group that swears on Gerson therapy, and being a nutritionist I must say, it makes sense from the biological stand-point. I have also done much research into Fluoride, and have found literally NO reason why it should be added to drinking water, the previous's posters comment about the Phosphorous industry, was quite awesome, especially now that more and more medical organizations are coming forward and admitting it "might not be safe" I looked into it, and yes, there are even youtube videos of representatives from the phosporous industry being grilled about why they put it in the water, and they sweat balls, literally, they dodge the question completely.

I'm on the same page as "Not a Scientist", I have no proof that gerson therapy works, but it makes perfect sense, I personally know dozens of cancer patients that have referred to it as being their "savior" etc. And I have met many doctors and holistic dentists that have advised me against use of fluoride, vaccinations, and cancer cures.

Considering latest tests on amazonian and tribal communities have 100% proven to be more resiliant to viruses and bacteria than we are, in the "modern" world. I also think it is funny, that as a species, we have the ability to look at things in retrospect, YET every current generation clings to the status "quo" that this is the Height of knowledge, just admit it, we don't know SHIT and when all you dumb shits are dead in 100 years because vaccinations and fluoride weakened your offspring, I'll be the one laughing.


Seriously tho, haven't we learned from the past that all our modern fixes end up being the next generations discovery that we were completely wrong... It ALWAYS happens. If you argue with this, you are a moron.

By A guy from New York (not verified) on 12 Apr 2012 #permalink

Not Very Intelligent @ 306:

Wow, apparently you did not even read my post. Nor did you answer any of my questions.

...except to quote part of it and point out you coughed up a typical litany of inane ideas about fluoride and pharma shill crap. There isn't much point in trying to answer the questions of someone whose grip on reality is so weak.

This commenting on the Internet business doesn't seem to be a strong suit of yours, does it?

A guy from New York @ 307:

when all you dumb shits are dead in 100 years because vaccinations and fluoride weakened your offspring, I'll be the one laughing.

So you expect to be alive in 2112? And the rest of us will have died from vaccinations and fluoride as opposed to old age?

We don't need to wait for another generation to figure out that you are even dumber than the first guy.

The World Health Organization even stated that fluoride is only safe in very small amounts and the only way it helps teeth in any way is through topical application, also, they noted that in high amounts fluoride definitely causes health issues.

Last I heard, towns all across the US were testing @ much higher level of fluoride than allowed by the WHO, and btw, these tests also proved that it was not naturally occurring fluoride, which is completely different from the stuff they dump in the drinking water. Nuff said, go be a sheep.

By A guy from New York (not verified) on 12 Apr 2012 #permalink

Also, if the fluoride thing is a myth, then explain this...

Why is every single country that consistently scores highest in math and science, 100% OPPOSED to water fluoridation?

Idiot... seriously man you don't know as much as you think you do.

By A guy from New York (not verified) on 12 Apr 2012 #permalink


Why is every single country that consistently scores highest in math and science, 100% OPPOSED to water fluoridation?

Try reading the link...countries like Egypt and Nigeria perhaps? You really don't grasp the concept of correlation not being causation, don't you?

It really must be a challenge, living a life where a satirical movie character is your font of wisdom.

seriously man you don't know as much as you think you do way more than I do about this subject.

Fixed that one for you, ya mook.

So you once again, DID NOT READ the link did you, did you note that only 5.7% of the modern world fluoridates their water? How does that turn into "Egypt and Nigeria" Did you not catch the part where Sweden, Norway, and most of Europe refuse fluoridation? Are you brain-dead or just being a retard on purpose.

And here's the final nail in the coffin, you mentally incapacitated retard, you slime of rhetorical nonsense.

You will go down in history as a fool, as I stated before, I NEVER ONCE SAID gerson therapy is 100% proven, I said that I have met numerous people that have used it, SWEAR they no longer have cancer (they certainly do not appear to have cancer) and for some reason the trolls crawl out the wood-work. Enjoy, and suck it, because you are a sucker, through and through. Oh and eh, William Li happens to be one of the foremost cancer researcher in the entire world, so good luck trying to dig yourself out of this one.

And if you say that angio-genic therapy has NOTHING to do with Gerson therapy, then my friend, you truly are fucking retarded, good day.

By A guy from New York (not verified) on 13 Apr 2012 #permalink

lol, I was just about to reference the growing medical studies checking into Gerson therapy, along with anti-angiogenic drugs, the funny thing is most the therapies that show the most success do not USE the drugs, they use the DIET. William Li and numerous other cancer researchers have PROVEN repeatedly that this system does work, Gerson was a genius, only a nincumpoop would argue with biology, put shitty fuel in an engine, it's gonna blow up, put shitty fuel in a human, it get's sick. We learned this studying rats 50 years ago, I have to assume the guy you are arguing with is retarded New yorker, just give up, he is clueless, obviously has not done research beyond that of the status Quo.

Anti-angiogentic therapies and Gerson therapy are the future, I dunno about the whole "coffee enema" or if his theories on GM foods or fluoride are correct, but the food part is common sense, I agree with New York, the other guy is an idiot that has obviously not kept up with the latest discoveries.

By Jeff Samson (not verified) on 13 Apr 2012 #permalink

I also want, everyone that is following this argument, to pay close attention to HOW this guy argues. He proves no proof, no argument, just calls people idiots. Anyone seeing the issue with this behavior? It's called trolling, and I will not feed this one anymore.

If you want to SEE the proof that Gerson Therapy CAN be very effective, depending on how far advanced your cancer is, can be found here, modern proof, modern researchers, and RESULTS. unlike dipshit that keeps attempting to flame me...

By A guy from New York (not verified) on 13 Apr 2012 #permalink


And here's the final nail in the coffin, you mentally incapacitated retard, you slime of rhetorical nonsense.

...aaaaaand its a YouTube video. FAIL.

You will go down in history as a fool, as I stated before, I NEVER ONCE SAID gerson therapy is 100% proven.

Or even 1% proven. Note how you have shifted from arguing about water fluoridation back to Gerson therapy. All this altie nonsense just runs together in what passes for your mind, doesn't it?

If you can manage to scroll up to your original comments about fluoridation, you can read your implication that countries with high math & science test score results don't fluoridate. But as I was pointing out, many countries don't because they are poor 3rd world countries. So your attempt at a statistical argument failed because of an apples to oranges comparison. True, many European countries do not fluoridate; they also have universal health care so people are more adequately protected from dental caries.

So the problem with our discussion is you don't grasp concepts in depth.


If you want to SEE the proof that Gerson Therapy CAN be very effective, depending on how far advanced your cancer is, can be found here, modern proof, modern researchers, and RESULTS. unlike dipshit that keeps attempting to flame me...

...aaaaaand its a YouTube video. FAIL. AGAIN.

Seriously, dude, if you want to support the idea that this therapy can cure cancers, I'm willing to listen to evidence.

Real evidence.

Peer-reviewed evidence.

Multiple studies of peer-reviewed evidence.

To date all I have seen is a bunch of severe Dunning-Kruger sufferers ranting. Examples of which you have so graciously provided for all to see.

Jeff Samson @ 313:

I was just about to reference the growing medical studies checking into Gerson therapy

I didn't see anybody stopping you. In fact, I just asked for some. Ball is in your court.

Enjoy ;)

And it has been multiple peer reviewed dipshit, otherwise it WOULD NOT BE AN FDA APPROVED drug, way to really show how completely ignorant you are... Bravo dick face!

By A guy from New York (not verified) on 14 Apr 2012 #permalink


And it has been multiple peer reviewed dipshit, otherwise it WOULD NOT BE AN FDA APPROVED drug

Then it won't be too hard to cite the publications, now will it?

Of course, given that Gerson therapy is supposed to be a diet-based cure for cancer, not an actual medication, it would be hard for it to be an FDA approved drug, now wouldn't it?

The Dunning-Kruger is strong in you, my son...

Are you fucking dense sir? Did I say that Gerson therapy and Anti-angiogenic therapy are the same thing? Do you even know what it is? Obviously not... Here's your clinical trials and peer reviews.

There are many more, several new FDA approved AA pills are now available, which show better results than ANY current method.

And if you had ACTUALLY read ANYTHING that I fucking posted, maybe you would not come across as a complete spooge. Since you have no learning capacity, apparently, let me explain. Gerson therapy uses the natural healing powers of food, anti-antiogenic therapy uses EXTRACTED food stuffs to put into pill form, to accomplish, THE EXACT SAME PROCESS, putting healthy stuff into sick bodies, they also put you on, guess what? basically the gerson diet...

You really are fucking mental man, after reading through a ton of comments, I now realize this. YOU Can either read what people post, and learn from it, or continue to be a shit puking fuck stain... You're choice.

And dude, the first clinical studies and peer reviews took place in 2006, seriously, you're way behind the times, I mean you're sitting there with your keyboard, I'm sitting here with 100% validated fact... Hows the leach treatment coming fucktard? Maybe you can someday solve cancer by irradiating the bodies of sick people... Isn't that how mainstream medicine works? I imagine in the future chemo will be looked back on much like shock therapy, kids will go, "but teacher, why did they irradiate them, when everybody knows this would not help anyone EVER?" followed by "well kids, back then, people thought they knew everything, but they found out later they were wrong."

Now SHUT THE FUCK UP, no ONE here gives a fuck what you have to say, because you literally are proved WRONG over and over and over and over again on this very page, literally, anyone reading this just go up, this guy is a cave troll, guarantee he is a fat mama's boy sitting at home, googling this shit as it comes up, because HE DOES NOT KNOW, not to mention, he's a science gura, not exactly the same thing as medicine.

NJ, now I get why even shows like South Park make fun of your state, it's fucking pathetic, you are all LOUD, Dumb, and undoubtedly fucking ugly.

By A guy from New York (not verified) on 14 Apr 2012 #permalink


Did I say that Gerson therapy and Anti-angiogenic therapy are the same thing?

Nothing in the original post mentions anything about anti-angiogenic therapies. So exactly how am I supposed to read what passes for your mind that you have changed topics? Again?

Oh, you mentioned it in passing in one of your rants? Well, now isn't that special...

There has some promise in and a great deal of hype over angiogenesis inhibition, both endogenous and exogenous, in particular certain drugs like Avastin. There has been also some suggestion of similar inhibitory abilities in some foodstuffs.

But as with any technical terminology, there are people out there willing to expropriate the language in order to separate people from their money. A good test for separating science from scams is actual testing: Scientists encourage it; scammers avoid it.

Insofar as we now know, Gerson proponents have been avoiding actual scientific tests. Hence the (provisional) lumping them in with the scammers. It seems to be fairly well established that a careful diet can minimize cancer risks over a lifetime, but no one seems to have shown that a sudden change in diet will stop an established cancer.

All we ask is evidence in that regard. Not about fluoridation. Not about where angiogenesis inhibition research may be headed with drugs (either synthetic or naturally occurring).

And then you come along, oh brown-trout-of-the-Hudson, and proceed to conflate Gerson therapy and fluoridation and actual angiogenesis inhibition research as suits you. When I poke a hole in one argument of yours by asking for actual real publications, you quickly claim you were actually talking about something else, all the while complaining that I don't bother to...wait for the online videos!

The only thing you have proved here, sport, is that: 1) You couldn't fashion a coherent argument if you wanted to; 2) You can spell "fuck".

Makes us all proud of the NYC school system, doesn't it?

So now my posts are being deleted, fuck this website, heads up to anyone that wants to voice a differing opinion, don't bother, they will remove anything that goes against what they believe in. NJ is most likely a moderator, because I HAVE NEVER been silenced on this site, until I argued with him. Done, bye, fuck sciencblogs, it's a nazi house of ignorant felch digesting fanbois.

By Not New York (not verified) on 14 Apr 2012 #permalink

I would guess that our Gotham friend ran into the well-known SB moderation/spam trap of multiple links. Being of a paranoid and conspiratorial bent, (and unlike his claim, unfamiliar with the site) he of course assumes he is being censored. Therein follows an obscenity-laced flounce.

I do hope that the door knob didn't give him a concussion on his way out...

YOU are the idiot - do not blab and blab about what you have NO credentials to blab about let alone get off your butt and cross reference your criticisms to ensure they're legit...


don't be such a useless, probably toxic, lemming.

Saw the movie. It was a poor presentation of some fundamental ideas that have a lot of good potential. In regards to this film, I would say kill the messenger, but not the message.

I don't know about a global conspiracy, as I think a lot of MDs end up in their profession with a sincere desire to help people. Many MDs are also practicers of alternative medicine and even nutrition. Just because a person is an MD does not mean they are trapped by their title. It is becoming more common to see MDs with supplementary education in other kinds of practices. Good for them.

The film does raise an important point though, which is that modern medicine places hardly any emphasis on nutrition. Most people who receive a cancer diagnosis are immediately directed to drugs, chemo, radiation, and surgery as the opening salvo. And whether or not you want to accept it, profitability does factor into this process. MDs are constrained in what approaches they can take, usually by the requirements of their license, or even by local laws. In the United States, for example, it is illegal to claim that anything but chemo, radiation, and surgery can cure cancer. You can be fined or thrown in jail for claiming otherwise.

And yet, there is growing evidence that nutrition reverses many diseases, including cancer. Dr. Terry Wahl's (an MD *shock*), details her own failures with western medicine and her complete recovery through diet in her battle with late stage MS.

You can watch Dr. Wahls' talk here:…

The thing about cancer is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. No system of medicine can easily tackle this disease. There are different types, different etiologies, different prognoses and outcomes. No one, regardless of profession or approach, should be saying that their method is a guarantee. Anyone who says that is lying or is just ignorant.

Diet may not be the silver bullet in all cases, but it is definitely a major factor in most if not all cases. To realize why, you simply have to understand what causes a cell to mutate and become cancerous in the first place: lack of nutrition for normal metabolism, lack of oxygen, blocked waste channels for the excretion of garbage material. The vast majority of cancers are not due to exposure to mutagens, but due to a lack of life-sustaining resources.

I hope others can open their eyes and do research into all areas of cancer, and not just hone their sights on one particular field. The discoveries that are happening now are amazing and shed light on the erroneous ways that modern humans are living.

Best wishes in your own personal search for the truth!

Dr. Rob Cornwall (M.D., ND)

apparently people on science blogs are fucking morons. mercury is poison. msg is poison. fluoride, not sure but i seriously doubt it's beneficial in any way. pharm companies distort truth and have a sole agenda to make money. america and many other countries are insanely obese. cancer is on the rise. unnatural foods are bad. natural food is good. it's pretty fucking simple. no, fruit will not cure stage 4 brain cancer but i don't think that was the message. also, i'm pretty sure no one said EVERY doctor is a corrupt nazi. what's wrong with you people. tell me why we are disgusting obese human beings with cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, etc. from natural foods? get the fuck out.

The movie is not all about Dr. Gerson and other people who believe in Alternative Medicine. It is about a fifteen year old boy who just want to know the truth.

There is a cure for cancer if the FDA and the Pharmaceutical companies allow us to heal.

Nutrtion can prevent and cure cancer.

Tell me would you rather treated with Radiation or Fruits and Vegetables?

How many are you are taking Prescription drugs?

By Aki Castillo (not verified) on 28 Aug 2012 #permalink

Frank Swain believe in yourself and I will believe in myself.
There are Scientific facts about Dr. Gerson.
I grew in the Philippines and majority of islands in the Philippines used Alternative Medicine not just pop a Tylenol to get rid of headaches. No Sir.

I had seen elderly chew guave leaves, ipil-ipil leaves and other herbal medicine that can cure cancer and cure other sickness.

By Aki Castillo (not verified) on 28 Aug 2012 #permalink

How much money are you paid for your blog? Or are you on drugs yourself? Maybe you have been poisoned by chemicals that not only make you spell badly but also affect your deductive reasoning. This movie was done by a 15 year old and his father from their perspective. There are many people that would benefit from seeing a movie that inspires them to question health providers (and not just automatically "Trust you doctor." Most doctors are not trained outside of drug or surgical interventions (6%). The name of this site says it all "science punk." Your misinformation is hurting people.

By Wellnessguy (not verified) on 01 Sep 2012 #permalink

I'm 54, and I've been reading and applying all sorts of alternative health concepts since my mid-teens. My own agility and health at this point in life compared to my elders, no doubt came from all of the valuable information I've tried to apply. Gerson like many others IS a standout! And anyone who just dismisses his research is either a)naive/stupid b)a corporate/Wall Street hack c)an A.M.A/A.D.A. hack or d)a government hack. Most importantly, all but letter "a" have ONE common thread: There each financially $$$$$ benefit when the public in the dark.

I'd like to know what your area of expertise is. It sounds to me like your a movie critic, which is basically a professional complainer who sits in dark theaters bashing other peoples endeavors and producing none of your own. I can tell you from experience with my fathers death due to cancer related problems that Chemo therapy only kills 20% of the radical cancer cells in the body while at the same time reducing the body's immune system to zero. After his second surgery and second round of Chemo, his cancer came back with a massive vengeance because he had no immune system left to fight it. Why is it so hard to believe that large drug companies will do,say and control anything to maintain there grip on stratospheric profits? Including bribing congress to pass laws that prevent competing philosophy's. You basically say that this movie produces no proof but you offer none of your own to disprove any statements made in the Beautiful Truth. So fuck you asshole

Seems like you didn't watch the movie at all... I guess some people just want to keep their blinders on..

Straw men are easy to knock down, but a simple conclusion remains. Whether or not you believe wholeheartedly in the Gerson method (blindly believe, have a personal experience, have read up on the countless survival stories), eating whole organic foods is not a crazy idea - spraying toxic chemicals on food is. you can throw rocks at the idea all day long but, eating natural whole foods is a must on the road to a healthy existence and eating processed foods is the equivelent of putting diesel in a Toyota- you may run for a while put you will break down as a direct result. I don't need a peer reviewed study to tell me that a piece of broccoli is healthier than a bag of doritos or a hot dog. you are promoting ignorance in this post. i encourage you and all your readers to watch this film in it's entirety (you can even keep your goverment supplied reality denial goggles on) and then form an opinion - and yes you will still think that the Kirlian Photography portion is bullshit (which it probably is) but it only makes up about 2 minutes of the film. preventative medicine (aka eating a natural diet) may not have much profit for the health care industry but who gives a shit, I'm just a guy who wants himself and his family to live a long healthy life. I've worked at hospitals for the last 10 years and i can assure you that whatever the ethos of the doctor, above all else the executives are concerned with two things - profits and limiting accidental injury or death at the fault of a hospital employee. A member of the community eating a natural diet is in direct conflict with the former.

I don't have time to write elegant, persuasive prose. I just want to say that I cured my own cancer using alternatives and have been researching for a couple of years. Cancer is no mystery.

Cancer is absolutely curable. The true heroes in the so-called War On Cancer are the genius researchers who have run the clinical trials and have sound science to back them up - not using chemicals - using natural substances that just so happen to be revolutionary cancer cures.

I know what it feels like to be a dyed in the wool skeptic, cynical and blinded - by a cancer model that you believe,
because you don't know the truth.

It's an ugly, painful place to be. You are the loser on this
one, and I'm sorry you have to live with that thick pea
soup fog around your perceptions.

You don't believe there could possibly be a conspiracy
to cover the truth about cancer cures? My dear, you are
the one who is naive.

Just ask me. I've lived it. Your attempt to speak "the truth"
is noble, but horribly misguided. Oh well.

By Judith Dew (not verified) on 23 Dec 2012 #permalink

I have not read through the mountain of posts here, but I can say I have watched the entire documentary and I am intrigued with a few areas. My background is agriculture.... 25 years of all levels including manufacturing of a sulphur based fertilizer. Yes to some here I may as well say I worked for a arsenic company!

What I have learned is that every situation is never black or white..... You just have a whole lot of grey....

What I can tell you is a plant does not care if it's food (fertilizer) is organic or inorganic..... It just needs to be in an available form for plant uptake through the roots...

In the plant world, a nutrient deficient plant will express symptoms of stress and or disease.... Sounds similar to a human body right! Well, plants require a balanced diet too. I can tell you that supplying a plant a healthy diet of well balanced nutrients will result in higher crop yields and a better quality plant.... What a surprise!

For example if you add sulphur fertilizer to an oil producing crop such as canola (rapeseed) the oil content increases... Sulphur to cereal crops will show a higher chlorophyll content and higher amino acid content with a possibility of a higher protein level. Why possible? Plants need nitrogen as well and nitrogen also assists in producing protein in the plant...

So where am I going with the fertilization of plants and improved yields and quality?? The human body is no different!! We need a range of vitamins and foods rich with nutrients to sustain our bodies. Are we healthy today?? Yes! Generally we are living longer today than we ever have, but we are on the edge of reducing our life span due to the fast food lifestyle we are living. ( see second post ).

By Conventional (not verified) on 30 Dec 2012 #permalink

Pt 2 - sorry I broke this post into two separate posts as I wasn't sure it would all go into one post.

I live in an area that has a high rate of Prostate cancer. In western Canada our soils are also deficient in Selenium which has been linked to the higher incidence of prostate cancer.... Or has it. Research has showed inconclusive evidence that selenium or vitamin E will show a significant difference. Again many people like to look to a single cure for a problem where the answer usually lies with a good healthy diet full of moderation.

I believe a diet that is well balanced with a high raw vegetable juiced once per day with a balance of dairy, veg, whole grains, and small meat requirements with modest exercise will lead to a sustained healthy lifestyle.

That's it, just my opinion. Take it for what it is.

By Conventional (not verified) on 30 Dec 2012 #permalink

So science guy, the impression I get is that your health advice is to eat more meat and jerk off more often?? XXDDDDD

anyway I can't read your whole argument (which appears to have some good points) because it is at least 75% shit talking. Stick with the facts, be more of a scientist and less of an immature dweeb. Wasting time on insults just proves your bias, and lowers your credibility, and makes your stuff unreadable.

that being said, I only called you an immature dweeb once :))

Correction, 85%. Re-read this, how many actual verifiable points do you make?? and how much is opinion, and assertion (or implication). stick with the facts, please.

are you actually a scientist, if so apply some of your discipline to your writing please.

By Jokester (edit) (not verified) on 30 Dec 2012 #permalink

Jules! Please tell me where you saw that show about disproving the Gerson method. That is a strong claim you are making. Help me believe you!

Is this some right wing guy writing this page? Ha ha. No please I really want to know. I think the Gerson miracle has some amazing potential, some of it is outlandish, but nutrition is hardly anything to laugh at if it saves lives. Some folks just want to hold on to their habits because the thought of breaking them scares them. Like me, with my sweet tooth.

Found this recent Podcast -- if our treatments we are doing so frequently with other work so well then why do the Doctors themselves not want to use them.

BY the way I did beat a a bunch of health conditions that hit me all at once using the Gerson Therapy . I am still breathing this is all I know. Doctors kept asking me what I did . Science in theory is not Science in fact. What is done in the real world is companies bribe to get their drugs on the market and then when so many people have gotten sick and died ( and they have gotten enough complaints on the FDA website) drugs are pulled. Period

By the way when you get cancer then try this and write something. The first coffee enema I did an enormous tapeworm came out. Maybe you have one as well but it is wrapped around the common sense part of your brain.

By Mike Smith (not verified) on 26 Jan 2013 #permalink

As a teenager I was forced to go to a” psychiatrist” who literally emotionally abused me to see the “documentary” and subscribe to Gerson Therapy. Long story short the idiot lost his medical license. When I looked at the comments on a YouTube post, someone one implied the blaming the FDA was delusional. But then, some moron replied, “that’s arrogant” and someone else believes that some guy lived for 900 years. It might be safe to say that these people are mentally ill to a high degree. It wasn’t really about a cure or alternate/vegan lifestyle but emotional propaganda of some weird belief system. There’s outcasts who’ll listen to its banter. On the rotten tomatoes website someone mentioned that the documentary had an opening like that of a cult. I think the clip about coffee enemas could top clip 2. (I saw that it was taken off because of copyrite issues?) You can find many articles about how exactly a coffee enema could kill you/cause damage to your colon. But it’s just common sense and/or logic that’ll tell you that. Other films portray a vegan life style more affectively like “Folks over Knives” at least that guy uses actual case studies and medical professionals to prove his point. “Obesity a Killer at Large actually uses group studies and an Ology of experts. (That’s some kind of proof.) Plus it’s no one’s fault if they have cancer. So why then do they have to be “responsible”? There’s some kind of ideology that uses a strain of cognitive abuse to make its case. It’s disturbing in a way. And yet, I’m not so about the dramatic plot in the background. I.e. would this kid even be allowed to go across country while being home-schooled when he came to this epiphany about Max Gerson? The story is simply too good to be true as if it was written by a group of failed TV writers.

By Grisey Wise (not verified) on 17 Feb 2013 #permalink

I don't care. The Gerson thearpy just wouldn't work for me. It's wholelistic medicine and depending on the patient western medcine might work better.

By Grisey Wise (not verified) on 23 Feb 2013 #permalink

I love all of these "but I/my story/my cancer"-stories? You know what these are? N=1! ONE. ANYTHING may have cured you. Statistically speaking these stories are IRRELEVANT. Here's some food for thought: the tests doctors use to diagnose people are not perfect (95%, but probably more like 99%). So in quite a few cases a patient diagnosed with cancer DOESN'T EVEN HAVE CANCER. Maybe your raw tomato had shit to do with your recovery. But there's no way to find out because it's a sample size of ONE.

It didn't seem to me that you did anything except make fun (yes it was funny) and had no real weight behind your arguments.

By Funny but Juvenile (not verified) on 29 Jun 2013 #permalink

This blog is without a doubt the most arrogant, ignorant,
myopic thing I've read in a long time. I cured my own
cancer. I help other people find their way in the fucked
up world of western pharmaceutical medicine. What
have you done to help recently? You seem to love
the sound of your own voice. Typical. The cynic with
all the answers. Good luck with that.

By Judith Dew (not verified) on 27 Aug 2013 #permalink