Biologist's guide to brewing beer on board a research vessel


Or, to give the full title: "How to brew beer in a coffee maker, using only materials commonly found on a modestly sized oceanographic research vessel". The marine scientists at Southern Fried Science have this handy guide to any scientist unfortunate enough to find themselves high and dry whilst out collecting data:

You're six days into a 2 month expedition, and if you were lucky enough to not be on a dry ship, it's de facto dry by now anyway. You're eying the ethanol stores, the crew is eying each other, and all hell will break loose if y'all don't get some sweet water soon. This is no time for artistry.

This is not, as a rule, a terribly good beer (though, with a good brewmaster on board, it can be). This is a beer to pass the time. I can guarantee that if you are careful, it will be at least as good as the cheapest commercial alternative.

Full instructions, from the iodine to the Vegemite, can be found here.

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If "a clever biologist will bring their own hops on board", wouldn't they also bring a sack of crushed malt and some proper brewer's yeast as well?

Oh, and doesn't the average "modestly sized oceanographic research vessel" have access to Chondrus crispus for use as copper finings?

Or am I getting too refined here? ;)

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