Calendar laser-etched onto fingernails

I love to see new and inventive ways of measuring the passing of time, and especially I love this fabulous "Digital Calendar" (haha) that Bre Pettis laser-etched onto his fingernails.


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If by "fabulous" you mean "a insipid waste of time", and by "calendar" you mean "an uneven yellowing list of the names of the month without any actual dates", then yes, I agree.

Sorry for the double-post. The system hung on me.

"calendar" schmalendar: I wanna iPodNail!

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 14 May 2009 #permalink

How accurate would that be? Do fingernails grow at a regular pace? I'm pretty sure that differing nutritional conditions, and some diseases, can lead to slower nail growth.

And if he gets one of them caught in a car door or something equally unfortunate it will all have been a bit of a waste.

What if he gets a hangnail? Does he time travel?