Geek love on Valentines

Valentines is a time to pronounce your undying love to the geek in your life, and what better way than through the medium of maths and science?

A true geek knows that Texas Instruments says more than Hallmark ever could. Plotting a heart is a great trick if you're not good with words, or would rather let that special someone connect the dots. The Wolfram Alpha team have the formula for love right here.

If you'd prefer to express your feelings in three dimensions, Matt Parker reveals how to make a Möbius strip Valentines Card. Weird fact: It can't be cut into two halves - a delightful expression of the indivisible nature of your relationship.

If you're still a novice in the game of love, then fear not. This handy 1960s Japenese love guide has step-by-step instructions covering everything from mild snuggling to heavy petting. Just follow the arrows:


It might surprise you to learn that the Valentines focus on love and romance is mostly an obsession of the English speaking world - the day is used more generally to celebrate friendship in many other countries. How better then to sum up your feelings to your boss on Valentine's Day than with an "incredible edible chocolate anus", playfully reminding them exactly where they can press their lips to this year.


That's all from me - if you know of any more geek love fun then post your links below!


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