Colourful psychoactive drug Venn

I stumbled across this delightful psychoactive drug Venn diagram. Isn't it pretty?


[click to enlarge]

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At least on my screen, it's not so much "colorful" as "dark gray".

ya, please put up a version that's readable.

ya, please put up a version that's readable.

Srsly? It looks fine to me. There's a link to the original file right there in the first three words if you're having issues with my page.

It's dark on my screen too but if you click the "stumble across" link and then click the "Full resolution" link directly under the picture, the final image is readable.

The image is fine in Firefox and Chrome, but there's some error with Internet Explorer. There's no way I'm spending any time trying to make it work in that crappy browser.

looks crappy on a mac (safari) too, but after the "full resolution" instructions... ahhhh..... worth it.

is just a file issue.
the file is in CMYK (good for print) and not in RGB, as it should be for the web.