Bicycle chain clock

I have a love of innovative clocks and this is no exception.


The catena wall clock was designed by Andreas Dober for anthologie quartett. Yours for just $2,338.

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So BoingBoing has an item on hanging chain clocks, on sale from Ticktock Showroom at a bargain $100. I wrote about a similar art piece by Andreas Dober a year ago on these very pages, but that had a price tag of $2,338, so I'm glad to see bicycle chains have come down in price. Here's the thing…
Perhaps you did not like the shirt. Or do not care for the mug. But if you qualify for one of the prizes by donating to a Scienceblogs challenge on DonorsChoose, you may get a much more appropriate piece - a wall clock:
Considering the name of this blog, you may not be surprised that I am a sucker for clocks and watches. If I had more walls and more money, I'd collect them by dozens (hundreds?). Grow-a-Brain has been collecting links to sites showing all kinds of clocks. I wish I could have something like this,…
Star Wars Starships and Fighters Clock: 12 o'clock Star Destroyer 1 o'clock TIE Interceptor 2 o'clock Darth Vader's Tie Fighter 3 o'clock Jabba's Barge 4 o'clock Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car 5 o'clock Y-Wing Fighter 6 o'clock Super Star Destroyer 7 o'clock Rebel Blockade Runner 8 o'clock TIE Bomber 9…

something tells me i could build one for a lot less

@m5 - I love how exact the price is, too. I guess they simply couldn't find a chain cheap enough to bring it in at $1,999

Campy Record chain?

It would be better if it had some chains and cogs to do minutes and seconds and day of the week.

Dates are a little trickier - what would be awesome is some bicycle derallier gears set up to switch between the 28,29,30 and 31 tooth cogs each month as needed.

That is a lot of money for a clock that leaves a lot of room to guess as to what time it really is.

By Drivebyposter (not verified) on 04 Sep 2010 #permalink

@ Paul:
for the days and months you can "simply" add one chain for all days of the year rather than 2 for months and days. That would work around your problem of different days per months.

Oops, forgot that the 365 1/4 day chain would hang down 2 floors from the clock. Have to think about that ;-)