Suppression of tumor growth by the BRCA1-associated protein-1"

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I am happy to report that my research paper on a protein implicated in breast and lung cancer, called BAP1 (BRCA1-associated protein-1), was recently accepted for publication in the journal 'Cancer Research'.

As you know, my research studies are in the field of cancer biochemistry and for the past few years I have been working on the BAP1 protein-a deubiquitinating enzyme.

The paper is entitled "BAP1 is a tumor suppressor that requires deubiquitinating activity and nuclear localization". This paper is particularly special to me because it is my first peer-reviewed scientific publication (also, I am the first author). When it becomes available online I will write a blog post on it-it will be my first stab at "blogging on peer-reviewed research".

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Go you!!!

I look forward to seeing the paper, and you blogging about it. (Weirdly, I have very good associations with BRCA1 -- doing a project on BRCA1 orthologs was my first encounter with fiery spiny mice, which I now love, and which fact is actually relevant to nothing at all.) But anyway, congratulations.

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that is awesome!! looking forward to your blog about it! ;)

OMG! I'm BRCA1 positive (yes, chemo s*cks) and I need to say: Thanks for working on research that can potentially save many lives, including mine.

I'll look for you in Cancer; I have their RSS feed.

Any chance, after working on tumor suppression mechanisms, that you'll be working on wetware patches to fix tumor suppression? Or other treatment options? I have a vested interest, you can guess.

Dear Tree,
Thanks for sharing your personal story. I don't quite know what "wetware" is (sorry) but if you're talking about drug delivery patches (through the skin), biotech companies (like Altea Therapeutics) are making advancements in that area. It will be interesting to see if this is one day used for anticancer drug delivery.
Take care