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This will be the last post for Science To Life. Due to changes in my professional life I will no longer maintain the blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing here and I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog. Take care!

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Sorry to see you go. And good luck in your future endeavors!

Stay in touch! At least post a comment on our blogs every now and then ;-)

It is always a mix of joy and sadness to see someone move on to new adventures ...or whatever.

I hope you find the "more routinely stable" life you mentioned a few months ago.

Best of luck.

best of luck and sorry to see you go ...

Damn. Good bye and good luck! Come back and visit. Or just come back!

... there is always guest blogging.

Good luck with your career, Karen. It was nice to meet you at the science blogging conference last January, and you will be missed here at Sb.

Best wishes Karen! May your new position be fulfilling and wonderful!

Good luck with your new writing endeavors. Your voice will be missed here but only to the profit of your new audiences.

Karen, I'll really miss having you for a Scibling...I'm sorry ScienceBlogs is going to lose you. But I know you are ready to move on to your next adventure. I hope it will be everything you want it to be and that all will go well! Best of luck to you!

I resisted to write something here, but you know how I feel about this! I miss you and I want to see you in SciencOnline 09' no matter what. Cheers.

I wishes to karen, best of luck in your future.




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