What's the best news of women in science?

I think my entry for this month's Scientiae carnival is going to be a top 10 list of women in science news from 2007. This seems like a perfect excuse to kill a few hours web browsing. But I know that whatever ideas I come up with, I will miss some of the best things out there. So if you have a personal favorite women in science story (news item, blog post, report, etc.) that you think should be included in the top 10 list, please let me know.

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Here's my take on the top 10 women in science stories of 2007. It's highly biased toward blogospheric developments. Many thanks to skookumchick, Tara, Pat, and Karen for helping me compile items for inclusion on this list. 10. Microbiologist Rita Colwell received the National Medal of Science. Tara…
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The November edition of Scientiae, the women in science carnival, is up at Green Gabbro. Yami did a great job with the carnival, and I'm having fun reading all the great posts. I'm already looking forward to the call for posts for the December edition.
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I don't know if she's been in the news this year, but I recall being introduced to Cynthia Breazeal's research through PBS. She directs the Robotic Life Group at the MIT Media Lab where she and an army of PhD students create and program robots with emotions and social intelligence. She's on my list of the most impressive women in science 2007 :)

I left a comment some time ago but it hasn't appeared yet. Could anybody tell me how comments are moderated?

Anyway, my comment was about physicist Lisa Randall being featured on Vogue.