A New Year's Scientiae: Closed and opened doors

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgAcmegirl has posted the first Scientiae for 2009 here. Enjoy your New Year's Day even more by giving it a read. Thanks, acmegirl!


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Patchi at My Middle Years has put together a great Scientiae carnival, reflecting (as it were) on Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. It's great -- go give it a good read, and share some link love for Patchi. Thanks, Patchi! And wait until you see who the next Scientiae host is.... :-)
Scientiae webspinner skookumchick has raised the batsignal for a strong and courageous host who can take on the task of running the December Scientiae (to be posted Dec 1 or thereabouts). If you can do it, email Scientiae directly. Otherwise, the spate of bad Scientiae luck will continue :-( . In…
Katharine Haxton over at Endless Possibilities 2.0 on the Nature Network is stepping into another Scientiae hosting breech (yikes!) and will be hosting the May Scientiae, to be posted May 1. She's suggested "A Snapshot" as the theme -- a blog timecapsule for yourself, marking May 2009. Get your…
Lab Cat has hosted a September Scientiae BBQ, with posts from both ScienceWoman and me. Thanks for hosting, Lab Cat! A good read to chew over as you labor over canning pears, I will admit. Next Scientiae will be hosted by Jen Myers over at deliberatepixel.