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i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgFolks, I don't know what to tell you. It's like I don't even remember how to blog anymore. I think I've posted 2 real posts in 2 months. I have ideas stacked up in my head for posts - a post from FIE 2009, a post from SWE including the cool "Father Knows Best" episode where Betty decides to be an engineer, a post about talking to my students about sustainability, my favourite holiday Halloween, how I quit my therapist (because I did - and your comments really helped me do so) and so on - but I have absolutely no energy to write them. No motivation. No interest. Just.... overwhelmingness about the work I have to do, and overwhelming guilt about how I'm not blogging.

So here, I'm acknowledging to you that I'm out here, regretting not blogging, but having no interest really in blogging for the moment. Just trying to get through my days in RL. And kind of warning you that I probably won't be blogging for quite a bit still. And a little bit hoping that admission that will help me feel not guilty any maybe I'll feel like blogging again then.

Here's hoping. Hope all is well with you out there, and that you're sending in good posts to Cherish for the November Scientiae...

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Don't feel guilty at all for not wanting/being able to blog right now. It's hard not to get all caught up in our obligations, but take care of yourself, and eventually you'll want to post again.

I'm glad you dumped your therapist - from your post before it didn't sound like they were very helpful at all.

Cheers and good luck. Will look forward to anything on sustainability. :)

I'm amazed that bloggers who keep to regular schedules can actually keep up (like FSP except when she's on holiday/away at a meeting). While it's disappointing to not get the blog fix once in a while, it's completely understandable why there might be gaps.

Don't worry, Alice! You shouldn't feel quilty about not blogging. IMHO, blogging should be something fun, not another job. There is a reason that some brilliant person invented RSS- as long as I keep you in my reader, I'll find out when you post even if it's only once a month. Go do what you need to do and let this guilt slide :-)

blogging should be something fun, not another job.

Exactly. Until and unless you have a bloggig that pays real money and intersects with your real career goals.

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