My year of travel

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgOkay. It's been another month since I blogged. But since I last wrote, my dad wrote the family holiday letter and asked me how many places I've traveled to. Here's the list.

To Detroit to look at the SWE Archives
Rivera murals in Detroit

To RTP for ScienceOnline2009

To Arizona, invited to a workshop on engineering and ethics education
Cacti in Arizona

To Washington DC for a panel on research in engineering education
engineering education research panel

To Kentucky, to do some intense PEER mentoring in engineering education
Lodge at Pine Mountain Report

I think nowhere

To Madison for my dad's retirement
Dad and his retirement gift

To a room at Purdue for a week's development of a overhauled course
Project room for redesigning ENGR 131/132

To Washington DC for JAM
JAM 2009

To Amsterdam and Delft for a workshop on gender and engineering
Canal bridge in Delft

To Detroit again to work in the SWE archives
GM in Detroit

To Grafton, New York for a workshop on engineering and identity
Temple in Grafton NY

To British Columbia via Colorado and 5 national parks by car for our vacation
Reflections, Grand Tetons

Back to Indiana from BC via Minnesota and the Minnesota Science Museum
Minnesota Science Museum


To Long Beach for the SWE National Conference
SWE conference stuff

To San Antonio for the Frontiers of Education Conference
San Antonio

To Atlanta for the National Women's Studies Association conference
NWSA bathrooms

Nowhere, thank god.

No wonder I'm tired. I think doing this much travel is not normal (or is it, for assistant professors?) After sending this list to my dad, I promised myself that I would not travel so much next year. For realz. And I have a whole bunch of carbon offsets to buy.

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A great description of the insane travel schedule of a professor. It also shows why we do it. What beautiful photos they are.

I hope you have a nice relaxing holiday. You deserve it.

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