Plagiarizing from Profgrrrrl, the translation would be "Oh Shit, I must write! week."

In a week and a half, I'm going out of town for a week and a half. In between now and when I get back, there are a number of important things with external deadlines that must be met.

  1. Write and submit invited abstract
  2. Submit paperwork to university compliance office
  3. Write letter of intent for a big grant (and make progress on the grant app itself)
  4. Write volunteered abstract, get co-author input, revise and submit
  5. Get student working on hir abstract, revise as necessary, make sure zie submits
  6. Write draft of personal statement for reappointment
  7. Update CV for reappointment

#1 is being edited by a colleague prior to submission #3 is going to take the most time and brain-power, so of course I am procrastinating on it. #4 is waiting for some last-minute data. #5 student is in field collecting my last-minute data for #4. #6 is scary, so I'll avoid it too. So it must be time to do #7 - update the CV.

All of this is to say that unless I've crossed something off my list each day, I'm probably not going to be posting much. I don't want the blog writing to pull me away from the writing that counts. I'll prolly still be on Twitter though subjecting people to retweets and mini status updates.

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