SciWo's Storytime: Sally and the Purple Socks

i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgTaking a break from the science-y books and from the donor requests, this week Minnow and I want to share one of our new favorite books. This is the first book that we've checked out of the library that Minnow is still talking about more than a month after we returned it. In fact, she and I love this book so much that our Amazon wish list is delivering a Christmas present early and our very own copy is on its way to us right now.

Without further ado, we present Sally and the Purple Socks by Lisze Bechtold:

If you watched through to the end of the video, you saw that at the end of the book, I revealed two pairs of purple socks just the right size for Minnow and I. Here we are the next morning:
Magical purple socks

Now, everyday that Minnow wears purple socks (and she has several pairs), she talks about her magic socks. Yesterday, Minnow helped me pick out my outfit. So if you saw someone around campus wearing nice black pants and shoes with a hint of an eggplant purple sock underneath, you might have seen me.

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Hi SciWo,

My 4yo son, Logan, loves Sally and the Purple Socks. We read it often at bedtime. Just tonight we noticed something new. After the last page, there is a picture of Sally tripping and spilling her salad. We noticed two gray things that look like snails in her salad. Logan laughed and laughed about it. I wasn't sure but do you think they are snails and if so, why? Was interesting to me. Do ducks eat snails? Maybe the authors inside joke?

By Brian Hauser (not verified) on 09 May 2011 #permalink

Hi Lillian - We've got a lot of Dr. Seuss, but not that one. We'll have to check it out from our local library.

Is Minnow more into the sock or the color? Do you think she'd like Harold and the Purple Crayon? I remember loving that book when I was little, and read it to my nephews, too.

Minnow loves Harold and the Purple Crayon, but I've never thought of them being connected by color. I think she likes Harold because of his imagination-turned-real adventures, because Minnow has a very active (and vocal) imagination. "Remember when I was a bear..."