ScienceBlogs/DonorsChoose Challenge Raises over $69,000 for Science Classrooms

Thursday was the last day of the month-long DonorsChoose challenge, and ScienceBlogs did incredibly well. You can view the full leaderboard here, but Janet of Adventures in Ethics and Science offers these details:

20 Sb blogs mounted challenges; 12 of them met or exceeded their fundraising goals.

We raised:

$54,335 from Sb donors

$15,000 from Seed Media Group

(More than $69,000 total.)

155 classroom projects fully funded (although this will go up a lot when we spread the $15,000 from Seed Media Group around) and many partially funded.

That's fantastic, and, thanks to some very generous contributions from my readers, The Scientific Activist met its goal of raising $1,000 as well. Enormous thanks go to everyone who contributed! What ScienceBlogs and its readers have done here is huge and should impact the lives of many students across the US. On a side note, if you're interested in doing even more for science education, Janet has a few ideas from around the blogosphere.

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