Who Are You?

Seriously. Who are you, yeah you, the one reading ScienceBlogs, right now?

Seed wants to know, and we're hoping that you'll tell us, by replying to the brief survey that you can find in the right-hand column of the ScienceBlogs homepage.

As though love alone weren't enough to motivate you, survey completers will be entered for a chance to win an iPod nano.

Go on, get clicking. Answer the questions, help us improve.


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Perhaps you've noticed something new on the sidebar at right... ScienceBlogs is conducting its first-ever reader survey. One lucky respondent will win an iPod nano. But the real winner will be, well, ScienceBlogs, since we're going to use what we learn to make the site better. Or so I was told.…
The editors of ScienceBlogs are conducting a reader survey. They'll use the feedback to make ScienceBlogs network even better, and one lucky respondent will win an iPod Nano.
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