Spinal Tap Reunites to Save World from Global Warming

The Earth isn't the only thing that's hotter than ever.

Rob Reiner's famously clueless rock-and-roll trio is reuniting for an unexpected reason: to save the world from global warming.


Twenty-three years after their debut in the cult classic This is Spinal Tap, guitarist Nigel Tufnel, singer David St. Hubbins, and bassist Derek Smalls will take the stage again at Wembley Stadium in London, as part of the Live Earth concert series. Other luminaries in the 24-hour, 150-artist, Live Earth lineup include Red Hot Chili Peppers,The Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas and Madonna.

As part of the media blitz, Reiner also premiered a 15-minute Spinal Tap film at the Tribeca Film Festival opening gala, which featured Al Gore as its keynote speaker. Also on the horizon: a new global warming-themed Spinal Tap single, "Warmer than Hell."

A long-time environmentalist, Reiner hopes that all of this climate change celebrity will effect "marching orders for people, not only from a personal standpoint of what individuals can do in their lives, but a macro perspective with respect to the public sector and government."

Turn that volume up to 11.



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