ScienceBlogs is giving away prizes to DonorsChoose donors

The DonorsChoose '08 Blogger Challenge has been wildly successful so far; you, our readers, have exceeded expectations with your generous donations, now totalling over $16,500. Whether it's the competitive aspect that's driving you to donate or simply the goodness of your hearts we don't know, but either way, ScienceBlogs would like to reward you.

i-040f9325a4dc36fca3707a32b2d8c01c-ipod.jpgIf you forward the confirmation email from your donation to, we'll enter you in a contest to win an assortment of prizes: 50 subscriptions to Seed magazine, ScienceBlogs laptop sleeves, USB drives and mugs. Every Friday we'll draw names for a portion of the prizes. At the end of the contest, we'll also have a drawing for one Apple iPod Touch, from all the submissions we've received throughout the challenge.

Choose a project to donate to now, and send us your submission to enter next week's drawing!


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