A bunch of people you shouldn't ever trust finally telling the truth

At the beginning of this Rachel Maddow piece, in a new Hillary Clinton ad:

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The Clinton anti-Trump ad was to be expected. So was this,
which shows how Trump will be used in down-ticket races. The Republicans were subjected to constraints that don't affect the Democrats, and Trump will be torn apart. An editorial in The Washington Post
listed some of his vulnerabilities.

In the process, the Republican Party too will suffer. This morning a number of papers brought this statement by Mitch McConnell:
“As the presumptive nominee, he now has the opportunity and the obligation to unite our party around our goals.”
Unfortunately for McConnell, Trump has to a great extent represented a repudiation of the party and its goals, which have largely been formulated by Paul Ryan. Trump: “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda." Ryan has hedged on whether he would support Trump.

Trump is crap, but so is the party whose nomination he's captured. It's almost painful to watch Maddow's anti-Trump embrace of an establishment Republican spokesman. Today's Republican establishment is no better than Trump. Think ACA. Think climate change. Think women's rights. Think Social Security. Think the Supreme Court. Think more unequal wealth distribution. Think anti union policies. Think discrimination. Etc.

By cosmicomics (not verified) on 05 May 2016 #permalink

Think. Or, become a conservative.

"As the presumptive nominee, he now has the opportunity and the obligation to unite our party around our goals."

Excuse me, but #1, he doesn't support YOUR goals, asshole, and #2, it's not YOUR party anymore. It's HIS party. You've just experienced a hostile takeover. Wake up.

(Anticipating that blessed moment when Mr Trump calls little Mitch into his office to tell him... Wait for it... "You're fired.")

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Scott Adams again:
1. The ad lumps Clinton with the losing Republican candidates. They all share a dislike of the presumptive Republican nominee. Do they belong to the same club of establishment politicians who are ruining the country?

2. The ad shows that Trump is disliked by the Republican establishment. But that is his appeal, not his flaw. Trump already “fired” the losers in the video who are attacking him. Do you believe anything you hear from a disgruntled employee who just got fired?

3. When you remind viewers how many big-name politicians Trump has defeated, it makes him seem stronger.

4. Democrats, independents, and even some Republicans will see that Trump is an “enemy of their enemy” and bond to him.

"Think. Or, become a conservative."

My position on climate change is conservative. I'm against disrupting the climate through anthropogenic interference. I'm saying this to underline that the Republicans are not conservatives. They are rabid, extremist reactionaries. There's a big difference.

By cosmicomics (not verified) on 05 May 2016 #permalink

Yes, welcome to American political insanity, where the Conservative party is very liberal about burning through and wasting our environment and resources, and the Liberal party is very conservative regarding our environment and resources (including its people).

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