Last chance to vote for the Pi Day Pie Contest!


March 14, we here at ScienceBlogs celebrated the universally important ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter—the number that has now been calculated to over a trillion digits—the mythical, the irrational Pi. On this highly-regarded mathematical day, ScienceBloggers turned in their final submissions to the Pi Day Pie Bake-off Contest, in which ScienceBloggers were invited to submit a picture and recipe of their favorite home-baked pies by posting an entry on their blogs.

The contest is open until 10pm (EST) tonight, so if you haven't cast a vote for your favorite ScienceBlogs pie, head over you can do so now by clicking the green link below. The winner of the competition will get a selection of Pi-related prizes, so be sure to support your favorite bloggers and vote!


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