2nd Annual Pi Day Pie Bakeoff!

March 14 is fast approaching...3/14/10. Personally, I can't wait till 3/14/15, just so we can get a couple more digits in the mix. That will be the Pi Day of the century.

In the meantime, ScienceBlog Overlord Erin Johnson has thrown down the potholder, challenging all our bloggers to concoct the most delicious-sounding and radiant pie in celebration of this irrational day. See last year's best entries and brush up on the new rules—only 10 days remain!


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Since there's no space to comment on the announcement page, I'll use this space to make a request for a modest change in the rules. I think that there should be two separate awards and voting categories -- one for "savory" appetizer or main dish pies, and one for traditional dessert pies. Last year there were several very good savory pie recipes, but I don't think they stood a chance against the desserts.

You might be interested that I have a brand new book coming out during the week of 3/14/10 titled, "The Approximate Value of Pi: A Coffee Table Madddness Book."

It's also 25% Off -- making it only $7.91 -- during the introductory period... details at:


By Ed Creager (not verified) on 12 Mar 2010 #permalink