Introducing the Ten Finalists in the 2010 Pie Day Pie Bake-Off...

The 2010 Pi Day Bake-Off was such a smashing success that it would be a challenge for even the most extreme pie enthusiast to fairly judge all 35 entries.

So we've gone ahead and narrowed it down for you to what we hope you will agree are ten very deserving finalists. We based our choices on a mixture of creativity, presentation, and volume of the collective "OHMYGODYUMMMM" sound that they elicited when presented to our respective offices.

Once you think you've settled on your choice, vote for it in the poll on Serious Eats before midnight on Thursday. And if you have a pie in the running, let your friends know they can vote now!

WIthout further ado, here are the ten contenders for the Grand Prize of $314:

Pamela Ronald's Swiss chard-Gruyere pie

Annie Wang's Archi-meaty Lamb pie

Claudette's One-Hundred-Digit pie

Brownie's Raspberry Rhubarb "Pie r2"

Stephanie Patterson's Blueberry Cherry Pi pie

Donna Currie's Pie to Seven Decimal Places: 3.1415926
i-74178bd8a42b658240c52b6661858a3f-pi pie slice.JPG

Veronica Vadakan's Avocado's Number Pie

Team Kellon's Method of Exhaustion Chocolate Pi(e)

Aimee Schiwal's Area 51 pie

Joanna Pool's Irrationally Good Chocolate Basil pie

Choose your favorite now!


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