Pie Winners!

Whoever coined the phrase "easy as pie" probably never had to cut 100 tiny digits out of crust. But hard work has paid off for Claudette, whose 100-Digit-Pie is the winner of the 2nd Annual Pi Day Pie Bakeoff! Congratulations, Claudette, you just won $314.16! And although rounding to the nearest cent pains us, the Treasury has not responded to our request to print up some π-dollar bills.

The winner.

Honorable mentions go to Aimee Schiwal, Stephanie Paterson, Brownie, and Joan Cook, whose Area 51 Pie, Blueberry Cherry Pi Pie, Pie R-squared (Raspberry Rhubarb) and same named pi(e) (a)r(e) square(d) were chosen as the Judges' Pick, Most Photogenic, and Best Concept Pies (in a tie). Congratulations, you all will be receiving Simple as 3.141592 t-shirts from mental_floss.

Judges' Pick Area 51 Pie by Aimee Schiwal.

Most Photogenic Blueberry Cherry Pi Pie by Stephanie Paterson.

Best Concept Pie R-squared (Raspberry Rhubarb) by Brownie.

Best Concept Pie-Tier pi(e) (a)r(e) square(d) by Joan Cook.

Many thanks to our our amazing co-host and co-sponsor Serious Eats, to everyone who submitted a pie (because they were all incredible), and to everyone who upheld democracy by voting for their favorite. Any day is a good day for baked goods and irrational numbers, but as we've shown, March 14 is something special.


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