Published in 2012

Information exchange defines us as humans, and perhaps even as living things. In 2012, we're approaching a whole new level. Greg Laden introduces us to Apple's iBook, which handles images better than a generic eBook. Greg says "An iBook can be a product that has almost no writing in it at all, or it can be a way of producing a written work that has mostly words and stuff." While "words and stuff" may be undervalued in an increasingly visual, interactive, and abbreviated mediasphere, it has never been easier to get your words published, and in front of eyes around the world, for free. On A Few Things Ill-Considered, contributor H.E. Taylor shares a homebrewed, post-Peak-Oil novel called The Bottleneck Years. And Kevin Bonham adds an academic perspective on We Beasties, writing "I think that moving towards open access and even entirely different models for disseminating scientific information is one of the most important causes in modern science, and I think we should pursue every angle to convince people of its merit."

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