Growing pains

In response to a few kind inquiries, several gentle nudges, and an overwhelming quantity of porn-related comment spam, I'm posting again.

I'm not one hundred percent sure why I stopped. I think it has to do with my sneaking suspicion that my job may actually be just a job, and that really, not that many people care to hear about it. Feeling this way makes it easy to be lazy about chronicling the growing pains of becoming a real doctor, so lazy I have been.

On the plus side, my apartment is really clean, and I've been eating lots of tasty food and learning a lot in my primary area of interest, so I'm actually reasonably happy these days.

As for what I'll be writing from here on out and how often I'll be writing it, all I can say is that you'll know as soon as I do.

Thanks for hanging around. Your call will be answered according to the order in which it was received.


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Are you kidding? You write about becoming a doctor better than many other bloggers write about anything at all. It's not just a job, and we need you(se) to remind us of all that goes on in a doctor's day *before* we become cranky-pants patients.

But if you wanted to write about tasty food, I wouldn't protest either. :)

please keep posting! I was thrilled to see a new post from you on my Bloglines account. I'm sure there are others patiently waiting as well. Take your time :)

what vika said...
can we have that pie recipe at least?

Hey, I've been checking your blog on an at-least-weekly basis! You're a fantastic writer, and, from what you describe, a great doctor. So keep it up! We ARE interested (or voyeuristic, or need great big heaps of schadenfreude on a regular basis).

I'm guessing that you have already read Jerry Groopman's "How Doctor's Think." If not, you might consider it. I've been at this primary care schtick for nearly 30 years now, and every now and then it is nice to read something that reinvigorates me, and infuses a dose of new hope that all is not lost in the practice of medicine in America these days. Some days its just a job, but I have to say that most days it is still way more than that.

You guys are too kind! Thanks for coming back.

Although I haven't read Groopman's book, it's on my list.

I'll have to modify and trial the pie recipe for a normal-sized pie tin and then take an attractive picture prior to posting it, but it will happen eventually. All I need is a pie tin and a digital camera that is not full of sand. It is also on my list.

Did you make us a little pie?!? You must have known I would EAT THE WHOLE THING. Welcome back. We missed you!

"I think it has to do with my sneaking suspicion that my job may actually be just a job, and that really, not that many people care to hear about it."

Well, I for one am fascinated by your descriptions of your process of becoming a physician.

Signout reader named Benjamin Langer, who himself has a very nice critical piece on intelligent design in the current edition of SCQ.