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Hey, look! A new book about residency. Man, my thing is so five minutes ago.

Would anyone like to venture a guess at the reason so many doctors-cum-journalists are men of Indian origin? I'll bet the Jews had something to do with this.

I've read the first chapter (which you can link to from the above article) and several of the authors' other pieces. They read well, and ring true. Go see.


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The first paragraf in the article reads: "When giving a rectal examination to one patient, he turns aside and vomits."

Well, if giving examinations or looking at dead bodies gives him the hebegibies then I can understand why he's having such hard time...


I will confess to having worked at AMCAS lo these many years ago, and that paragraph reminded me of a letter we received from someone who wanted advice because he really wanted to be a doctor, but he was really really really afraid of naked bodies...

Dr. Jauhar's novel/ memoir and your blog may be about internship and residency but they are vastly different because you are different people and live in different times. We may all be on the same path and on the surface we have similar experiences, but we perceive and deal with things based on our memories and personal history. You are both good writers and I am interested in both your stories. One has only to compare "House of God" and "Intern" which are both internship stories to see the individuality of each writer's voice. Dr. Jauhar has the jump on us because he has the talent, focus, perseverance, and patience to actually sit down and write his book. Once you're done with all the residency stuff, I hope you will be inspired to do the same. I'm looking forward to it.

I think it's common for writers to experience that feeling of "well, this person already said everything there is to say about X, so what could I possibly have to add?" And's rarely true. You have so much to say that's worth hearing.

Signout reader named Benjamin Langer, who himself has a very nice critical piece on intelligent design in the current edition of SCQ.