Yet another cool google earth thingy

NSIDC has made a select set of images viewable through the popular interactive desktop application, Google Earth. Currently, Google Earth users can view images showing permafrost, snow, sea ice extent, and photographs of glaciers. Distribution of permafrost, snow, and ice are displayed as overlays on the Google Earth base map. Snow and ice information are updated daily. The glacier photographs are indicated by individual "push pins" that reveal the actual photograph when clicked.

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Why don't you write about all climate modelers' in the world being stumped, stymied, and devastated by proof that there was no ice in the Arctic 55 million years ago, in sharp contradiction with your f*(# models?

Er, William, despite my keen interest in the topic, I'm not sure Lubos' suggestion is a good idea - a reasoned discussion of the super-hurricane hypothesis would probably make his head explode.