I'm an expert (on wiki)

Why is a Stoat like a Bus? Because you wait days for a post and then 3 come along at once :-)

Its been ages since I've posted any wiki stuff (ahem: apart from Citizendium, tangenitally). Mostly because the climate side of wiki is very quiet and I spend my time merrily blocking people for 3RR.

But in a vaguely climate-related issue, the 2nd Ed Poor RFA (oh how the mighty are humbled; which is sad, and I'm not crowing, I mean it) I am explicitly recognised as an "Expert" (its in findings of fact #4, if you really want to know). Not that its going to get me anywhere on my annual appraisal, since wiki's standards of expert aren't that high.


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A reader wrote: I am a recent reader of your blog Stoat. I am very interested in the Climate Change issue but I am not a scientist. I read Joe Romm, Island of Doubt and General news about the subject. You are the first expert I have come across that seems to have a balanced opinion on climate…
I find that I need to understand the "defining dangerous climate change stuff". Up to now I've rather dismissed it as someone else's problem but now I need to know more. This is not a very satisfactory post, in part because I ran out of time to finish it. Its more a request for feedback, possibly…
Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can now read the full lyrics and realise I haven't got a clue what they are on about. Wiki doesn't know either, but does include the curious line "The song is often mistakenly attributed to Bob…
My general feeling about Judith Curry's stuff over at Collide-a-scape was that it was all tolerably vague. But there was one specfic. Over there, she copied Bishop Hill and proposed "Jones 1998 and Osborn and Briffa 2006" as key neglected papers. More directly she has proposed: 1. The Spatial…

The haphazard or lackadaisical enforcement of the neutrality policy has been a major failing of Wikipedia all along. The result is that a climate [sic!] exists in which it is easier for POV pushers to win than for the rest of the community to stop them.


[What you're reading there is a personal essay (as it says) by Ed Poor, a GW s(k)eptic -W]

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