I'm an expert (on wiki)

Why is a Stoat like a Bus? Because you wait days for a post and then 3 come along at once :-)

Its been ages since I've posted any wiki stuff (ahem: apart from Citizendium, tangenitally). Mostly because the climate side of wiki is very quiet and I spend my time merrily blocking people for 3RR.

But in a vaguely climate-related issue, the 2nd Ed Poor RFA (oh how the mighty are humbled; which is sad, and I'm not crowing, I mean it) I am explicitly recognised as an "Expert" (its in findings of fact #4, if you really want to know). Not that its going to get me anywhere on my annual appraisal, since wiki's standards of expert aren't that high.


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Via dubious routes I ended up at the bizarre http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/12/22/william-connolley-and-wikipedia-turborevisionism/. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the original version. In what is presumably deliberate irony, he has coined the term "Turborevisionism" to describe his own…
There is an interesting (if you like that sort of thing) insight into some wiki-politics available from a recent RFA (which stands for [[Wikipedia:Requests for adminship]]. Not to be confused, obviously, with RFA which stands for [[Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests]]). Admins are the folks who do…
More than a year ago, I thought Citizendium was cr*p. And it still is: see its GW article. The top bit is a fairly sane cp of wiki; the bottom half is a fairly insane mix of septic tripe. If you know what you're doing, you can separate out the two. But as a resource for those who don't already know…
And you can read about it at http://citizendium.org/. Predicatably enough, wikipedia already has an article on it. Will it fly? Who knows... [Update: Nature has an article on this, featuring a brief appearence by yours truely... I don't get to say anything exciting though. Or perhaps more precisely…

The haphazard or lackadaisical enforcement of the neutrality policy has been a major failing of Wikipedia all along. The result is that a climate [sic!] exists in which it is easier for POV pushers to win than for the rest of the community to stop them.


[What you're reading there is a personal essay (as it says) by Ed Poor, a GW s(k)eptic -W]

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