Snowed in / school's out

A blizzard strikes the UK, depositing the once-in-5-years 4" of snow, and chaos breaks loose. In this case, chaos means the school is shut. Daniel had fun in the snow all day and ended up happily exhausted, having built an igloo with friends. Miranda had a brief bit of early snow before deciding that snow is cold, and indoors is warm.

Here is the view from inside; PS provides the mood music:

To relieve the spoon gloom, there is a do-it-yourself atheist bus campaign generator, which made me:

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By Wilma29Gibbs (not verified) on 02 Apr 2012 #permalink

definitely did not appreciate being stranded in the west end at 12 with no busses, trains, and rarely a taxi to get me back to islington so i could sleep before work, which yes i still had on monday!!