Severn tidal reef

The idea of putting some kind of barrage across the Severn has been around for ages, but there are always problems; now another new scheme comes along: the Severn Tidal Reef Project. At the moment, it looks like a rather small-scale effort (details available via the downloads page), but who knows.

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As the proposer to the 'Severn Tidal Poert Reef' I should explain that I have been involved with renewable energy for well over 30 years and built the first 'Tidal Current' turbine in the UK. The 'Reef' is the only tidal proposal that has been designed from an environmental point of view. The RSPB has been very supportive of the concept and brought in W.S.Atkins to give it the engineering 'once over'. Their report said that the concept was valid, the project could produce as much or even more power than any of the other proposals and it could be cheaper. So why is everyone being so luke warm....saying it hasn't been done before....but even the STPG (proposers of the controversial Cardiff-Weston Barrage) admit that all the proposals are actually untried. So if you like my ideas, I would like some support!

[I linked to you, what more do you want? The Green Party seem to like you, since you're in their news magazine, which is how I heard of the idea. But... it does have the look of being a small scale venture so far. You'll need someone bigger onboard -W]

It didn't make the shortlist, or am I missing something?

[Maybe covered by Mr Miliband also announced £500,000 of new funding to further develop newer technologies such as tidal reefs and fences, which featured in the original 10 proposals. The progress of the technologies would be considered before any decisions were taken on whether to go ahead with a Severn tidal power scheme.

That is probably (alas) just a sop -W]