Letter from Holland

There is a good letter from some Dutch scientists at Open brief Nederlandse klimaatonderzoekers over IPCC en over fouten in Klimaatrapport 2007 (don't worry, its in English too). I think it does a good job of setting the recent "IPCC is utterly corrupt / mistaken / broken / infiltrated by space aliens / needs to be disbanded" thing in perspective.

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Sadly, we see the same kind of overselling of the letter as the rightful criticism of the OISM petitions. There are many researchers who signed the letter who are involved in climate science. But there are also some that are not.

OK, which one of you is the space alien?

By carrot eater (not verified) on 12 Feb 2010 #permalink

From the letter:
Given the fact that the climate system exhibits tipping
points, this may lead to partly unpredictable and possibly far reaching and irreversible impacts on society and nature.

It certainly is news that tipping points are a given. It is an assertion without any even semi conclusive research behind it.

The letter is a weak apologia, arguing that the IPCC has proper quality control because its by-laws say that it does.

By Paul Kelly (not verified) on 12 Feb 2010 #permalink