Stubai, again

I don't think I mentioned that last summer we dragged the kids off to the Stubai (Franz Senn and Sulzenau), and they liked it enough that we did it again this year (FSH and Neue Regensburger). Stuff from that when I have time, but in the meantime I know I *have* mentionned my shiny new GPS watch which I took with me. And here is one result (Westliche Seespitze from the Neue Regensburger Hutte):

Cutesy, eh? Note that the embed is a bit stupid, so you'll have to click on "satellite" to see stuff, and then zoom in on the peak for the most interesting stuff. But I wish I'd known the shape of the peak from above before I climbed it.

More on using the watch (Garmin Forerunner 110):

* the battery doesn't last too well. I seemed to get not much more than 5h from it when fully charged, and less than 4h if I didn't take care to charge it, which isn't good for mountaineering. It needs some kind of "occaisional" mode to cope with slower sports.
* not having a height indicator as-you-go is really annoying. Co-ords would be nice too (though hard to use) but no height is bad.
* otherwise, it still Just Works and is convenient and lightweight. And the alarm was good for waking me up for breakfast.


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