I haven't bored you with rowing stuff for a while, you lucky people. But you have to see:


because doing 25 ergs is very very boring. I'll be back next year.

Update: by "popular" demand, here is my list of times. Nothing spectaculr I'm afraid, or even (over such a short period) any real sign of improvement.

MetersTotal TimePaceDate    AgeClassSlide?
500019:27.8    1:56.73/31/2011    46Lstandard
500020:27.7    2:02.73/29/2011    46Lstandard
500019:58.1    1:59.83/28/2011    46Lstandard
500020:13.9    2:01.33/27/2011    46Lstandard
500020:39.2    2:03.93/25/2011    46Lstandard
500021:29.5    2:08.93/24/2011    46Lstandard
500019:14.4    1:55.43/23/2011    46Lstandard
500019:23.4    1:56.33/22/2011    46Lstandard
500020:38.9    2:03.83/21/2011    46Lstandard
500019:38.5    1:57.83/20/2011    46Lstandard
500019:48.9    1:58.83/19/2011    46Lstandard
500019:36.3    1:57.63/18/2011    46Lstandard
500019:23.7    1:56.33/17/2011    46Lstandard
500019:59.0    1:59.93/15/2011    46Lstandard
500019:35.1    1:57.53/14/2011    46Lstandard
500020:49.2    2:04.93/12/2011    46Lstandard
500020:29.8    2:02.93/11/2011    46Lstandard
500019:49.2    1:58.93/10/2011    46Lstandard
500020:11.9    2:01.13/9/2011    46Lstandard
500019:44.4    1:58.43/7/2011    46Lstandard
500019:30.0    1:57.03/6/2011    46Lstandard
500020:59.1    2:05.93/5/2011    46Lstandard
500019:44.7    1:58.43/4/2011    46Lstandard
500019:38.9    1:57.83/3/2011    46Lstandard
500019:57.3    1:59.73/2/2011    46Lstandard

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And where's the evidence YOU did it, eh? ;-)

(call me a sceptic. No, no, not septic, sceptic. Skeptic's fine, too)

[Are you questioning my finely personalised cert? -W]

By how many orders of magnitude is one in error, describing 5000m on a rowing machine as "an erg"?

[And don't get me started on the idea of "Jouling". A 5k erg is typically 400 cal, if that helps -W]

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 31 Mar 2011 #permalink

And that's 400 kcal, right? i.e. 1.7 MJ. Which is 1.7e13 ergs. So your 25 ergs is actually 4e14 ergs. You need a new certificate.

[kCal, yes, I think so - I always found that confusing. Thanks for doing the maths -W]

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 31 Mar 2011 #permalink

My daughter also "ergs". She uses that word a lot. I don't think it means what she thinks it means.

(from her physics teacher dad)

I erg you on.

By David B. Benson (not verified) on 01 Apr 2011 #permalink

At least you have not started converting various radiation exposure units into another...that's a quagmire :)
As a mustelid, I would have expected you to get your excercise by climbing trees, chasing small mammals and escaping canides. Rowing sounds almost restful.

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 02 Apr 2011 #permalink

C'mon, this is just a teaser. I bet you've got all the times, worked out averages, best linear fit over the 25 to see if you're improving etc etc.

Dish the dirt!

[Hmm, I thought my online logbook was available to view, but it seems not. How annoying of them. OK, I've pasted the times into the post "by popular demand". No linear fit though -W]

By VeryTallGuy (not verified) on 04 Apr 2011 #permalink

You may be interested: Oxford won the inaugural Stoat Race... (but Cambridge won the Goat Race).

[Oh yes, I most certainly am interested. Indeed we were joking that there really ought to be one -W]