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But only the university ones, which don't matter too much. However, they have been pretty exciting so far and definitely good fun to watch. This year they are Wednesday 15th June and Saturday 18th June, ie we've had days 1 and 2 so far. This post is just a convenient place for me to dump the map and some accompanying text that I can point people at, link to my first youtube uploads, review my cheapo camera, and generally enthuse. You can also read CUBCs guide to watching, or First and Third's.

My pic is Caius chasing First and Third, whom they caught (thus becoming head) just at the top of the reach (which was disappointing for the spectators, including me, who had guessed they'd get them earlier. They caught Pembroke about here on wednesday).

But now for some action (this is from M5, so don't expect too high a quality of rowing):

You see immeadiately the problem: whilst the intrinsic video quality is tolerable, the aiming is appalling, because, well, there is no viewfinder. All I have is an el-cheapo (£20) "helmet cam" (this one, in fact) which has exactly the faults and virtues that its reviews say. Virtues: cheap; and fair quality. Faults: hard to aim (I've had to throw away several videos because all the action was just out of sight); easy to get on and off confused. Also, if you're planning to upload it to youtube, remember that they have a 15 min limit. The only info-window on the camera is on the side (which perhaps makes sense if yo're planning to strap it to your helmet) but that explains, if you're wondering, why the first few seconds of my movies are at 90 degress: its because I'm checking in the window that it is turned on.

bumps-map Lastly: 1, 2 and 3 are the three ways of getting to the river, aimed somewhat at people starting from CSR / the Science Park area / Milton. Route 1 takes you through Milton (or through Milton country park), over the level crossing, and back down the river to Baits Bite lock (BB). This gets you to the last of the start positions without wading through all the cycle traffic on the towpath. Route 2 starts from Chesterton / the Pikey and Eel and takes you up the towpath. Much quicker (if you're starting from town) but can be crowded. Note that during the races you're not really allowed to cycle on the towpath, but in between cycling up is fine. Route 3 sneaks down the little path (which they have cleaned up this year, so it isn't a cesspit), so you don't have so far to walk and avoid most of the towpath, assuming you've parked on Fen road. And you end up opposite the Plough, which is about the best place to be, if you don't know any better.

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