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Continuing the theme of "how not to edit wikipedia" I bring you

Anouncement [sic] of damnation of wiki: That because in conspiracy of a group of Darwinists the encycopledia in practical effect surpresses [sic] freedom of expression, I hereby damn the encyclopedia.

from User:Syamsu [1]. Amusingly, that's in an unblock request; I don't think it will be successful. Its all about some argument at [[Free Will]]: people always have silly opinions about such things.

[Ah, that didn't take long: on to the next stage, talk page access revoked.]

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"Part I" is very presumptuous. I might never write part II. Ah well, I press onwards in hope. I'm going to take my text from Climategate: the corruption of Wikipedia and see what we can learn about wiki's workings from the way people misunderstand it. I should warn you that blog is mostly recycled…
Via dubious routes I ended up at the bizarre http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/12/22/william-connolley-and-wikipedia-turborevisionism/. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the original version. In what is presumably deliberate irony, he has coined the term "Turborevisionism" to describe his own…
Wiki isn't as exciting as it used to be - the days of vast opposing armies swirling across the blood-soaked plains of global warming laying waste to innocent and combatant alike have faded into myth. Nowadays we (or rather they; I don't even need to join in) have exciting discussions about exactly…
My previous post refers. There are lots more things to say; this post doesn't really say any of them but veers off at a tangent. Let me know if you get bored. The tangent to start with is "no-one from outside understand how wikipedia works". An obvious example of this is Lawrence Solomon (my…

If foolishness follows a normal distribution, with enough people, there is bound to be someone who is 4 or 5 signas put.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 01 Oct 2012 #permalink

Assuming foolishness is indeed normally distributed, someone among us is the most sensible individual to ever walk the earth; they know exactly what to do to solve any problems humanity may have, and if they became the leader of the entire world there would be boundless peace and prosperity for all. Unfortunately they're probably far too sensible to speak up ;)

Bob, and if they do speak up none of the rest of us is sensible enough to realize just how right they are and do as they say.

Bob, and in the bad news, she's black, and therefore no-one will ever listen.

Thought you might find this article interesting. I post it here as this is the most recent wikipedia posting I could find (apologies if I missed one) and it is a bit on the lighter side:


It does involve wikipedia.