How To Tell The Birds From The Flowers: A Manual of Flornithology for Beginners

From the bizarre discoveries file:

The Plover and the Clover can be told apart with ease,
By paying close attention to the habits of the Bees,
For en-to-molo-gists aver, the Bee can be in Clover,
While ety-molo-gists concur, there is no B in Plover.

and this is by Robert Wood, who did early work on the Theory of the Greenhouse.


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A1! Would click again.

There are a couple of versions of that book kicking around. My wife's parents have a pretty old one. When I was a kid we had what must have been a later edition, with more pages and more wonderful humor. Visiting the in-laws once I picked up their copy and was disappointed not to find some of my favorites.

Aha! I see, the *revised* version is here:

The additions are mostly not birds+flowers, though. For example, The Gnu and the Newt"