Solving three [Rubik's] cubes while juggling them

After this, it seems to me that the human race has realised its ultimate potential; no further progress is possible. We might as well all go back to bed.

Some things I see, I think: yes, you're doing that very well. But I understand what you're doing, and I could, if not do it myself - I could understand how to train to get there. Like running a marathon in not-much-more-than-2-hours. I'm never going to do that, and even if I trained I couldn't, but I can roughly understand what's going on. With this, I can't even imagine my brain and hands working well enough to get anywhere close to this.


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Bloody hell.

oh for crying out loud...

If you can't do it maybe you could try to program a robot to do it.

For the benefit of humanity of course.

By TheGoodLocust (not verified) on 20 May 2013 #permalink

Not that difficult. First, learn to solve a Rubik's cube one handed, with each move not taking very long.
Second, learn to juggle.
Can't do either - can barely catch a ball lobbed at me - but in principle....

Ya know how, before computers, people with that kind of had homebuilt radios, or complicated model train layouts, or very complicated love lives --- always having to find some way to burn off that need to use that ability to think in complexity?

Well, I think this video must be the kind of thing starship pilots do, when born before their time.

By Hank Roberts (not verified) on 21 May 2013 #permalink

Philip, I have an even simpler method: First, learn to juggle and solve three Rubik's cubes simultaneously. Done! :)

It'd be really cool if he'd have them solved all at the same time, and not just one by one. When that happens, will I be willing to concede (from my armchair) that the human race has realised its ultimate potential.

BTW, I think Gavin can do this too.