Up three to nine

We rock. M1 up 3, and the rest of the club did well, so we win the John Jenner trophy for 2013.


Tally for the week:

* day 1: epic row-over n front of Sharks
* day 2: bumped Nines 2
* day 3: bumped St Neots (revenge)
* day 4: bumped Press

Press had a GoPro on a rigger, which sounds like a good idea, but doesn't really work that well as you can't see their bladework. You can see us closing on them, though the track cuts off just before or on the bump. Here, but unless you're a fan of pre-start tension skip to about 3:00.

[This post will get elaborated. Update: well, clearly I lied. Try here if you care.]


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