Uncle Tom's Top Hat


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Very cool. Was he in WW1?

[People keep telling me the family history and I keep forgetting it. I shall write it down one day -W]

One hundred years ago that object was both common and generally affordable, assuming you were middle class or above. Now, it would take a months wages to afford get one made.

Uncle Tom's precocious concern for his albedo footprint is evident in his choice of headgear. By removing a beaver from circulation, he put paid to the one hectare hole full of black water it might otherwise have punched in the Great North Woods.

On the other hand, he may just have used it to smuggle rabbits into Jamaica.

Wonderful. You can put it on and pretend to be a Capitalist. Great-aunt Jess is terrifying, btw.

[Yes, she was. But the reason the hat is immaculate is that its too small to wear; modern heads are too big -W]

Perched atop the (modern, enlarged) cranium at a jaunty angle? Slash? I'm clutching at straws, I know.