Found by the lost

td Um, so, it just happened that I was checking my moderation filter (can you guess why?) and the comments-held-in-moderation, which I very rarely do, and was embarrassed to find quite a few there that didn't belong. Sifting through the piles of trash trying to sell handbags, or herbal acne remedies, or even worse in a way the ones that appeared totally pointless, I found perhaps twenty that really should have been published ages ago. They are all now basking in the glorious light of day, though of course you've lost your chance to influence the conversations.

To prove that I hadn't held up stuff-I-didn't-like, several of them were comments I'd actually replied to, and so must have intended to publish. About 50% were pingbacks from a variety of blogs. I generally rely on emails from wordpress to tell me about comments, but it looks like this isn't totally reliable.

So the motto of the story is: if your comment, valuable or otherwise, is held up in moderation then please email me separately: wmconnolley at the traditional gmail.

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If only a certain Mr. Watts was as sincerely apologetic for his remiss....

I would almost pay to see what was censored there...

By Flakmeister (not verified) on 20 Feb 2014 #permalink

f.e. I noted about few types and a couple of grammatical errors and these didn't make it through there, I wouldn't pay.

[Yeah, sorry about those. Its a bit of a shame that WP (and everything else, I think) silently inserts newly-approved comments into their sequence. It really ought to add in a note saying "posted tie X, approved time Y" -W]

Flakmeister, yes if AW were to post all the comments that were moderated and delete all of those that make it through, his site would - I imagine - become much more credible. Maybe worth suggesting?

By And Then There… (not verified) on 20 Feb 2014 #permalink

You looked into your spam box and found Joan of Arc?

Maybe Lord Lucan is hiding in your cookies directory!


I would gladly suggest it but we both know what would happen to that post...

By Flakmeister (not verified) on 20 Feb 2014 #permalink

> Its a bit of a shame that WP (and everything else, I think)
> silently inserts newly-approved comments into their sequence.

Yep. I wish some programmers would get interested enough to organize a kickstarter fund toward making something better. Or start by opening a page for handwaving ideas toward a design to propose doing something better.

There, that's the limit of what I can contribute toward the idea -- wishing out loud.

By Hank Roberts (not verified) on 21 Feb 2014 #permalink

If Willard Watts were to open the archive of his Index prohiborum to the world his fame would surely eclipse Ron Burgundy's