New blog!

DSC_3306 I'm trying an experiment, which may be simpler for me, and perhaps more amusing too.

Rather than pushing things off into the burrow, I'm going to try putting such comments in a new specially-created blog

It will contain... well, we'll see. Some real spam, some stuff where people just won't stop trying to have the last word, whatever. We'll see. As you'd expect, the worthy first recipient of this honour is Doug Cotton.

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Why is that easier?

[Its just the way things go. I don't have the plug-ins -W]

By Victor Venema (not verified) on 18 Mar 2014 #permalink

Send em to Lucia, he has his own thread there.

[Well yes. But an entire blog is even better, surely? its odd that people don't think of that themselves. Though the problem of finding people to *read* what you write is always tricky -W]

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 18 Mar 2014 #permalink

Can you fix the formatting?

[What's wrong with my high-quality formatting? -W]

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 18 Mar 2014 #permalink

A fine trick we pulled at a photo site I helped moderate years ago was to modify the software so certain people, while able to post without moderation, were the only people able to read their posts (other than we moderators).

That way they could post their gibberish to their heart's content, we got no moderation complaints, ordinary people didn't have to read their stuff, etc etc. It was amazing how long it took the victims to figure out what was going on.

[Its a trick, but a somewhat unfair one. I'm trying to avoid censorship, but also trying to avoid spam on this blog -W]

I ver much like putting such things someplace they are visible if one looks. Such sometimes offers useful data and calibration, ie, one can point others there for examples.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 19 Mar 2014 #permalink

In my browser (Firefox 27.0.1 on a Mac), DC's paragraphs are not word-wrapped. They just dribble on endlessly to the right.

[Somewhat to my surprise, it worked fine on Chrome, so I left it. But (whilst "dribble on endlessly to the right" is in some ways appropriate) I do want it to be readable, so I've fixed it up -W]

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 19 Mar 2014 #permalink

Damn you Weasel

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 19 Mar 2014 #permalink

Yes, I chose my words with care.

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 19 Mar 2014 #permalink