No-one cares about Theon

Ages ago, John Theon had his five minutes of fame in the usual tedious manner; as blogged by me and others with too much time on their hands. Since then his wiki-life looks like:

2015-11-01T03:17:34 Acroterion (talk | contribs) deleted page John Theon (G4: Recreation of a page that was deleted per a deletion discussion, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/John Theon)
2011-11-17T15:12:14 Prolog (talk | contribs) deleted page John Theon (G5: Creation by a blocked or banned user in violation of block or ban)
2011-09-07T06:17:17 David Eppstein (talk | contribs) deleted page John Theon (G4: Recreation of a page that was deleted per a deletion discussion: Expired BLPPROD, but had a prior AfD. Wholly worse than the AfD'd article. Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/John Theon)
2009-02-12T01:32:02 MZMcBride (talk | contribs) deleted page John Theon (per AfD)

I know, its not very exciting, but I like to record such things; though it appears that I missed his other two deaths. The total absence of any news about him since his deletion supports his non-notability.

[Update: it looks like he is due yet another death]

We've just come back from Paris, BTW. Even RS won't guess exactly where:

(following that link back to the album and looking at nearby pix is definitely cheating)

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THe photo looks a bit like some expensive medieval tiles, but I don't know Paris well enough to say where.

I had to cheat.

By David B. Benson (not verified) on 01 Nov 2015 #permalink

Thought you meant Greyjoy. He's notable.

By Brian Schmidt (not verified) on 02 Nov 2015 #permalink

Before I cheat, I'm going to guess it's the old Baths building that now holds a bunch of mediaeval stuff including the Dame a la Licorne tapestries. Cluny.

By Craig Thomas (not verified) on 02 Nov 2015 #permalink

OK, 500m off...

By Craig Thomas (not verified) on 02 Nov 2015 #permalink