Rice terraces in Yunnan, take 2

Caribbean brain coral

It's not Rice terraces in Yunnan of course: it's Caribbean brain coral, from the Royal Society photo competition. The winner, tadpoles, is cute, but looks to be a rip-off of the rather better newt. Unless its a common idea. The fish is good, too:

Going with the flow: schooling to avoid a predator

As is the snake. I like abstracts:

Sand has scales

A friend of mine, Ulrike Bauer, won the "Evolutionary Biology" category.

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Okay, this works now. Some lovely shots. In South Africa there is a sardine run every year up the East coast. People would go down to the beach and simply pull buckets of them out of the water. My brother takes spearfishing quite seriously and he would go diving for game fish during the sardine run, but you did have to watch out for the sharks.

[Aha, welcome. There must have been some glitch in the software. Fishing with buckets sounds fun -W]

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