Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2015 October 16

An update to the exciting Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2015 October 6. In which I noted a pile of folk such as Nir Shaviv moving from category "Climate change skeptics (scientists)" to "Climate change deniers (scientists)".

After that happened, some people pointed out that wasn't quite right; and it was debated, and the result was to "delete" the category. So the net result is that a whole pile of people, e.g., Jan Veizer loses the "[[Category:Climate change skeptics (scientists)]]". Which is probably a fair result.

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"Which is probably a fair result." Yes, this use of categories is pretty dumb. (Actually I am pretty skeptical that any significant fraction of WP readers uses the category system.)

[Likely you are correct, for wikipedia. For our at-work wiki, it is genuinely useful -W]

I would certainly believe that. Presumably in that context "editors" and "readers" are essentially the same people, right?