The year in stoats: 2015

A follow up to the brilliantly successful the year in stoats: 2014. There can be no doubt about the picture of the year:


If you're looking for a review of the climate-type events of the year then something like ATTP's will be of use. This is one post per month from me, chosen without specific criteria. There was more science than I expected in the past year, but the march of politics continues inexorably.


* Jan: Greg Craven’s viral climate ‘decision grid’ video
* Feb: Stories from the history of science: the discovery of the stratosphere; although the knockabout comedy with Willie Soon was tempting. No-one cared much when Pachi left.
* Mar: Stoat-tastic of course.
* Apr: Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity. The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Humanity? (reprised in June as Laudato Si versus the Ecomodernists and again).


* May: Agricultural land value as a percentage of GDP
* Jun: no review of 2015 would be complete without something about the Death of the pause, a somewhat shameful episode in the history of climatology, distinguished by short-termism, panic, and grubby chasing of cheap papers in Nature.
* Jul: Greek PM drops trousers again; see-also yield curves
* Aug: Me on P. Thorne on Hansen et al.; see-also Hansen et al.: RIP or maybe not

* Sep: Episode IV: The Evil Empire strikes back: Exxon, part n; see-also Peabody and Exxon and carbon tax.
Oct: Force F from outer space
Nov: The UK should not bomb Syria
Dec: Paris Pow Wow Heap Good

2015-08-23 08.19.31


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Other people's obviously inferior reviews:

* 2015: The year in reviews - Richard Telford

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So was this your hottest year in recorded history? I mean for your site, of course.

[I don't keep any kind of logs. I think "jetpack" does, but only starting about a year ago, when I turned it on; though probably there are some elsewhere, if I looked hard enough. But I can tell by the number of comments; all the kool cids are at ATTP's, or Sou's, or Eli's nowadays :-) -W]

By Russell the Stout (not verified) on 02 Jan 2016 #permalink

That's some pretty dingy snow in the last picture. It looks like the accumulation of 200-years of coal dust. When I clicked through, I did a double-take when I saw your trip to Chatsworth with Howard... reminded me of a misspent youth at Stoner Point.…

[Its the glacier in the Stubai leading up to the Ruderhofspitze; it is supposed to be snow covered, not ice; but its been a hot year -W]

It's not clear from the linked photo, Stoney Point is located in Chatsworth, Ca (the pron capital of the US)