More Exxon, yawn

Paxton Drops Challenge as Exxon Mobil Probe Shifts says the Texas Tribune - strangely, Inside Climate News, normally so fascinated by Exxon related legal matters, doesn't seem to have covered it. The Washington Times offers Climate change prosecutors suffer setback as AG pulls Exxon subpoena, which appears to be much the same thing.

Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude E. Walker agreed Wednesday to withdraw his climate-related subpoena of ExxonMobil, a stunning reversal that delivered a blow to the Democratic-led effort to prosecute climate change dissent.

And so on. I just thought I'd mention it, since I haven't seen any of the Usual Suspects covering it. Of course the VIAG claim was always the least plausible and most opportunistically me-too of all the challenges, so its not too surprising he has wimped out at the first sign of trouble.


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* ExxonMobil sues Massachusetts AG over climate change investigation demand - Legal News Line
* Schneiderman’s Climate Secrets: What is New York’s Attorney General trying to hide? WSJ, not exactly an unbiased source (h/t: mt on facebook)
* Exxon's Accounting Being Investigated - Come On, Schneiderman Must Be Able To Get Them For Something - Timmy at Forbes in September
* The SEC Might Well Investigate Exxon's Reserves Booking - They Might Not Find Very Much Though - Timmy again

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Climate modeling is to climate as vaping is to cigars.

Srsly, the Washington Times? We'll have you watching Fox News by the winter.

[I fear that I am unfamiliar with your colonial publications. It had a nice masthead. Should I not have taken it seriously? I don't mean its opinions, more whether the event has occurred at all -W]

By Raymond Arritt (not verified) on 07 Jul 2016 #permalink

Sigh. I despair. Science reduced to a grubby political debate?

By Harry Twinotter (not verified) on 07 Jul 2016 #permalink

"colonial"? Attitude much? But yes, the Washington Times is a notable far right rag. The Virgin Islands thing is interesting; a couple days back I looked it up, and they are one of the participants. But, speaking of colonies, they are not as much of the US polity as a territory, and it appears the Virgin Islands are divided into UK (soon not to be united) and US.

The attorneys general of several states are doing their best to bring Exxon's hypocrisy to the fore. Republicans are doing their best to put scientists in jail. There are no winners here.…

By Susan Anderson (not verified) on 08 Jul 2016 #permalink

As often, an afterthought. When I say "no winners" my definition of "winners" would be beneficiaries of a unified worldwide effort to develop clean energy sources useful to poor and rich alike. Not pie in the sky kicking the can down the road. Right now, most of the English-speaking part of the world is in the control of political hacks who are grubbing for money from power brokers who appear not to realize they have children.

By Susan Anderson (not verified) on 08 Jul 2016 #permalink

Susan, perhaps more of such attitude to the colonials can be expected now an overwhelming 1.9% majority of the UK has voted to Take Britain Back (to the 1930s, when the Sun never set and the Great Depression was going strong).

And indeed, the omens are of the country becoming the "formerly United Kingdom", or perhaps more acronym friendly the "disUnited Kingdom" (dUK) as it increasingly quacks like one.

From what little I've gathered, the WaTims has about as good a reputation for veracity as the Daily Mail, and is not to be confused with the WaPo. The Texas Tribune appears to be a nonprofit media organization founded in 2009, no clue as to how good it is.

All of which leaves it unclear how the ExxonMobil cases are going.

Daily Mail? Oh my, never looked at it before.

By Phil Hays (not verified) on 08 Jul 2016 #permalink

Do not trust the Washington Times, for it is Moon-y.

By Mal Adapted (not verified) on 08 Jul 2016 #permalink

The Virgin Islands Attorney General dropped his subpoena for Exxon records after Exxon counter-sued. I doubt the V.I. has the resources to fight Exxon.

The Washington Times characterization of "a stunning reversal" is .... well it is the Washington Times.

It's of little consequence because there's still a subpoena for the documents in the system -- filed by the Mass. Atty General as part of the investigation being jointly undertaken by 16 or 17 states.

The Texas Tribune is a relatively young but respectable news source.

The Houston Chronicle, though, has a better story on the V.I. subpoena withdrawal.

By Kevin O'Neill (not verified) on 08 Jul 2016 #permalink

For anyone interested in the US governmental background of the witchhunt against climate science, here is a response to a recent wrinkle. Rep. Lamar Smith who is the head of the science committee in our House of Representatives is trying to defund and shut down NOAA's climate science (as is his colleague Sen. Ted Cruz who holds a similar position in the Senate). Congressional Republicans' preferred experts are Christy, Happer, Judith Curry, Mark Steyn, etc.; they've moved on from Monckton. Notable are the final paragraphs about harassment ... Constitutional crisis ... dangerous and uncharted territory.…

By Susan Anderson (not verified) on 11 Jul 2016 #permalink