It's cosmic, I tell ya

I used to do a Friday Random Ten over at my old blog, but haven't in a while. And then I find that PZ ran one today, and he featured "Strange Fruit" by Billy Holiday. I take that as a cosmic hint (is it design? who cares), so here's my Friday Random Ten:

I'm Bound For The Promised Land / Johnny Cash / Unearthed Vol 4 My Mother's Hymn Book
The Ascent of Man / R.E.M. / Around the Sun
Verde Mar / Chambao / Flamenco Chill
The Spoken Wheel / Flogging Molly / Within a Mile of Home
Soon All Will Know / Wynton Marsalis / Ken Burns Jazz
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll / Bob Dylan / Bootleg Series Vol. 6: Live 1964
Friend of the Devil / The Grateful Dead / Skeletons From the Closet
Lightning Song / Queens Of The Stone Age / Rated R
I Ride an Old Paint / Cisco Houston / The Folkways Years
Ruiner / Nine Inch Nails / The Downward Spiral
Soviet / Electronic / Electronic

PZ also has "O Skeewiff where art thou? (man of constant sorrow)" by Skeewiff on his FRT. Excellent stuff.

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