Cuddly, blind, furry lobsters

Remember Kiwa hirsuta, the hairy lobster? Now you too can have your own.


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…on a crustacean? Kiwa hirsuta is a new decapod crustacean discovered living near hydrothermal vents in the Pacific. It's eyeless as well as hairy. I'm sure there's a dumb blonde joke in this somewhere, or since it was discovered by a French team, something about unshaven armpits. I wonder how low…
One of over 500 new creatures discovered in 2006 in the Deep Sea Census, the Yeti Crab is among the most unusual. With "furry arms" it is distinct from almost all other crustaceans and would make a great stuffed animal. kiwa hirsuta
French biologists have apparently discovered a new species of lobster, Kiwi hirsuta at a depth of 7,540 feet, 900 miles south of Easter Island. Thing is, it's blind ... and has limbs covered with "sinuous, hair-like strands" (source).
An expedition to a tiny island in the South Pacific's Republic of Vanatu has yielded hundreds of new species, including possibly 1000 new species of crab. Squat lobster 153 scientists from 20 countries participated in the survey of Espiritu Santo in the South Pacific, scouring caves, mountains…