"It really is ID in disguise"

As Ed reports here, the mask has fallen away from ID. Joel Borofsky - Dembski's "research" assistant - has admitted that the push for "balance" in Kansas is nothing more than an attempt to inject ID into schools:

It really is ID in disguise. The entire purpose behind all of this is to shift it into schools...at least that is the hope/fear among some science teachers in the area. The problem is, if you are not going to be dogmatic in Darwinism that means you inevitably have to point out a fault or at least an alternative to Darwinism. So far, the only plausible theory is ID.

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We need to set up a pool.... How long before Joel is consigned "to the scrap-heap of history", and forced to interact with Dembski's ex-butt-boy DaveScot? My guess is 30 days.

Things might just get "shifty" in Kentucky and Ohio. The Creation Museum is being built in Petersburg, KY outside of Cincinnati. You can read about it here. One of the slated attractions is a 40 foot (27 cubit) tall recreation of Noah's Ark.