This makes me happy

Long-time readers may remember that over the summer my SciBlings and I raised funds for K-12 science projects using With the start of the school year, we're hearing back from the teachers. Below are two notes I recently received:

Dear Dr. Lynch,
I cannot thank you enough for funding this project for my students! I told them that our new aquarium is on its way, and they can scarcely contain their excitement. Your generosity will enhance their learning and growth throughout the entire year. Thank you for giving my children this opportunity.
Cheryl Bommarito Klein (aka Miss BK)


Dear Dr. Lynch,
Thank you so much for the opportunities for my class to watch butterflies evolve before their eyes. Today is the first day of school and I have 22 bright faces. They are eager to learn and now I have a wonderful unit to present to them. In the spring, the students will experience the changes in the world around them as the trees come to life with new foliage and flowers bloom. We will watch with anticipation the metamorphosis of our eggs to butterflies. I will enjoy sending you feedback and pictures in late April or early May as our project progresses. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for my first grade students.
Thank you,
Linda Morse
1st grade
Sawmills Elementary

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As someone who got involved in this from the get go, it was good to know the fundraising was goal reached and now it's great to see some of the end results. Thank you for posting this.